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<span>Diamond Sponsor</span>Joomla World Conference, Italy <span>17-19 Nov 2017</span>

Diamond SponsorJoomla World Conference, Italy 17-19 Nov 2017

JoomShaper is sponsoring the Joomla World Conference 2017, Rome, Italy this year. It’s our consecutive third time sponsoring this global Joomla event. We're the Platinum sponsor for this event.

Joomla World Conference 2017 will be held in Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center, Rome, Italy, on 17-19 November 2017.
<span>Gold Sponsor</span>J and Beyond, Poland <span>02-04 Jun 2017</span>

Gold SponsorJ and Beyond, Poland 02-04 Jun 2017

JoomShaper proudly sponsored the JandBeyond 2017 event held in Kraków Poland from 2nd June to 4th June this year. More than 400 Joomla enthusiasts gathered there to express their commitment to the open source community.

We offered free T-Shirts, special discounts on subscriptions, and giveaways in the event.
<span>Diamond Sponsor</span>Joomla World Conference, Canada <span>11-13 Nov 2016</span>

Diamond SponsorJoomla World Conference, Canada 11-13 Nov 2016

JoomShaper was the Diamond sponsor of Joomla World Conference 2016 happened in Vancouver, Canada in Nov 11-13, 2016. JoomShaper CEO Mr. Kawshar Ahmed and business development manager Paul Frankowski attended the event.

We offered lots of giveaways including a brand new Xbox One, T-Shirts, wrist bands etc.
<span>Title Sponsor</span>Joomla Day Malaysia <span>13 Aug 2016</span>

Title SponsorJoomla Day Malaysia 13 Aug 2016

JoomShaper was the title sponsor for JoomlaDay Malaysia 2016. It was held in Kualalampur, Malaysia on 13 August 2016. Our CEO Mr. Kawshar Ahmed, CTO Mr. Majharul Islam Nayem and Lead Joomla Developer Mr. Rifat Wahid Alif attended the event.

We surprised the visitors of our event stall with lots of gifts, giveaways and free T-Shirts.
<span>Social Event Sponsor</span>Joomla World Conference, India <span>6-8 Nov 2015</span>

Social Event SponsorJoomla World Conference, India 6-8 Nov 2015

JoomShaper sponsored Joomla World Conference 2015 happened in Bangalore, India on 6-8 November 2015. It was a grand celebration of Joomla’s amazing 10 years. Four of our team members were present there.

We gaveaway a brand new MacBook Air and two Android tablets among the lucky attendants of the event.
<span>Gold Sponsor </span>JoomlaDay UK <span>08 Jul 2017</span>

Gold Sponsor JoomlaDay UK 08 Jul 2017

JoomShaper was the Gold sponsor of JoomlaDay UK held in Ilec Conference Centre, London on 8th July 2017. More than 300 Joomla developers, designers, business owners and enthusiasts gathered and collaborated each other to spread our open source community to the furthest corner of the world.

JoomShaper offered free T-Shirts and other exciting gifts to the attendees.
<span>Silver Sponsor</span>JoomlaDay Florida <span>25-26 February 2017</span>

Silver SponsorJoomlaDay Florida 25-26 February 2017

JoomlaDay Florida 2017 is an awesome event held in HCC Ybor Campus, Tampa, Florida on 25-26 February 2017. JoomShaper was the proud silver sponsor of that event. On the eve of the second anniversary of JoomlaDay in Florida Joomla enthusiasts gathered and share their expertise with the community.

JoomShaper distributed t shirts and many other gifts in the event.
<span>Co-sponsor </span>Joomla Day Malaysia <span>09 December 2017</span>

Co-sponsor Joomla Day Malaysia 09 December 2017

JoomlaDay Malaysia 2017 is going to be held Petronas Twin Tower, KLCC, Malaysia on 09 December 2017. JoomShaper was the proud co-sponsor of JoomlaDay Malaysia 2016 and to continue the legacy JoomShaper is also the co-sponsor of JoomlaDay Malaysia 2017. 

JoomShaper will offer lots of giveaways and gifts in the event.
<span>Bronze Sponsor</span>JoomlaDay France <span>12-13 May 2017</span>

Bronze SponsorJoomlaDay France 12-13 May 2017

JoomlaDay France 2017 was one of the great Joomla events organized in this year. It was held in Marseille, France on 12-13 May 2017. JoomShaper was the proud Bronze sponsor of the event. Joomla lovers passed the day developing a hub of learning to smoothen the advancement of the awesome Joomla CMS.

JoomShaper offered several giveaways and gifts to celebrate the event.
<span>Silver Sponsor</span>JoomlaDay Florida <span>27 February 2016</span>

Silver SponsorJoomlaDay Florida 27 February 2016

JoomlaDay Florida was an amazing Joomla event held in Tampa, Florida on February 27, 2016. JoomShaper was a Silver sponsor of the event. Joomla experts and learners gathered and perfected the commitment of spreading Joomla to the furthest corner of the world.

JoomShaper giveaway T-shirts and other gifts in the occassion of the event.
<span>Silver Sponsor</span>JoomlaDay Madrid <span>13 May 2017</span>

Silver SponsorJoomlaDay Madrid 13 May 2017

JoomlaDay Madrid 2017 held in Calle Moreno Nieto, Madrid, Spain on May 13, 2017. JoomShaper was a Silver sponsor of the event. Joomla experts from Spain and other places shared various Joomla aspects in the event.

JoomShaper offered several discounts, and gifts in the occassion of the event.
<span>Co-sponsor</span>JoomlaDay Minnesota<span>16-17 July 2016</span>

Co-sponsorJoomlaDay Minnesota16-17 July 2016

JoomlaDay Minnesota 2016 held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 16-17 July 2016. With our continuous effort of supporting Joomla events all over the world, we was the proud co-sponsor of the event. Along with other enthusiasts, JoomShaper is really delighted to share the same floor of the technological advancement of Joomla.

JoomShaper offered giveaways and gifts in the event as always.
<span>Major Sponsor</span>JoomlaDay Australia <span>17-18 June 2017</span>

Major SponsorJoomlaDay Australia 17-18 June 2017

JoomlaDay Australia 2017 was one of the amazing Joomla events. It was held in University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Collaborative Theatre, Ultimo, NSW on 17-18 June 2017. JoomShaper was the major sponsor of the event.

Like always, JoomShaper offered various gifts and discounts during the event.
<span>Silver Sponsor</span>JoomlaDay Denver<span>01 October 2016</span>

Silver SponsorJoomlaDay Denver01 October 2016

JoomlaDay Denver 2016 was held in Denver, Colorado on 01 october 2016. JoomShaper was the proud Silver sponsor of the event. The amazing Joomla event was blessed by the beautiful city Denver.

Joomlars and expert speakers shared their insights and a platform for learning and building up Joomla community throughout the day.




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