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Responsive Joomla Template for Real Estate
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Joomla 4 & 3
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28 April 2023

Empire is a fully responsive Joomla! 3.7+ template mostly for real estate, agencies, builders and other related businesses. This template can be used in marketing and sales activities of real estate projects, new developments, residentials, vacation and rental properties and much more. Empire has a new component SP Property with agents, properties, search filters and visit request options inside.

Our template framework (Helix 3) is integrated with Empire. Quickstart package includes helpful and time-saving demo content. Prebuilt page layouts can be tweaked and personalized by using our multi-tool SP Page Builder Pro content construction kit to make your site unique. The template is compatible with all modern mobile devices. Flexible enough to service all niches not only core real estate environment. Template code is clean from vulnerabilities or security issues. Please check the detailed features to learn more.

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Property Management
Empire Overview


Empire is the September 2016 template from the house of JoomShaper. The 100% responsive Joomla template is crafted for real estate agencies, brokers, builders, and other relevant parties. Empire has an organized, beautiful, neat & clean design with every modern feature necessary to launch a real estate centric website to display properties with easy searching systems.

Empire is so easy to use. The template features are very time efficient. It demands less technical skills. No developer skill required, no user-end coding necessary. Just use it your own way. Empire has a range of amazing features that will guide you to create an informative real estate portal quickly.

We’ve developed a special component called SP Property for Empire to manage everything at the core of a real estate portal. Add custom property posts to your Joomla site with maps, images, contact details and so on. Acymailing component is provided to create and manage email newsletter lists and campaigns.

The template has a stunning homepage design with 4 preset colors. The piece is responsive that means your site will be accessible from any device with any screen size! There are a handful of dedicated modules to present your contents smartly.

Empire is built on JoomShaper Helix 3 Framework which ensures you a 100% responsive, lightweight and mobile ready site. The template comes with SP Page Builder Pro, our revolutionary drag-and-drop Joomla content construction kit. Use the built-in 41+ custom and premium add-ons to create a property site that converts.

RTL & Retina Ready

The Empire template is RTL supported, which enables you to create websites having right-to-left contents in languages such as Arabic, Hebrew etc. No changes in code is necessary.

Multiple Languages Supported
With Empire, you can launch a website in multiple languages easily. Developing and maintaining a multilingual site might sound to be difficult, but Empire makes it easy with native RTL and translation support.

Retina Ready
Empire’s ‘Retina-ready’ feature allows you to add high-resolution graphic contents for devices having high-density displays. Ensure that your online presence is shiny!

Clean Menu & Perfect Navigation

Empire offers 2 navigation paths. One is the default desktop menu bar and another for mobile devices. They switch between each other automatically.

Clean Menu Design
The default menu design is a simple & minimal one. You can make it more effective by using appropriate contents and colors.

Navigation Options
In Empire, we’ve made access to information so easy. There is a versatile top menu on the desktop version, and the template replaces this with an off-canvas menu on mobile devices (small screens).

SP Property Component

For every new template, we build necessary relative components and extensions to make it work perfectly. Empire also gets a special component, SP Property.

Total Property Management
The SP Property component has every individual feature that you would expect to add, manage and show properties. Site admins need to input some specific data (measurement, facilities etc.) about the listable assets and all of these create a property post.

Visit Request Registrar
Once a property post goes live, an interested party can place a request to visit the asset. When a visit request is received, the SP Property component automatically creates an entry in the ‘Visit request’ category on the backend. It’s very competent.

Organized Property Display

Using Empire, one can organize and display a collection of properties with ease. The template has built-in slider and content organization features to make it happen.

Stylish Slider
Having a top slider is a very popular trend nowadays. Empire also offers the facility to place a stunning slider on a site built with the template. The slider has a unique thumb-style design to open a slider frame by clicking it on the thumb area shown on the slider’s bottom side.

Rich Single Pages
Single pages for property posts are very informative and rich. Admins can display each and every possible details (e.g. photos, maps, layout etc.) about a property using Empire. It’s like a visual tour, where potential customers can experience the property virtually.

Agent Management

Agents are a very important part in real estate deals. They explore real properties and provide information to interested parties. Empire knows this.

Add Agents
With Empire, real estate site admins can add agents to their site along with information related to them like their portfolios, contact details, contact forms etc.

Location Maps
While adding a real estate property, you can add a map of the property location. The location map is shown on each single property post item. Each property is listed under an agent. So there can be several properties under each agent. When a visitor visits an agent’s profile, all of the property locations are identified by pins in a single map frame.

Exclusive Search

For the Empire template, we’ve developed a new type of searching system to help your site visitors explore and find desired properties.

Quick Search
The Empire template has a quick search option for users who want to find a property with least efforts. The search module can be placed on any page using SP Page Builder and then visitors can search listed properties applying some basic filters.

Advanced Search
With the advanced search option of the SP Property Search module, users get a wide range of criteria and filters to perform a deep conditional search through the entire property site. The module provides the advanced search option right under the search box to let people use it easily.

Acymailing Email Newsletter

Email is one of the most effective communication media now a days. You would want to stay in touch with your stakeholders through this powerful channel. Empire offers this with Acymailing.

Stay Connected
With the Acymailing component, you can easily get new email subscribers, create email lists, import/export lists, synchronize native Joomla user emails with Acymailing generated lists, send newsletters and do more.

Quick and Effortless
The component comes with several readymade email newsletter templates that you can use for free to send emails quickly. Also, you can create new email templates if you wish.

Helix 3 Framework

We’ve crafted the Empire template on the top of our heavily popular Helix 3 framework. This flexible Joomla template framework offers a great freedom to the developers and users.

Build Layouts Easily
Helix 3 is a Bootstrap based layout builder framework for Joomla sites. Helix is loaded with mobile-first, 100% responsive and state-of-the-art web resources. Make any layout you need and get working on every device.

Manage Typography
Helix 3 has tools to take care of the total typography stuff of your Joomla site. Define the font families, customize typography styles, adjust font sizes and do more with ease.

SP Page Builder Pro

SP Page Builder is a revolutionary tool developed by JoomShaper. The component is the most complete drag-and-drop Content Construction Kit (CCK) for Joomla. A premium version of SP Page Builder is provided for free with the Empire template.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality
With SP Page Builder, one can build or restructure a Joomla site in a few mouse clicks. Having programming knowledge is not mandatory to use the tool. A fully functional website is just a matter of 15 to 30 minutes when you use SP Page Builder.

Time and Cost Saver
Using SP Page Builder, you can save your time and budget effectively. The tool minimizes the amount of time required to create custom page layouts. It’s fast and efficient. SP Page Builder’s paid version is given for free with the Empire template. Save $39 instantly!

Support & Updates

Empire is built with future-proof web technologies that assures you will be able to use the template smoothly with foreseeable imminent web standards/technologies.

Regular Updates
We have a livelong track record of delivering timely updates for our products. If you ever feel that a fix is necessary for any of our products, just inform us via our support forum or contact page. We’ll act soon.

Dedicated Support
At JoomShaper, we have a dedicated support team to ensure a great after-sale experience to the users. Should you face any problem with your Empire made website, just add a query on our support forums and one of our team members will respond soon.

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