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Introducing Community Club - A Free Layout Bundle for All SP Page Builder Pro Users

28 March 2023
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Introducing Community Club - A Free Layout Bundle for All SP Page Builder Pro Users

Are you leading a community club that prioritizes meeting the needs of its community, like sports clubs, social clubs, holding educational campaigns, and others? If so, it's likely that you are seeking methods to raise awareness of your organization and highlight the noble causes that you advocate for. And a website, for that reason, can actually expose you to opportunities in more ways than you can imagine. To simplify the entire process of building a befitting website for your club, we are here with a solution that you can definitely opt for.

Introducing to you Community Club - a free layout bundle for all our SP Page Builder 4.x Pro users! Whether you plan on getting a brand new website for your organization or simply seeking a fresh new look for the existing one, this layout bundle caters to everything that represents your club perfectly!

Eager to take a closer look at this layout bundle? Let’s dive in!

What’s in Community Club Layout Bundle?

The Community Club layout bundle offers 8 different ready-to-use pages, each page crafted with utter dexterity to provide your users with smooth navigation and impressive functionality. What’s more, the refreshing color palette and the welcoming vibe will immediately capture your visitors' attention!

Let's have a sneak peek at each of its pages below:

  1. Home
  2. Categories
  3. Category Details
  4. Events
  5. Event Details
  6. Gallery
  7. About
  8. Contact


Community Club Home Page

Through your website homepage, you must portray your services and noble causes in the most compelling manner to engage and inspire your audience to take action and support your organization. And with Community Club’s home page, you will get the best ambiance that will positively impact your visitors. Along with a beautiful hero section, the home page comes together with separate rooms to display glimpses of your events and services, perfect CTAs to accelerate donations, and member subscriptions.


Community Club Categories Page

Give out a clear yet precise list of ideas to your audience about what activities your organization is involved in with the Categories page. The specious page allows you to highlight all your club's significant undertakings and engagements.

Category Details

Community Club Category Details Page

The Category Details page allows you to elaborately explain each of your activities and the noble cause behind them. The hero section supports videos that you can utilize to offer a sneak peek of your services to inspire and convince prospective members to join your club.



Got a lineup of soon-to-be-held events that your club is organizing? List them out on the Events page which comes with a clean layout to display your upcoming events. Plus, there is also room at the bottom of the page for displaying past events that have already taken place.

Event Details

Community Club Event Details Page

Detail out the upcoming events along with the date, time, and place with the perfect CTA button at the top to inspire and include more members. With enough space to add pictures and videos, the Event Details page is completely ready to inspire and engage participants to immerse themselves in the event.


Community Club Gallery Page

Showcase your club’s best moments and memories through the Community Club layout bundle’s Gallery page. Whether it's pictures of a fun-filled social event or a memorable sports tournament, the gallery will help you to store your precious moments for yourself and your audience!


Community Club About Page

Offer your audience a detailed overview of your club's mission, values, and objectives. Apart from giving off a refreshing look, the About page has been designed to be informative and engaging as well as provide your prospective members with all the insights that they are looking for. 


Community Club Contact Page

Tell your visitors how to reach you without a snag. The Community Club layout bundle comes with a clean and precise contact page that includes Google Maps to pinpoint your location and a self-explanatory form to ensure smooth and seamless communication between you and your audience.

How to Access & Import a Layout Bundle?

All of the SP Page Builder Pro users, upon configuring the license key, can access, explore, and import any layout bundle.

In order to get the latest layout bundle, you need to update SP Page Builder Pro to the latest version. To get a step-by-step guideline on how to access and import a layout bundle, please visit this documentation page.

Quick Tips

Having issues with loading the layout bundles? Go to the Administrator dashboard of your Joomla site. From the System tab on the top, select Clear Cache, and then clear the cache for the Administrator. Similarly, clear the cache for the Site as well. And, the layout bundles should show up without any trouble.

With the Community Club layout bundle, you get to create an online presence for your club that will showcase and reflect your organization’s culture, values, and ideas. So what’s the wait for? Try our brand new Community Club layout bundle and give your website the perfect ambiance that it deserves. Good luck! 

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Technical Content Writer
Sreema is a technical content writer at JoomShaper. In her copious free time she enjoys good food with good friends and loves moonlit strolls on the beach!
2 months ago
ow man... i am speechless.
are you really so devoid of good ideas?
2 months ago
hmmm yes, you won't be surprised anymore. Is there no one who has design education skills at the company anymore? It's not about throwing in a couple of fancy images and making some SP Pagebuilder pages. This scares away new potential customers!
2 months ago
This bundle is ok good but I’ve noticed that certain elements repeating itself from previous bundles (image styles especially) plus the layout is quite standard. The guys should look at elementor template kit for if they want inspiration, nonetheless, good job to them.
2 months ago
"I’ve noticed that certain elements repeating itself from previous bundles (image styles especially))"..

and returning neverending these ugly color shemes (eye cancer danger) and again these useless branches and categories.

There are different perceptions of aesthetics between asian (indian) designer and european designer. definitely.
Kawshar Ahmed
Kawshar Ahmed
2 months ago
Do you have a layout suggestion? It looks like you are intentionally trying to drug things down. If you have suggestions please do share.

Kawhsar Ahmed
CEO, JoomShaper
2 months ago
I don't need to downplay anything. as you as ceo should know, and certainly do, you have programmed past us (customers) due to business missteps and only very late recognized and admitted, and that only very quietly, without a big announcement in the blog, to reflect back and yet to work on a back-end for PB 4.

This has not only cost you 1.5 years, but it has also cost us 1.5 years!

To get to my layout suggestions, I tried for years to participate here, until I had to realize in vain that this brings very little to nothing. You have even deactivated the evaluation of the individual templates, which I find very sad, because you could recognize exactly here, which templates are in demand and which are a total failure. You have decided against customer opinions, but we should rate every time you in suppoort days, weeks or even months late or even cynical to cheeky and arrogant to questions responds ;-/

About the layout bundle here or about the templates in general;
Is this layout bundle here really in your opinion a good example to present what Pagebuilder can do? Surely not.

You have more than 12 templates in the "Education & LMS" category alone. I bet in other countries there are many private schools and institutions, but here in Europe our customers are more companies like restaurants, snack bars and small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs. You have only 4 Restaurants in over so many years of development in the market, and they are more than old and old-fashioned, as they will surely admit. You even have near by more "Religious & Non-Profit" Templates. 3 in a piece against 4 Restaurants?

I would be more happy to see just normal small business. Painters,
Craftsmen, carpenters, insurers, musicians, influencers, actors, artists, theaters etc... the small and medium entrepreneur just.

Only to market your LMS component, we always have to hope in vain for a really useful template and wait patiently. always from the beginning.

One of the most popular templates of you "Indigo" (download numbers highest) you refuse to update (I know, the ecommerce version is dependent on j2store), but the agency version, which we have been praying you for 2 years, was always made hope and announced and then again with the superfluous arguments (j2Store dependent). see in the support forum. At some point you do not want to wait anymore udn frustration arises. understandable.

I do not want to harm you, on the contrary. I just want to get good quality for my money, as I am used to from you in the past.

i want to help you to achieve that again, like all the others here. You are lucky to have a very ambitious community. We would be happy if you listen to us from time to time.

Thanks for the interest in my opinion.
best wishes.
Kawshar Ahmed
Kawshar Ahmed
2 months ago
We appreciate your feedback and understand that there is room for improvement. We want to assure you that we have taken some initiatives to improve things for our customers. The transition to Joomla 4 and the development of SP Page Builder 4 & Helix Ultimate 2 were indeed massive projects that required a significant amount of work.

However, we recognize the importance of addressing our customers' needs and have started implementing changes based on your feedback. You should start to see improvements within the next 3-4 months. We kindly asked for your cooperation and continued constructive criticism, as it helps us to grow and better serve our community. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Geoffrey Smith
Geoffrey Smith
2 months ago
@Kawshar Ahmed can you not reply better than that? @X has detailed many things in their post and you have not really responded to any of them.
2 months ago
Dear Kawshar, thank you for your time.

The problem is when you ask, you can get an answer.
You apologize and are very polite every time. This seems to me a standard uncharitable apology, as from the support forum, heard too often.

The fact is that my membership (and those of others) are always time-limited. Again they say, soon it will be better. I have already renewed my membership here 2 times for free and now my membership expires again in 2 months. You are putting your paying customers in a very uncomfortable situation. We do not beg for service and performance. After all, we have paid and make sure that you can celebrate success.

With our contributions we not only enable you to develop Joomshaper, you also jumped on the inferior Wordpress bandwagon with Ollyo and Themeum. No wonder that you are in the midst of many competitors, because the market is really so disgustingly oversaturated, with Joomshaper in the whirlpool. But WE should not have to suffer from this.

You sell memberships that are limited in time. When you signed the contract, you said that you would deliver EVERY MONTH A TEMPLATE. Now you are already 6-12 months (I'm already not counting) behind. How are you going to make this good in 3-4 months and what do I get out of it? What do we get out of it?

If you sell a year membership but don't deliver for 1.5 years, that's hard.

Sorry for that, but I do not beg for another 3 months for something that I have already paid with a lot of time lost and already to the 2 x 300, - €!

You should finally put on customer satisfaction and serious problems in the company itself recognize and act. Überrrascht your customers on their own and make an effort to make amends. To put off to a long overdue service in 3-4 months, is not very useful for time-limited memberships.

Kawshar Ahmed
Kawshar Ahmed
2 months ago
Hello again,
I appreciate your understanding and continued trust in us. Thank you for staying with us through these times.

I want to acknowledge the factors that have contributed to the difficulties:

The development of Page Builder 4 was an outstanding accomplishment.
Helix Ultimate 2.0 was a substantial upgrade as well.
Joomla 4 presented numerous challenges due to its entirely new architecture, requiring significant effort on our part.
We wholeheartedly welcome feedback and constructive criticism. Our goal is to listen to our users and customers and continuously strive for improvement.

As part of this commitment, we have initiated work on the SP Page Builder 4 backend interface, and the progress thus far is promising. We anticipate sharing an early preview next week and will seek assistance from our users in testing the software.

Additionally, we have restructured the JoomShaper team internally, with the hope that this change will foster a positive atmosphere.

Please remember that the development process is more time-consuming today than ever before. While templates were once our primary focus, we now offer a diverse range of products, making it crucial to allocate our resources judiciously.

In closing, I promise that we will continue to enhance our offerings and explore new ways to engage our users during the product development process.

2 months ago
i must confess, the more i ask or answer, the more disappointed i am. I prefer to leave it alone.

wish you all the best
1 month ago
Kawshar, one more thing, then I'm gone and quiet.

The very expectation of your customers described here must finally stop!

You can't see your paying customers as test objects. You're asking too much of us when you release an unfinished project every time, hoping we, the customers, will already report the bugs and help us move the project forward.

We want a working pagebuilder and the promised regular good templates every month for our money. Thats what we pay for in ecpectation of Service. No more and no less.

This is a completely wrong attitude you are displaying. This has been reflected in your performance and product for a long time. This is exactly the reason for the many complaints you receive. See the forum that keeps boiling over. The cat bites the tail if you maintain this basic attitude.

Over and out
2 months ago
The previous layout was done with care, meticulousness, and texture. The new layout design seems to have changed recently, and it is relatively rough. Bundle layout is a feature of SP Page Builder, hope it can be better.

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