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Trusted by 300,000+ people worldwide, SP Page Builder is an extremely powerful drag & drop design system. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, you must love taking control over your website design.

Powerful Visual Page Builder

Powerful Visual Page Builder

SP Page Builder features tons of amazing functionalities , it allows to create and layout inner content pages. No coding knowledge required.

Super Fast Site Building

Super Fast Site Building

With built-in ultrafast tools, SP Page Builder lets you create full-featured, 100% responsive and mobile ready sites in a snap.

Real Time Website Design

Real Time Website Design

Build your site in real-time. Browse a page, edit elements and see changes instantly. Drag, drop and customize everything live!

SEO & SMM Optimised

SEO & SMM Optimised

The component correctly utilizes page title, meta tags, meta keywords, thumbnail images and OG data for the perfect SEO & SMM.

Save Development Cost & Time

Save Development Cost & Time

SP Page Builder (Pro) minimizes the time and cost required to create web sites. Include pre-built block design and landing page templates built-in.

Compatible with Templates

Compatible with Templates

SP Page Builder is compatible with almost any Joomla template, template framework and extension. It guarantees that your content will always come along with you.

Create Unique Designs without Coding

SP Page Builder is a advanced page/content builder. With that extension you can build a unique, stunning and functional sub-pages without coding a single line. Using the tool, anyone can be a designer. Please note, this is not a Joomla template editor, it work inside component or/and module area only.

Page Builder Features

What Make SP Page Builder the Best

Check these groundbreaking Page Builder features and grab it now instead of wasting time elsewhere.

Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly Design

Whatever you build with SP Page Builder, that becomes fully responsive and mobile friendly. You don’t need to code separately to make pages responsive. If you create a page with SP Page Builder, that will be 100% responsive and mobile ready automatically. It’s like a magic.

Create Complex Column Structures

Creativity has no boundary. SP Page Builder’s potential is also limitless. With this tool, it’s possible to build any layout you can imagine. Add rows, columns, nested columns and insert addons. You can control margins, paddings and gutters to craft a perfect layout quickly.

Unlimited Nested Rows

Using the nested row feature of SP Page Builder, you can insert rows inside the existing rows or columns to create complex page layouts and show contents exactly in the way you want. This functionality opens a huge door of freedom in front a developer and ensures a better UX for the end users.

Duplicate Anything in One Click

SP Page Builder offers copy-paste functionalities that will help you quickly create complex layouts by re-using existing rows, columns and addon arrangements. You can easily copy elements and paste them on desired positions.

Enable or Disable Rows/Columns/Addons

Easily enable or disable page elements such as rows, columns and addons. The disabled element will still exist on the backend, but users will not see them on the live site. This way, you can perform experiments and continue development activities without losing valuable customizations.

Unlimited Undo and Redo

We’ve introduced unlimited undo/redo capability in the SP Page Builder 2. Using this feature, you can instantly undo or redo changes while editing a page with the tool. It’s an incredibly useful functionality that you will find life-saving.

Control Column Horizontal Spacing / Gutter

With SP Page Builder 2, you can control column horizontal spacing known as ‘gutter’. Removing the gutter space may be required if your page design demands adjacent columns where there will be no space between two columns.  So, now you can comply with that by simply removing the gutter.

Multilingual Support

Planning to launch a multilingual site? Yes, you can. SP Page Builder offers 100% freedom in languages. Whatever may be your site language (including RTL scripts), the page builder will work natively. Component translations (popular languages) are also included. JoomShaper extension support also FaLang which will make multilingual site creation and management much easier. 

Advanced Media Manager

SP Page Builder 2 gets an all new Media Manager inside the component. It’s so gorgeous. You will find it extremely fast and incredibly user-friendly. The Media Manager supports a lot of file types and attachments such as images, videos, documents and archives. It will massively accelerate your dev and design activities.

Use Pre-designed Layouts

A handcrafted collection of 20+ pre-designed page layouts is provided inside SP Page Builder Pro. You can use these readymade Page layouts to launch a site in a few minutes. Just choose a pre-built layout and replace with your contents. The site is ready! More and more layouts will be being added regularly.

Templates built-in ready to use inside Pages

Export and Import Page

It’s a really time-saving and convenient feature you must enjoy. With SP Page Builder 2, you can export page layouts and later import them to get the structure back. The export-import feature lets you use a previously created page layout and build a site in the shortest period of time.

Add Custom CSS in Pages

SP Page Builder packs a lot of innovative and useful tools that are more than enough to build any website layout and structure without coding a single line. At the same time, the tool offers you the freedom of getting more personalized look by adding custom CSS to a page element. Enjoy!

Create Professional Joomla Articles

SP Page Builder supports native Joomla articles. The tool brings this revolutionary functionality in the version 2.x which lets you utilize its powerful features to decorate selected Joomla articles with the ultimate freedom. So create, beautify and manage Joomla articles more professionally with SP Page Builder. PageBuilder is not a replacement for the Joomla! core content - it's alternative layer for them.

ACL Support

Utilizing ACL (Access Control List) support. You can control the accessibility separately for each Page or single Addon for different user groups. This functionality empowers you to show/hide any page or element for specific types of users. This can play a crucial role in a better site management and privacy.

Rich Editing Experience with JCE

You’ve demanded it, and we’ve delivered it. SP Page Builder Pro comes with JCE editor support which will enable you to use JCE facilities inside the SP Page Builder text editing interface. So a new option is now open before you in case if you don’t want to use TinyMCE editor.

Page Builder Module

Now you can use addons like tab, accordion and so on in any Joomla! module position with Page Builder Module. It facilitates to create beautiful designs in module positions without coding.

Facebook Open Graph Data

Open graph data plays a vital role in social media appearance of a site. For example, Facebook collects link title, description and thumbnail images from open graph data. Using SP Page Builder open graph settings, you can easily define your page title, page description, thumbs and so on.

Create K2 Items Visually

Many of you use K2, the popular content extension for Joomla sites. Besides native Joomla articles, SP Page Builder supports K2 items as well. That means you can now edit and style your K2 powered contents directly using the diverse SP Page Builder functionalities.

Increase Product Conversion Rate

Managing a shop page or ecommerce site with J2Store? It’s very crucial to present your products in the perfect way to grab the maximum extent of customer attention. SP Page Builder lets you decorate J2Store item descriptions to make them more attractive and gain the best conversion rate.

Creating a stunning site no longer requires months.
Launch your site in minutes!


3rd Party Integrations

Use Page Builder with native Joomla articles and major extensions like K2 and J2Store.

Joomla Article

Joomla Article

Edit and style native Joomla articles with Page Builder



Use Page Builder to decorate and manage K2 contents

J2 Store

J2 Store

Make the J2Store built product descriptions even better

Page Builder Features

Free Pre-designed Templates

We offer some pre-designed page layouts in the Page Builder to speed up your development.

Page Builder Features

What makes it worth purchasing a Pro?

There are lots of reasons that make it super worthy having the SP Page Builder Pro.

Key FeaturesLite VersionPro Version
Mobile-friendly, Responsive Layouts
Number of Addons1349
Page Templates24
Use Joomla Modules as Addon
Media ManagerNew
Undo and RedoNew
Duplicate the Elements
Open Graph Settings
Compatible with any Framework
Frontend EditorHot
Disable Row, Column, Addons
Copy and Paste FeatureHot
Nested Row Facilities
Export and Import Pages
Load Predefined Layouts
ACL Support in AddonsNew
Page Builder Special ModulesNew
Joomla Article IntegrationHot
K2 IntegrationNew
J2Store Product IntegrationNew
3rd Party Addons Plugins SupportNew
JoomShaper Forum Support
Download Lite VersionGet Page Builder Pro

What People Love About Page Builder

Daniel Dubois
Daniel Duboisweb-eau.net
“I use SP Page Builder on many Joomla projects because this extension is a real time saver and the final display always fits the needs of the clients. Last point but really important for me: the JoomShaper support is just awesome. Great job, thank you very much.”
Aleksander Kuczek
Aleksander KuczekCEO, Perfect Dashboard
“With SP Page Builder a web developer can quickly design a quality website that previously required months work of the entire design & development team.”
Jonathan Gafill
Jonathan GafillCEO, Cloudaccess.net
“Very impressed.. SP Page Builder offers a well thought out tool that provides seamless drag and drop frontend editing. Great work JoomShaper!”
Eric Lamy
Eric LamyFounder, Agerix Webagency
“SP Page Builder is surely the most powerful component we use for our clients, whatever they need we can answer easily and quickly. Highly recommended by our company and deployed on most of our projects.”
Tony Shaw
Tony ShawVC Island
“A word in favour of JoomShaper! I have been using the SP Page Builder for over a year now! It is entirely drag and drop and gives you the ability to create super pages that will enhance any website. I recommend this program for any joomla user!”
Gonzalo Suez
Gonzalo SuezGsuez Design
“SP Page Builder 2, it's a great extension, easy to use, beautiful design, fast and light. JoomShaper makes a great work with this version!”

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the SP Page Builder, just let us know, we will give a full refund without asking any question. And yes, in case you face any issue, you may also contact us to resolve that. Our team will assist you to get the desired result.

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