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Why is menu bar on the OneClip-AppLanding not sitting under the hero image in Safari browser

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Hi, there is a strange behaviour in the OneClip-AppLanding template in so far that the menu which should sits just under the 'hero image' is not doing so when my website is opened in Safari. (I attach screenshot for your reference below.)

The issue will rectify itself when I navigate to another menu item (which in my website is another page ie. I have no-scroll active on my website pages navigation and also currently on the AppLanding 'home' page since It is currently now a secondary 'home page' - that I will make the primary once I am finishing styling my layout.

Nonetheless, note if I don't navigate to another page and scroll up on the AppLanding home page the behaviour does NOT rectify itself !

The strange behaviour is not present if I view my test website with Firefox browser.

Can you suggest a fix / patch to rectify issue?


PS: I did submit another question regarding the OneClip-AppLanding 'hero area' height variation between your demo live website and the actual height in the default quick start template. The former is approx 815px whereas when one replaces hero row dummy image placeholder the 'hero area' height comes in at approx 646px. I questioned why the variation ? (I attach screenshots of this issue for you ease of reference) Maybe it is related to same bug causing my AppLanding menu to act funny in Safari browser !? Height issue is present in both Safari and Firefox.

Attachments (3)

  • OneClip-AppLanding in Safari.png
    OneClip-AppLanding in Safari.png 800.5 KB
  • OneClip_Hero Height.png
    OneClip_Hero Height.png 638.6 KB
  • OneClip_Template Hero different image.png
    OneClip_Template Hero different image.png 628 KB

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