Building a full fledged website for any restaurant or a food business was a challenge until JoomShaper’s Cuisine Joomla template was released. In about 3 years, this responsive restaurant Joomla template powered thousands of sites and helped people set up their business online. Today, we are going to bolster food based site building on Joomla with the introduction of another restaurant Joomla template.

Meet Restora, a clean and modern Joomla restaurant template for food business websites. With the multi types of food business in mind, Restora is here to meet most categories of food based website including restaurant, cafe, bakery, bar, bistro, pub, cafeteria, pizzeria, juice bar and more.

Let's have a look at this restaurant Joomla template in a quick video.


Now, here’s a glimpse at some of the most important features of the Restora Joomla template.

  • Compelling hero section
  • Spectacular sliders built with Slideshow addon
  • Multiple food menu variations
  • Dynamic reservation system with OpenTable integration
  • Enticing food and kitchen gallery
  • Mega menu for special items
  • Readymade pages for faster site development
  • Dedicated addons
  • Conversion friendly pricing tables
  • Instagram gallery for better engagement
  • Translation, RTL, and Retina ready
  • SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate inside
  • Realistic demo contents for better development experience
  • Priority support, detailed documentation, regular updates

Spectacular sliders with animated text

Restora is set to welcome visitors with a gorgeous hero section. 4 out of 5 homepage layouts have hero sliders with animated text. It’s your best chance to impress site visitors at sight. There’s also a CTA button on each slide to drive conversions.

5 homepage layouts

Introducing Restora: A Bakery, Coffee Shop, and Restaurant Joomla Template

  1. Default: Have a wonderful hero slider followed by a visually elegant about section, different categories of menus, a food gallery, schedules, and a table for booking purposes.
  2. Coffee: Get a Coffee item focused site with the display of items and their prices, a nice looking gallery, testimonial section and more.
  3. Bakery: Bakery homepage layout welcomes you with a gorgeous hero slider. There’s an attractive bakery item section followed by a menu with a price list, a gallery, about, and booking table.
  4. Seafood: This variation comes with a curated list of seafood items in different categories with their prices. It also has a gallery and available restaurant location.
  5. Vegetarian: Made with the vegetarians in mind comes with a welcoming hero section, detailed food menu section in various categories followed by a gallery and a curated blog section.

Multiple menu variations

Introducing Restora: A Bakery, Coffee Shop, and Restaurant Joomla Template

To stay ahead of the competition, your restaurant website has to stand out in every aspect. Showcasing food menu attractively adds a huge value to your business as this is what the visitors are here for. Having that in mind, in Restora, you get two different food menu variations.

  1. Regular Menu: Present menus in different sections defining their categories, prices, descriptions. Display special offers detailing items, base price, and curtailed price.
  2. Special Menu: Draw visitors’ attention with the best dishes available at your food-based business. Display signature items visually with their details including price, cooking method, and more.

Dynamic booking system with OpenTable

Introducing Restora: A Bakery, Coffee Shop, and Restaurant Joomla Template

Have an efficient online reservation system on your site offered in the Restora Joomla template. Offer an easy to use booking system to the visitors with OpenTable integration. The system lets visitors to input reservation date, time, and number of persons to book a reservation. It also shows the restaurant locations on the reservation page.

Special addons

Introducing Restora: A Bakery, Coffee Shop, and Restaurant Joomla Template

A collection of rich addons in the Joomla restaurant template is used to craft the complete site pack. There’s a combination of dedicated and existing SPPage Builder addons.

  • Diner Pricelist: Alongside listing menu items with prices, you can show discounted and base prices for all of the items on offer.
  • Table Booking: Let the site visitors book their reservation using OpenTable integration
  • Accordion: Variety of menus in this restaurant Joomla template has been made using the Accordion addon.

Built-in pages for faster site development

Introducing Restora: A Bakery, Coffee Shop, and Restaurant Joomla Template

This Joomla restaurant template has several built-in pages that can be used to launch any type of food based website in the least possible time. The ready pages are:

  • About: Grow trust among the consumer by displaying chefs, team members, gallery etc.
  • Coming Soon: Let your site visitors know what are awaiting them in the future.
  • Registration: Self-explanatory form fields to get visitors registered easily.
  • 404: A nicely designed 404 page comes with a big button to head home.

Food blog

Introducing Restora: A Bakery, Coffee Shop, and Restaurant Joomla Template

Restora gives you a wonderfully designed blog homepage to present content beautifully to the site visitors. There are several featured posts and grid styled blog posts display for quick attention. The single page of Restora has a soothing design so that visitors can read the blog post for a long time. The blog section of Restora is surely going to get you tremendous traffic.

Stunning kitchen gallery

Introducing Restora: A Bakery, Coffee Shop, and Restaurant Joomla Template

Display photos of your food items and restaurants in a creative food gallery. We made this enticing gallery using our SP Easy Image Gallery component.

  • Albums: Have numerous albums to categorize photos. Show photos on popups and you can apply hover effects on each album.
  • Instagram feed: Show Instagram feed as a dynamic social gallery right below the gallery home page.

Restora has been built to cater the need of all kinds of restaurants and food based websites. Apart from the above mentioned features and functionality, this Restaurant Joomla template is also RTL and retina ready. This template is built using SP Page Builder Pro so that you can have an easy drag & drop website development experience. And it’s built on Helix Ultimate, the best Joomla template framework ever.

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