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Helix Ultimate v2.0.14 Comes With Latest SP Page Builder 5 Lite Support & More

16 August 2023
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Helix Ultimate v2.0.14 Comes With Latest SP Page Builder 5 Lite Support & More

Hey there, Joomlers! Time for another update of Helix Ultimate that will surely add some excitement to your week and your Joomla web building. While this release addresses some minor glitches, we have also included a noteworthy update to make your favorite Helix Ultimate compatible with the latest SP Page Builder 5.x Lite.

Let's dive in further to know more!

Helix Ultimate v2.0.14 Changelog:

  • Update: The QuickStart Pack has been updated with the latest SP Page Builder 5.0 (Lite).
  • Fix: Fixed duplicated <li> issue caused by pagination list override
  • Fix: Blog Media image upload issue when the image name extension is all capitalized
  • Fix: Fixed the JS issue while uploading images in the Media Gallery
  • Fix: Fixed the Frontend Web Authentication issue

Quickstart Pack Comes With SP Page Builder 5.x Lite

After this latest update, the Helix Ultimate will continue to offer the latest versions of SP Page Builder 5.x (Lite version) with its Quickstart pack. Now you can take advantage of the mighty SP Page Builder 5 and its powerful features and elevate your experience with Helix Ultimate.

Notable Fixes

Time to embrace some noteworthy fixes that come bundled with this update!

If you enabled the web authentication from the admin, the Web Authentication button would not show in the Helix Ultimate’s frontend login area. This issue has now been taken care of and you should be able to log in smoothly after this update.

Previously, if image file name extensions like .PNG, .JPG, .GIF, etc., were in uppercase, there was a problem uploading the image in your Joomla Article’s Blog Media section. This issue affected both the Gallery and Standard options. However, this problem has been successfully resolved now.

Please go through the changelog again to have a look at the full list of bug fixes and improvements made in this update. 

Update your Helix Ultimate to this latest version now to enjoy the new enhancements! Also, don't forget to let us know your experience in the comment section. Happy developing!

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8 months ago
Hi, any news about ecommerce for SPPB ?
Kawshar Ahmed
Kawshar Ahmed
8 months ago
It's called easyStore now. It's knocking at the door. Hopefully very soon. Stay tuned!

7 months ago
Thank you for the information, I look forward to it.
7 months ago

I would like to comment on your latest blog.

Many templates are still not PHP 8.x compatible.

PHP 7.4 is finished.

And some templates have not been modified for more than two years.

Please fix the templates that are not yet compatible with PHP 8.x sooner than easyStore.

Frankly, I am suspicious of paid templates.

Best regards.
7 months ago
If you have Redsys payment platform it will be good :)
Manuel Valentin
7 months ago
Thanks for the update!
What about the PHP compatibility of this version? In the Documentatin Technical requirements, I see only "PHP 8" without specifying which PHP version. I see in the previous update changelog a reference to fixing an issue on PHP 8.1, but it is not really clear which is the maximum certified PHP version compatibility.
Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
7 months ago
It works with PHP 8.0 & PHP 8.1, on PHP 8.2 also works, but it needs some improvements to reduce warnings.
5 months ago
We wait for Joomla 5 support now. :)

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