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Helix Framework

Helix Framework

Powerful template framework for Joomla templating. Fully responsive layout, easy install, highly customizable, steady updates, great number of shortcodes. Helix II is essentially starter template that you can use as a foundation for your own private and commercial projects.

Templates released before Helix - II required older version of Helix Framework that can be download from here

Helix Overview


The Helix Framework is your best choice for a fast, light and feature rich responsive templating system. Helix V3 makes it easy to develop and control Joomla templates for both you and your clients. Helix framework will make your experience of creating website much smoother than ever before.

JoomShaper, the developers of this open source framework are your trusted friends in the world of easy template modification and design.

Helix V3 provides you with easy access to hundreds of powerful tasking features for building amazing Joomla based websites. It will make your experience of creating websites much smoother than ever before. The Helix Framework aims to open all the possible doors to help you create highly sophisticated websites in less time.

Helix Features

  • responsive layout

    Layout Builder

    Finally, theme customization has no boundaries! The powerful Layout Builder in Helix – II makes it super easy to customize your layout without having to use any programming language!

  • responsive layout

    Responsive Layout Support

    Built on Twitter Bootstrap, Helix II makes the process of building responsive websites a snap. The Framework allows you to easily make your website adapt its width and look great on Desktops, Laptops, iPads, iPhones or any other device out there.

  • responsive layout

    Built in Mega Menu System

    Now you can easily design amazing responsive menus and even display images, videos, text or articles within your dropdown menus. Use Mega Menu’s powerful feature set to create a Split menu, a Drop Line menu, plus much more.

  • responsive layout

    Flexible & Easy Admin Interface

    The Helix Framework integrates a powerful and easy to use Admin Interface that unleashes your creativity and makes customizing and controlling the design aspects of your site virtually limitless.

  • responsive layout

    Unlimited Module positions

    Now anyone can change the Module Positions to anywhere they want. There are no limitations in creating the new modules & positioning.

  • responsive layout

    Fonts Option

    The Helix Framework gives you full control over your fonts. You can change your Fonts instantly; even integrate any Google Fonts or Customized fonts on your site with a single click.

  • responsive layout

    RTL Language Support

    This unique feature of Helix Framework supports RTL (Right to Left) Language based Designs like Arabic, Farsi & Hebrew.

  • responsive layout

    Powered By BootStrap

    Bootstrap is made upon responsive CSS Designs with less code which enhances the overall look of your website.

  • responsive layout

    Built With Less

    Helix comes with built-in LESS CSS compilation. Now you can reduce over requests to browsers while making CSS development easier, faster and more powerful than ever.

  • responsive layout

    HTML5 base template

    We integrated HTML5 into the Helix blank template so that you can make elegant, modern, SEO friendly websites that are both fully functional and provide awesome typography control. Helix is a powerful and robust platform for building today’s modern responsive websites.

  • responsive layout

    Rich typography

    Advanced Typography based on Bootstrap would enable you styling your Tables, Forms, and Buttons along with other elements to make your website more beautiful.

  • responsive layout

    Shortcode Support

    The Helix Framework comes with lots of useful Shortcode pre-installed; making easy for anybody to add lots of extra features into their website & execute them without having any coding knowledge.

  • responsive layout

    Logo Option

    No matter where you want to put your Logo on your website; the Helix Framework makes the logo placement process convenient and hassle free. Specifying exactly where you want your Logo is super simple with Helix.

  • responsive layout

    CSS & JavaScript Compression

    Helix decreases your website loading time drastically by using Advanced CSS & JS compression systems that works with all types of browsers.

  • responsive layout

    Google Analytics

    Users can easily integrate Google Analytics Code on their website and can maintain all the features that Google Analytics are providing.

  • responsive layout

    Presets Manager

    Now you can easily redesign the look and feel of your website by selecting one of the built in preset styles. Helix greatly simplifies the process of changing the coloring of your Header, Footer, Background, Text or Link styling.

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