JoomShaper template club is already rich with 115+ professionally designed templates covering almost every category of the websites you can imagine. This is why, with each template we release now, it’s more important to focus on diversity, new functionality, and features. Having that in mind, we are trying to offer new flavors in news sites so that you don’t bore your audience with traditional design anymore.

Let’s meet Newsberg, the ultimate news and magazine template on Joomla. It gives you an elegant design with news sections like vertical slider, video section, poll, twitter feeds, and many other news elements.

Newsberg has what it takes to present news to your readers smartly. With the power of Joomla components, modules, and dedicated SP Page Builder addons, Newsberg is the complete solution to your professional news site. It is built for news agencies, newspapers, magazines, sports, and other kinds of publishing sites.

Let’s have a quick look into the site template in a video below.

Now, let's explore some of the features of Newsberg in a list.

  • 2 unique home variation
  • Smart navigation with mega menu and off-canvas menu
  • News item bookmarking option
  • Multiple hero designs for category listing pages
  • SP Author Archive component
  • 8 news layout designs with Article Layout addon
  • Ad management with Banner component
  • Vertical Video Slider addon
  • Vertical Article Slider addon
  • SP Poll component
  • SP Weather module & SP Tweet module
  • Multilingual support with Language Switcher Module
  • Newsletter subscription form

Newsberg Features and Functionalities

You already know Newsberg comes with plenty of stunning features for a complete news and magazine site. It's time we explored some of the most important ones in more detail below.

2 Home Variations

Introducing Newsberg: The Ultimate News and Magazine Template on Joomla

Newsberg has 2 striking home variations. You can choose whichever suits you best. Both of these home layouts deliver all necessary news items including videos, news sliders, top stories, and more. Any of the layouts will be a good fit for any news site. So, choose the one you like.

  1. Business Insight: Universal news design fit for any type of news portals. Have a vertical article slider with social share options. Category-wise news section for readers to find desired news easily and have videos in a slider to showcase news videos.
  2. News Bulletin: All the core news segments come at first glance. Have featured stories as you wish. Showcase videos from different sources. Have a poll section, newsletter form and more.

Smart Site Navigation

A news site is mostly about news articles. There would plenty of categories for news posts and pages in a single site. So, without offering a flexible navigation system, it would be difficult for readers to find what they are looking for. Alongside having a section-wise news display, you can offer smart site navigation with Newsberg. There are a well-designed mega menu and off-canvas menu in this template.

  • Mega Menu: Ensure an easy browsing experience for the visitors with the multi-layered mega menu given inside the Newsberg Joomla template.
  • Off-canvas Menu: Offer a modern off-canvas menu design with transition effects on the menu items. Get Newsberg and go beyond the traditional navigation system.

Save Articles with Bookmarking Option

Introducing Newsberg: The Ultimate News and Magazine Template on Joomla

A news agency or magazine site requires a system that lets readers save news to read later. Having that in mind, we introduced a bookmarking option in Newsberg. Upon having an account, readers will be able to bookmark their favorite pieces of news.

  • Offer news in different categories and let readers choose what they want to see
  • Let visitors save their preferred news feeds by clicking on the icon on each of the posts
  • Make your news or magazine site more engaging with bookmarking options

4 Unique Hero Sections for Category Listing Pages

Introducing Newsberg: The Ultimate News and Magazine Template on Joomla

Newsberg comes with 4 unique hero sections for category listing pages. Choose a section design that you think is better for your site and showcase news articles stylishly. The hero sections are:

  1. Entertainment: Choose if you have a magazine type entertainment site.
  2. Business: This layout goes with anything. Pick this one if you are more about business.
  3. Sports: Select Sports hero section for your sports journal and sports magazine site
  4. Food: Go with this category listing page if you run a mega food blog

SP Author Archive Component

Introducing Newsberg: The Ultimate News and Magazine Template on Joomla

With SP Author Archive, Newsberg creates dedicated archives for each of the authors to display their details and posts separately. Serve news from different correspondents and display all of their posts on dedicated author pages. Have all authors on a single place and display each author individually with their personal details, social links, and posts.

Multiple Layout Designs with Article Layout Addon

Introducing Newsberg: The Ultimate News and Magazine Template on Joomla

Get 8 uniquely designed layouts to showcase news items. All news posts on Newsberg Joomla template are presented in different grid and lists. There’s a powerful Article Layout Addon of SP Page Builder to display news items in different styles. You can decide whether to have posts excerpts and define the word length. Also, there are 4 article formats (Standard, Video, Audio, Gallery) for each of these article layouts.

Ad Management with Banner Component

Introducing Newsberg: The Ultimate News and Magazine Template on Joomla

As news and magazine sites come with huge monetization opportunities, Newsberg lets you take full advantage of it. Have ad banners on different places of your news site and manage them easily. You can also track ad impressions and clicks for each ad banner. Alongside delivering news, you can make a profit by showing ads on the news and magazine site.

News Slider Addon with 2 Different Layouts

Introducing Newsberg: The Ultimate News and Magazine Template on Joomla

Present news in different sliders. Newsberg offers 2 dedicated SP Page Builder addons to showcase news more elegantly. You can have both news articles and video sliders on your site.

  • Thumb Slider: Get the most elegant vertical news slider ever. With Thumb Slider addon, the template fetches articles and display them vertically.
  • Video Slider: Place news videos on your site with SP page Builder’s Video Slider addon. The template showcases videos vertically on the home page with it.

Create Polls with SP Poll Component

Introducing Newsberg: The Ultimate News and Magazine Template on Joomla

The poll makes this template more interactive. Let your visitors take part in different polls you set on the site besides just having news for them to read. Get readers' views on different social and political issues or whichever suits your news site type.

  • Setup polls very easily with questions and multiple options.
  • Have as many choices as you want.
  • Let your visitors see the poll result instantly upon submitting the answer.
  • Visitors can click on the result option to see the poll result too.

Newsletter Subscription Option

Introducing Newsberg: The Ultimate News and Magazine Template on Joomla

Newsberg lets visitors subscribe to your newsletter on a nicely designed form. Create and manage email newsletter subscriber lists. Deliver news and announcements. With the AcyMailing newsletter component inside, Newsberg gives you a complete system to communicate with the subscribed readers easily.

Weather Module and SP Tweet Module

Introducing Newsberg: The Ultimate News and Magazine Template on Joomla

This news and magazine template lets you showcase weather updates and Twitter feeds on the site. Newsberg offers special sections powered by separate modules to set them up. Display weather updates with Weather module and Twitter feeds with the SP Tweet module.

  • Weather Update: A news site without a weather update section is incomplete. Newsberg lets you display the weather updates in a noticeable place of your site.
  • Twitter Feeds: Showcase your news media’s Twitter feeds in a special section on your website. We used the SP Tweet module to set things up from the backend.

Multilingual Support

Introducing Newsberg: The Ultimate News and Magazine Template on Joomla

Serving news in different languages takes you beyond the frontier and opens up huge opportunities for your site. This is why we made Newsberg multilingual. With the power of the Language Switcher module, Newsberg makes it easy for you to set up languages and let visitors switch between the languages in one click.

Newsberg features everything that a professional news and magazine site requires. If you want to build a news site on Joomla and wish to have the above-mentioned features, then Newsberg should be your go-to choice. Whether you want to build a news site for yourself or your client, Newsberg is for you. Don’t waste your time anymore just start your dream news site with Newsberg Joomla template.

Please let us know your feedback in the comment section below. Also, suggest us what you want more. Cheers.

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