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Helix Ultimate

Helix Ultimate

Version: 2.1.1

Version 2.1.1

17 May 2024
  • Bug Fix

Version 2.1.0

07 May 2024
  • Added time display on the “Coming soon” page’s date field.
  • Implemented Blog read time functionality on both the Blog list and detail pages.
  • Enabled dynamic position input for disabling module positions in the Blog list and detail pages.
  • Implemented sticky effect on module positions located on the left and right sides.
  • Added feature badges to the Blog list and detail pages.
  • Introduced max-width settings on the body container.
  • Included a new blog list style option: ‘Masonry’.
  • Enhanced User & Password override functionality.
  • Removed ariahidden=“true” attribute from headers/style1/header.php for improved accessibility.
  • Passkey (Passwordless) Login style improved

Version 2.0.18

12 January 2024
  • Minimum requirement description message for password added on user registration
  • Language issue with Joomla 4.4.1 & 5.0.1 versions
  • Some of the remaining Twitter language string updated

Version 2.0.17

03 November 2023
  • Backward compatibility plugin dependency removed
  • Font Awesome updated to 6.4.2

Version 2.0.16

25 October 2023
  • Added Logo Show/Hide option in Off-canvas menu
  • Joomla 5 compatibility
  • PHP 8.2 compatibility
  • Updated the Twitter X logo on social icons
  • Resolved frontend media upload issue when using thirdparty editors
  • Fixed the issue with navigation font settings not working on Offcanvas
  • Images and Links not working in frontend article edit even if enabled from settings

Version 2.0.15

15 September 2023
  • New module position logged-in-usermenu added on user logged in menu
  • Custom Style Preset $scssVars issue
  • Menu icon not working

Version 2.0.14

16 August 2023
  • Added the latest SP Page Builder 5.0 (Lite) to the QuickStart Pack
  • Fixed duplicated issue caused by pagination list override
  • Blog Media image upload issue when the image name extension is all capitalized
  • Fixed the JS issue while uploading images in the Media Gallery
  • Fixed the Frontend Web Authentication issue

Version 2.0.13

26 May 2023
  • Updated Bootstrap to version 5.2.3
  • Updated the Layout Component with a new class, col-xxl, for columns. Also updated the device breakpoint label
  • Added the ‘visually-hidden’ class to the CSS
  • Fixed an issue where the date for Countdown was broken if the site language was not English
  • Fixed the Finder component override, which was not displaying images from articles
  • Resolved an issue with the SignIn menu item in the Menu bar not responding to clicks
  • Corrected the placeholder text for Google Analytics 4
  • Fixed a problem with the Custom Offcanvas feature when no colors were set
  • Addressed an issue with the htmlspecialchars() and json_decode() functions in PHP 8.1
  • Fixed a formatting error in the “Read more” feature, where the title was missing a colon (:)

Version 2.0.12

28 February 2023
  • 404 module position added on error.php page
  • 404 page ‘Load Google Font’ settings added
  • Introduced new adjustment settings to the Coming Soon page
  • Custom settings added on Presets Custom Style for Custom Off-canvas
  • Added Custom Logo URL settings
  • Preview Password added on the Login page in J4
  • Bootstrap updated to the latest version v5.2.2
  • Menu couldn’t access protected property Joomla\CMS\Menu\MenuItem::$params
  • Error when using separator link in Submenu
  • In URL menu type links ‘Link Rel Attribute’ is not used
  • Smart Search Highlight not working on J4 & Advanced Search collapse on/off issue
  • Coming Soon page shows on the Admin panel Template Settings (It should only show in Frontend, not in the Admin panel)
  • Helix and SP PageBuilder both compress CSS & JS even if only Helix compresses is on
  • Bootstrap dropdown issue on J4
  • Header height(Mobile) issue
  • Related articles (Large) responsive issue
  • Helix Lazy Load conflict with SP Portfolio images
  • Missing og:image when using Joomla Full Article Image when Open Graph is Enabled

Version 2.0.11

18 August 2022
  • Number of Columns added on Related Article Thumb view
  • Page Builder Lightbox popup issue
  • Page Builder 4 issue while compress CSS & JS was enabled
  • Page Builder Lazy load issue if Helix lazy load was enabled
  • Joomla 4.2.0 TwoFactor Authentication issue for Login module and User profile

Version 2.0.10

04 July 2022
  • Added Hyperlink on images of Related Article list
  • Compatible for PHP 8.0
  • J4 Frontend Toolbar override issue
  • Frontend media issue
  • Logo (When Normal, Mobile & Retina logo are set) useless comma in srcset
  • J4 Frontent ‘showon’ property do not work
  • Joomla alert notification zindex issue
  • User form field type override issue
  • Frontend Blog edit “Toggle Editor” issue
  • Renderfield override issue
  • Compress css fontawesome issue
  • Smart Search Highlight issue
  • J3 Radio button css issue
  • J4 choice.css render when user is logged in
  • ‘Advanced’ text fix in settings title
  • Portfolio Item Tag issue

Version 2.0.9

19 May 2022
  • Multilingual menu issue
  • Design break issue on assigning different menu templates when Helix is set as the default template
  • Blog Image Alt attribute issue
  • Social link WhatsApp URL issue
  • Article shows a wrong message “Expired” when Finish Publishing date is added
  • Error appears while clicking on Edit Page in Multilingual site in Joomla 3

Version 2.0.8

27 April 2022
  • Updated to Google Analytics 4
  • behavior.modal in user form issue
  • All checkboxes are disabled when one checkbox is set to disable issue
  • J4 Full Image path issue
  • Gallery Carousel auto slide issue
  • J3 Alert box close button issue
  • Menu Dropdown toggle issue
  • Article Details page division by 0 issue
  • Edit Color Presets issue

Version 2.0.7

17 Feb 2022
  • Bootstrap updated to the latest version v5.1.3
  • Added Image ALT Text field in the Blog Options
  • Offcanvas custom modules position added
  • Updated Google Fonts
  • Bootstrap Tooltip & Popover issue in Joomla 3 & 4 solved
  • JS compress issue solved
  • CSS compression issue solved
  • Header stickiness issue in mobile device solved
  • Article Expired Tag issue solved
  • Featured Articles Columns issue solved
  • Offcanvas menu restive on some touchdevices issue solved
  • Smart search result URL removed
  • Blog readmore button parent wrapper issue solved
  • Mega Menu Module Search on multilanguage issue solved

Version 2.0.6

25 Nov 21
  • Remove the generator meta from the helix framework.
  • Move preset.xml to the template directory.
  • Custom social icon’s icon issue for the custom link.
  • The Multilingual issue
  • Field’s dependencies not working on Joomla 4.0.4 issue.
  • Mega menu’s width issue for responsive devices.
  • All the known issues.

Version 2.0.5

16 Sep 2021
  • Custom SCSS now supports variables.
  • The custom preset and edit preset’s ordering.
  • Module edit not working issue.
  • Choices select design issue for Joomla 4.
  • Menu item on another template lead to an error for plugin override issue.
  • The SCSS compiler caching issue.
  • A minor issue on the google font’s URL.
  • Preset field’s issue.
  • SP Page Builder edit not working after compress JS issue.
  • Frontend editor’s media style broken issue.

Version 2.0.4

03 Sep 2021
  • “Error decoding JSON data: Syntax error.” issue
  • Remove redundant bootstrap.min.js files added on Joomla 4.
  • RouterHelper not found issue.
  • all the known issues.

Version 2.0.3

02 Sep 2021
  • Add override system for Helix template.
  • Minified the plugin’s CSS and JS files.
  • The featured articles “expired” issue.
  • Custom code layout breaks on putting HTML code issue.
  • The JVERION typo.
  • RouteHelper not found issue.
  • mod_latest_article’s undefined variable issue.

Version 2.0.2

27 Aug 2021
  • User-defined preset is back to options.xml
  • Custom preset’s header background default colour changed to white.
  • Custom [CSS/SCSS/JS] file attachment functionalities move to plugin rather than the template.
  • Pre-defined header’s names are now displaying from language file.
  • Template overrides move to the plugin.
  • Option to manage Offcanvas menu’s levels added.
  • Custom css field’s hitting enter not working issue.
  • Article rating not working after compress JS issue.
  • Fix the import not working issue.
  • Remove typography’s color field’s default value.

Version 2.0.1

20 Aug 2021
  • SCSS compiler updated
  • Accessibility improved
  • Header layout UI improved
  • Blog detail page error
  • Contact Us error
  • Related articles are not visible in Joomla 4
  • Mega menu drop down UI fixed
  • Unexpected toaster appearance issue on hitting return key at any input field.
  • All known bugs fixed.

Version 2.0.0

18 Aug 2021
  • Brand new design
  • Improved UX
  • Realtime changes preview.
  • Bootstrap updated to 5.0
  • Update FontAwesome to 5.15.2
  • Improved codebase.
  • Improved layout builder.
  • Brand new frontend drag & drop menu & mega menu builder
  • Improved template caching.
  • Improved performance.
  • Draft the changes in the edit mode.
  • Accessibility updated in the menu, header, and more places
  • Lazy Image Loading.
  • Option to add retina logo.
  • 8 header variations.
  • 3 header variations will full-screen modal
  • Revamped 2 existing header variations
  • Redesigned off-canvas menu
  • 3 off-canvas layouts
  • Ability to change names of header variations and off-canvas layouts.
  • Ability to add unlimited custom CSS/SCSS/JS files.
  • SCSS compiler updated.
  • Added toast notifications for edit panel.
  • Improved the import settings, now import from JSON file.
  • More control on logo & header heights for different screen sizes
  • Search & login modules available into headers layout
  • Option to enable or disable FontAwesome.
  • Ability to edit pre-defined presets.
  • Added google analytics.
  • Full-width blog layout option in the blog settings
  • 5 new home variations
  • Module position added to Offcanvas.
  • Module position added to full modal, center modal & left modal header variations. (menu-modal)
  • Added Alt text option for the site logo
  • Helix Ultimate settings toolbar now memoizes its position after dragging
  • Removed unused SCSS files
  • Sticky header offset option added
  • New color, line height, letter spacing, style & alignment options to the typography settings. New responsive font size option.
  • Added preview options for responsive devices like phone, tablet, or computer
  • Enhanced coming soon page.
  • Scripts & stylesheets are loading with deferring.
  • Improved Responsiveness.
  • Sticky header jumping issue solved.
  • Fix all w3c validation issues.
  • Fix JCE media manager's conflicts with HU.
  • Fix all other known issues.
  • Media library blog image sizes issues
  • Multilingual header menu issue
  • Frontend article editing issues
  • Edit menu item validation issue
  • Frontend article editing issues Joomla 3 & 4
  • Popup issue in Privacy & Terms modal
  • Search (Finder) overwrite issue
  • Table field issue Joomla 4
  • Overwrite issue in Joomla 4 tags
  • Countdown timer responsive issue in Coming Soon page
  • Joomla 4 print popup issue
  • Custom logo URL issue
  • Megamenu full container issue

Version 1.1.4

03 June 2021
  • SCSS compiler issue fixed.

Version 1.1.3

20 May 2021
  • Php 8 compatibility
  • Open graph issue

Version 1.1.2

21 Jan 2020
  • Option to add image ALT text on the blog feature image.
  • Added "404" position to the error page.
  • Upgraded FontAwesome 4 to 5.
  • Coming Soon and Site Offline pages enhanced.
  • Improved blog social share.
  • Updated Google web font list.
  • Improved Google Fonts importer.
  • Compile SCSS to CSS broken issue fixed.
  • Fixed JS console error after compressed JavaScript.
  • Sticky Header bounce issue fixed.
  • frontendedit.css file loading error issue fixed.
  • User registration page T&C CSS issue fixed.
  • Login/Signup page radio button issue fixed.
  • Login/Signup page tooltip disappear issue fixed.

Version 1.1.1

09 May 2019
  • Advance Search issue in component
  • Modal issue in frontend article edit

Version 1.1

07 May 2019
  • Progress bar to indicate the reading timeline
  • Purge button added to remove cache css and sass files from the system
  • Show/hide related articles, manage number of posts and view types
  • Show/hide and controlling for social share icons added
  • Enable/disable body modules on article details page
  • Responsive options added in typography for font size
  • Show/hide tags on Blog listing page
  • Offcanvas Menu Item dropdown for menu heading and separator types
  • Edit button style and position updated on article details page
  • Social share with rating positioning issue
  • Mobile SVG logo issue
  • Image URL issue when compression enabled
  • Article format tab style on frontend article editing

Version 1.0.5

07 Dec 2018
  • Google Fonts API Key adding option.
  • Google Fonts update blank issue.
  • load custom.css and preset.css in error page.
  • Some language string added.

Version 1.0.4

11 Oct 2018
  • Updated SP Page Builder Lite to 3.2.9.
  • Updated Joomla to 3.8.13.
  • Updated all other required extensions.
  • QuickStart installation issue fixed.
  • Unexpected '>' issue fixed on the left offcanvas menu.

Version 1.0.3

06 Aug 2018
  • 41 new font awesome icon added (v4.7).
  • Added custom.css, custom.js, custom css and custom js support in coming soon.
  • Accessibility tags added in off-canvas menu.
  • Accessibility tags added in contact.php
  • Inner (dropdown) hidden menu show issue fixed (mega menu).
  • Media manager .ico file type upload support.
  • Canonical links issue fixed.
  • Div closing issue fixed in generate.php
  • Ajax rating message text language issue.
  • Submenu Icon CSS issue fixed.
  • Incorrect class issue fixed In conponentarea.php
  • Bootstrap source map error (syntax error) fixed.
  • Source map error (syntax error) fixed in popper.min.js
  • Class name issue fixed in offline.php
  • Cookie consent removed and offcanvas language string changed.
  • Minor CSS issue fixed in coming soon and offline page.

Version 1.0.2

10 Apr 2018
  • RTL support
  • Open graph (Facebook and Twitter) option added for article details
  • Moved predefined headers to the template folder
  • Option to choose H1 or H2 for the page title
  • Login module override
  • Added Bootstrap 4.1.0 stable version
  • Small space between clock and time
  • Menu Dropdown position
  • Logo layout breaks issue on the mobile layout
  • Page class suffix issue in article details
  • Social custom icon
  • Module position on top1 and top2 position for predefined headers
  • Offcanvas menu position
  • SCSS disable bug
  • Media Manager click on whole image/folder

Version 1.0.1

01 Mar 2018
  • Header variations are now customizable.
  • Contact form updated.
  • Coming soon issue fixed.
  • Fix installer.
  • Fix Helix3 compatibility issue.
  • Typography issue fixed.

Version 1.0

15 Feb 2018
  • Initial Release