Meet the Team

We’re a team of highly skilled tech professionals with years of experience in different fields vowed to revolutionize the people’s web experience.

Kawshar Ahmed
Kawshar AhmedCEO & Founder
Nayem Majhar
Nayem MajharCTO & Lead Developer
Risat Rajin
Risat RajinVice President, Design
Paul Frankowski
Paul FrankowskiBusiness Development Manager
Jakir Hasan
Jakir HasanSenior Developer
Rifat Wahid Alif
Rifat Wahid AlifSenior Web Application Developer
Sohan Zakaria
Sohan ZakariaSenior Web Developer
Anik Biswas
Anik BiswasWeb Application Developer
Raju Ahmmed
Raju AhmmedWeb Application Developer
Mh Shohel
Mh ShohelWeb Application Developer
Amjad Rana
Amjad RanaFront-end Developer
Al Mamun
Al MamunFront-end Developer
Ali Sayed
Ali SayedUI/UX Designer
Ishtiaq Khan Parag
Ishtiaq Khan ParagUX/UI Designer
Arafat Bin Sultan
Arafat Bin SultanSenior Technical Writer
Toufiqur Rahman
Toufiqur RahmanSenior Support Engineer
Rejuan Ahmed Xihad
Rejuan Ahmed XihadSupport Engineer
Fahim Murshed
Fahim MurshedSupport Engineer
Shibbir Ahmed
Shibbir AhmedJunior Support Engineer
Rayhan Arif
Rayhan ArifJunior Technical Writer
Towfiqul Alom
Towfiqul AlomJunior Technical Writer
Tasnim Alom Shaon
Tasnim Alom ShaonJunior Creative Designer
Abida Sultana
Abida SultanaBusiness Developer
Delowar Hossain
Delowar HossainFront-end Developer
Arifa Afsana
Arifa AfsanaFront-end Developer




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