Every month SP Page Builder has been offering great features with new updates. But this month is special. It’s different for many reasons, one of which is to improve the user experience. To make your web development easier, faster and more convenient. So, what the update is all about? What are the features? I'm telling you all that now.

In this update, we bring Context Menu to ease your work and make page building faster than ever before. Let me put this straight. There are functions in SP Page Builder that let you edit, copy, modify, delete, or make any other changes to the content you are working on. The Context Menu hosts them all to save your time and effort for better.

Why Would You Need a Context Menu?

You all had to move your cursor to different sections of the tool to access its functions. With the introduction of Context Menu, you don’t have to do that anymore. You get them all in one place. The beauty of this Context Menu lies in its accessibility. It brings the most commonly used page building functions under one umbrella. Just right click on any content of your webpage while in the editing mode and voila, the menu is there.

What’s in the Context Menu?

You know what the Context Menu is. It appears once you right-click on any content (addon) on your site while editing with SP Page Builder Pro. Now, let me tell you what functions are there inside the Context Menu. I am sure you are going to love this.


  • Open Settings: The Context Menu starts with the Open Settings option at the top to let you open the addon settings right from there.
  • Save: Storing a content section or styled addon to the library gets way easier. You don’t have to depend on the “Save” icon anymore. Just right-click and the Context Menu shows the saving option.
  • Copy Addon: Copy an entirely styled and customized addon by clicking Copy Addon option of the Context Menu. This is a completely new functionality of SP Page Builder that lets you copy an addon and paste anywhere on the site.
  • Paste: Paste the copied addon where you intend to. Simple!
  • Paste Style: Not only the content but also you can paste the style of that section as well. In this case, you have to copy the addon and click on “Paste Style” in the Context Menu.
  • Duplicate: Get the addon element cloning option in the Context Menu. Just click on “Duplicate” and it’s done.
  • Disable: Disable any section you want using the option given in Context Menu.
  • Delete: Instead of deleting any part of your page from the Delete icon above, you can do this in the Context Menu. There’s a Delete option in there.
  • Column Options: Take control of the columns. Move, disable, delete, add a new row, and open column options easily. Doing all of these is easier now with the new Context Menu.

SP Page Builder Pro v3.6.3 Changelog

  • New: Introduced Context Menu
  • New: Table addon responsive turn off the option
  • New: Contact Form & Form Builder addons' reCAPTCHA now automatically reset on form submission
  • Fix: Column overlay issue in edit mode
  • Fix: Opt-in Form addon title font-size responsive issue
  • Fix: Editor break in administrator page edit issue
  • Fix: Image Layouts addon button margin issue fixed

It’s not that you did not have these functionalities before. The bottom line is the Context Menu brings all of the useful functions of SP Page Builder in a single place. It will potentially speed up your workflow and ease your effort in building web pages smartly. Apart from the Context Menu, this update also includes the copy addon feature by which you can copy addons and their styles then apply them any page on the site. Enjoy the new update and have fun.


  1. To access the regular right-click menu on your computer, hit CMD + Right Click on Mac or CTRL + Right Click on Windows.
  2. In the future, we will drop the regular addon control bar. So, users are advised to adopt the new Context Menu.

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