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Celestia: An Innovative Joomla Template Tailored for Today's Real Estate Industry

01 December 2023
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Celestia: An Innovative Joomla Template Tailored for Today's Real Estate Industry

Looking to create a perfect digital canvas to showcase your properties? We have just the right solution for you. Bid farewell to the hassle of building your company’s website from the ground up and that too, while enjoying extensive customization options. 

We are thrilled to introduce you to Celestia - a sleek and contemporary Joomla template for your business website related to construction, property business, real estate agencies, property management, and more.

So what specialties does this template come bundled with? Let’s take a look.

What’s in the Celestia Template?

Celestia's ready-to-use pages boast a unique and stylish design, creating an engaging visitor experience from the beginning. Beyond its visual appeal, this Joomla template comes with the mighty SP Page Builder Pro, the latest Joomla and PHP versions, and robust Helix Ultimate for powerful capabilities. It includes attractive hero sections, and a mega menu along with extensive customization options, allowing you to personalize Celestia according to your preferences.

Key Features:

  • Stylish Off-canvas Menu
  • 2 unique home variations
  • Power of SP Property
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Stylishly display projects with details
  • Classic grid-style layout for the Gallery page
  • Distinct pages for property listing and details
  • Display relevant news with details
  • Built-in pages for quicker site launch
  • Dedicated support and documentation
  • SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate

Power of SP Property

Celestia Joomla Template

Celestia is equipped with a robust SP Property, streamlining the management of property-related information. Utilize the powerful features of SP Property for effective management of property content, agents, visit requests, and related data, including posts, features, agents, and activities.

2 Home Variations to Ensure a Warm Welcome for Your Visitors

Celestia Joomla Template

Explore the charm of two unique homepage layouts offered by the Celestia Joomla template. Select the layout that seamlessly aligns with your company's ambiance from these highly adaptable choices.

  • Smart Home: Experience tranquility through a serene color palette and an exclusive hero section featuring an off-canvas menu. Showcase your services, available properties, news, and more with the distinctive design flow.
  • Residential: Cultivate curiosity in your users, encouraging them to keep scrolling by incorporating an enticing hero section and captivating image sliders. Provide glimpses of your services and more with engaging design elements.

Showcase Your Best Projects with Project & Project Details Pages

Celestia Joomla Template

Highlight your remarkable projects with a captivating presentation on the dedicated Project and Project Details pages. Inform your audience about your expertise, ultimately enhancing credibility.

List your projects with a featured image and add relevant videos in a separate panel. The Project details page comes with a hero section along with a spacious area to incorporate images with detailed information.

Elegantly Showcase Properties With Detailed Information

Celestia Joomla Template

Celestia presents an ideal format for presenting your properties or apartments, including pricing for clear and concise communication. 

Enjoy the convenience of a separate Property listing page and Property Details page. The listing page comes with a clean and precise layout with a streamlined and functional search filter to narrow down searches for your prospects. With the Property details page enjoy generous space for imagery and clearly display pricing of each property.

Pinpoint Where Your Property Is Located with a Separate Location Page

Celestia Joomla Template

Improve user experience by enabling prospects to visualize the exact location of their desired property. 

Celestia Joomla template comes with an integrated Google map for user-friendly and precise property location display and ample space to provide detailed location information.

Stay Connected with Latest Trends Using News & Insights

Celestia Joomla Template

If you have significant news and engaging stories to share then do it with style using the News & Insights and News Details pages. Curate your narratives to keep your audience abreast of your company's vision and the latest updates.

Enhance your news list by adding featured images and spotlighting major news in a hero section. Dive into detailed news pages enriched with imagery.

Highlight Your Eco-Friendly Practices Using the Sustainability Page

Celestia Joomla Template

Display your dedication to reducing environmental impact and supporting sustainable building practices on our Sustainability page. Show your environmentally conscious audience your commitment to nature.

Highlight your sustainability steps with an eye-catching hero section followed by abundant space for images and descriptions of how your small efforts made big differences.

Built-in Pages for Quicker Site Launch

Celestia Joomla Template

The Celestia Joomla template is feature-packed with all the necessary pages required to reach your customers. And the best part of these ready pages is you can set them up by editing the demo contents only.

  • FAQ: A simple-designed page to let the site visitors swiftly get answers to their queries.
  • Coming Soon:  A fabulous page to let your site visitors know what goodies are awaiting them next.
  • Sign up & Login: Make the online signup & login process simplified for your website visitors with the help of self-explanatory user-friendly form fields.

What’s the wait for? Get Celestia today and give your online presence the life it deserves. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below. Good luck!

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Yofie Setiawan
Yofie Setiawan
5 months ago
Glad to have new template to use the extension of sp property, but unfortunately this one seems unusable for most cases... We need something with property list feature which this one dont have..
5 months ago
again a stupid menu.. again and again... and again no alternate. unbelievable
5 months ago
I'm agree with you... repetitive and unoriginal
5 months ago
if they start releasing cheap copies of their own templates again, it means we'll be waiting a long time for something new! Same same and not different!

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