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Why Perfect Dashboard is in my Joomla websites ?

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i don't understand why i have Perfect Dashboard in my Joomla and PageBuilder websites.

Is SP Page Builder install tis app in my websites ?

Why i have an account on this site with pay informations in the header ?

Why SP PB ask to me to go on PerfectDashboard for update my SP PB ?

I have licenses and i can't update automatically online ?

I really don't understand what happen.

Could you give me informations on this situation please ?

If is the case, how can i remove my account, because i have make the error to subscrive when i follow links when i thought i could update PB.
I don't want to pay for this service and there' no explaination on their website for remove account.

best regards.

6 Answers

Paul Frankowski - Staff

6 days ago #Permalink
yes.. it's component which may help you remember about updates. More in SPPB 3 Manual Faq.
But feel free to uninstall it. Without it, everything works correctly.
To remove:
1) Disable in Extension Manager
2) Uninstall in Extension Manager

thank you, it's what i have do yesterday.

will i must make my updates manually now ?

Paul Frankowski - Staff

6 days ago #Permalink
In theory Joomla still should inform you about new updates etc.
PD is only addcional service.
I'm sorry to be annoying but yesterday, when i went to update my website, PerfectD have force me to connect and i had can't update online... I had must download 3.03 and update all my sites with package.

Paul Frankowski - Staff

6 days ago #Permalink
That's why you can STOP PerfectD anytime. Just use step 1 and step 2.

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