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Introducing Ensure: A Business, Finance, Insurance Joomla Template

01 March 2020
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Introducing Ensure: A Business, Finance, Insurance Joomla Template

Hi Joomlers! How’s your business going? We bet it’s better than ever. With a companion by your side that releases extraordinary templates every month and stays true to their word, we believe you will thrive in 2020. It’s gonna be your year!

With that in mind, let us introduce the Ensure Joomla template. It’s your next go-to template for creating simplistic business websites. We have crafted the template with SP Page Builder, the Swiss Army knife for Joomla page composing and used Helix Ultime underneath to ensure a cozy environment while you’re developing stunning websites. 

Without further ado, let’s get introduced with all its functionalities. 

  • 3 Home Variations
  • Mega Menu and Off-Canvas Menu
  • Seamless Interactions
  • Service Page with Multiple Sections
  • Multiple Pricing Variations
  • Professional Gallery
  • Exclusively Designed Blog
  • Multiple Built-in Pages
  • SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate inside

3 Home Variations

Each of the 3 home variations of Ensure is crafted for 3 different niches. All of the Home pages are designed to help you kickstart your website building process. Let’s find out which variation serves what purpose.

Introducing Ensure: A Business, Finance, Insurance Joomla Template

  1. Insurance Home Variation: It is designed to perfectly represent your financial business. It seamlessly showcases every required communication of your business and thus brings more clients. The fabulous animated counter displays stats perfectly. 
  2. Multipurpose Home Variation: The neat and minimalist design of this home variation represents each of the services stylishly. It’s the perfect fit for the clients who want a splendid online presence of their homepage, it could be the perfect pick for them.
  3. Investment Home Variation: This is the most vibrant homepage out of the three. Powerful segments like the hero section, carousel, service details, and newsletter subscription convey your messages effectively among the website visitors. 

Seamless Interactions

All the pages of the Ensure template have been designed with plenty of interaction effects. Each of them makes your web elements come to life with their dazzling effects. You can customize and even apply the interaction effects to any of the page elements. You can enjoy a landing page full of lively interaction effects with the Ensure template. 

Smart Navigation System

Introducing Ensure: A Business, Finance, Insurance Joomla Template

Ensure has been designed to provide a solid browsing experience with mega menu and off-canvas menu. Both the menus come with rich navigation options that let your visitors access all the exciting stuff right from anywhere on the website.

Professional Work Gallery

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Showcase your accomplishments on the financial business site’s gallery page to create familiarity with your users. It helps you to showcase your works, seminars, and CSR initiatives. This increases brand value by visualizing your quality activities and you can also enhance conversion with the CTA below the gallery. 

Introducing Ensure: A Business, Finance, Insurance Joomla Template

Versatile Pricing Page

Ensure comes with a couple of pricing plan sections for you to pick from. All of them are designed to project reliability and professionalism. The Horizontal Pricing Layout includes the pricing plan with a description to let your visitors know what’s offered in the plan.

Introducing Ensure: A Business, Finance, Insurance Joomla Template

Exclusive Blog Design

Ensure has an exclusively designed blog. You can publish useful articles, news, notices, announcements or any other things related to the business and drive visitors. Reach potential customers/clients easily with this Joomla finance template. The blog of Ensure provides a completely out of the box blog design with a sidebar which is mobile friendly and easy to navigate. 

Introducing Ensure: A Business, Finance, Insurance Joomla Template

Compelling Service Pages

This finance Joomla template comes with a set of full-featured service pages with a professional presentation layout that impresses the potential customer at first glance. The interactive system helps visitors navigate throughout the site comfortably. The page has multiple tabs based service presentation and it displays related projects for greater visitor engagement.

Introducing Ensure: A Business, Finance, Insurance Joomla Template

Built-in Pages

This finance & accounting Joomla template comes with a wide range of built-in pages that you can use to launch any financial website in the least possible time. Everything is ready.

Introducing Ensure: A Business, Finance, Insurance Joomla Template

  • Contact: Showcase your business’ physical address, phone number(s) and a contact form for the visitors to reach in different ways.
  • Coming Soon: A nicely designed page to let the site visitors know what goodies are waiting for them.
  • Registration: A user-friendly form with self-explanatory fields to get intended customers registered for the services.

With a simplistic and neat design of Ensure, you have the power to create stunning websites that attract more visitors and bring business. Ensure will not limit you to make websites for only SMEs, you have the freedom to create websites for financial institutes, insurance companies, digital agencies and a plethora of others! Do not imprison your imagination, break free the shackle, and create mindblowing websites with Ensure.

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Joomla! Man
Joomla! Man
4 years ago
Great template and powerful function!
Rayhan Arif
Rayhan Arif
4 years ago
Thanks a lot. Please stay with us for more.
Kevin Parker
4 years ago
I think it's an eye-catching Joomla template and one of the best business financial templates that could be responsive. Thank you for sharing this useful info about the template.
Rayhan Arif
Rayhan Arif
4 years ago
Thank you Kevin.
4 years ago
Nice one! Multipurpose. Much better then the previous one.
Just two little complaints:
[*]The 3 colored tabs in the homepage slider are confusing. They seem to be a navigation or slider title. But they have no functionality at all. What's the purpose and idea behind them?
[*] The mobile menu should follow and suit to the template design. The default Helix Ultimate style is not enough for a commercial club template.

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