A few months back we announced that we are going to release a new flagship version of the most famous Joomla template framework Helix. From that moment on, many of our valued users shared their views and feedback regarding the product. We are working on Helix Ultimate for a while now. The community is eagerly waiting for that, wants to know the progress, release date and so on. Today we are going to clarify everything.

Helix Ultimate is the next major release of your beloved Helix framework. After Helix 3, there will be no Helix 4. We’re calling the next major version of Helix as ‘Helix Ultimate’.

We have plans to support Helix Ultimate for a longer period of time. For that reason, we’re taking time to do more research on how the product will behave when Joomla 4 or Joomla 4.x will arrive. Also, we are developing Helix Ultimate using Bootstrap 4. While Bootstrap 4 itself is not stable yet, we are waiting for a stable release of the Bootstrap framework.

Helix Ultimate features added so far

  • Developed by Bootstrap 4
  • New admin interface
  • New layout builder
  • Header variations
  • Footer variations
  • SVG logo options
  • Mega menu builder
  • More blog options
  • Improved performance
  • Open graph support
  • Vertical menus

Features we are working on

AMP support

We are working to add Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) support to Helix Ultimate. We’ve made some progress. But it still requires a lot of research to do. So we can’t guarantee it will be added to the final version of Helix Ultimate. 

Some important facts you should know regarding Helix Ultimate

  • Direct upgrade from Helix 3 to Helix Ultimate will not be possible. But we will continue supporting Helix 3 during Joomla 4 and Joomla 4.x releases.
  • Helix Ultimate is going to be developed with the newest of technologies. So, upgrading from Helix 3 to Helix Ultimate will not happen as the nature of the development of both these products is different.
  • We will support Helix Ultimate for a longer period of time and we will provide seamless support to Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.x versions.
  • After the release of Helix Ultimate and Joomla 4, there will not be any support for Helix II. We will drop Helix II.
  • Some of our team members working on Helix Ultimate will be in Rome, Italy, to attend Joomla World Conference 2017. That's why we won’t be able to release Helix Ultimate in December. It will be released in January.

First Look

These are some of the first looks at Helix Ultimate.

Layout builder

Layout builder of Helix Ultimate

Figure:  Layout builder of Helix Ultimate

Mega menu builder

Mega menu builder of Helix Ultimate

Figure:  Mega menu builder of Helix Ultimate

Frontend template

Default frontend template of Helix Ultimate

Figure:  Default frontend template of Helix Ultimate (Please click to see the full view)

Release timeline

  • Release of Alpha version--> January 11/12, 2018
  • Release of Beta version--> January 16, 2018
  • Release of RC version--> January 25, 2018
  • Release of Stable version--> February 15, 2018

So we believe this answers most of your queries. The product will be something beyond your imaginations. We are considering every pros and cons to deliver a perfect product that will perform with the fullest potential to serve you as you expected. If you need more clarification, please feel free to give your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below.