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Width of Logo and Menu positions + option for max. level of Megamenu ?

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Hi there,

Two questions here :

1. in Helix3, you could easily change for example width of Logo and Menu Positions. Now in Helix Ultimate, there are two predefined Headers (with or without Top1 + Top 2). But how to configure these then ?

2. on my project, the max. level for menu items is 4 or 5. But I only want level 2 and 3 appearing in the Megamenu. Could you add a parameter for that ? Or is there already an easy workaround (ideally, not via some {display: none;} because the site should be Accessible in the sense of A11Y


6 Answers

Sifat - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Thanks for your reply. I've added that into our feature requests and hopefully our developers will take care of that.


Sifat - Staff

More than a month ago #Permalink
Thanks for your queries.
1) Sorry you can't edit the predefined headers. You can create your custom headers for edit perpose.
Please check this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYPgWAWzXpM
2) Sorry you can only hide them using css display: none

-Best Regards

Marc Dechèvre

More than a month ago #Permalink
Txs Sifat,

1) That's a perfect answer : if we can make it manually, that's fine bc we can then configure it as we want

2) For this, may I ask a Feature Request then ?
For any Menu Module in Joomla, you can set the Max. Level of Menu Items to be shown. That would make sense also for Helix Framework.
(Or what if I publish a Menu Module in Menu Position : will it inherit the MegaMenu styling & possibilities ? I guess not...)


More than a month ago #Permalink
I think both ideas are good enough to be taken in consideration by the dev team .

1 - On helix 3 , it was easy to move and create som configuration for top area

2 - Some others megamenu have the possibility to limit the levels of sub menus, I miss it too

Marc Dechèvre

More than a month ago #Permalink
Txs !

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