There’s an insatiable urge in people to go to places, enjoy beautiful beaches, landscapes, mountains, and many other fascinating sights. As there is this wanderlust in people, there’s also a great opportunity for any person or business to help people arrange such trips and make money.

Yes, it’s a lucky day for those who want to create a complete travel agency website on Joomla. Because, today, we are introducing Travus, the full-fledged and robust travel website solution on Joomla. The sleek design and awesome functionalities of this Joomla travel agency template will make an impact right from the beginning.

Once a year, go someplace you've never been before- Dalai Lama

Travus is the perfect Joomla template for any travel agency, tour operator, car hire, hotel booking, resort rental, flight booking, cruise operators, transports & car booking, and all sorts of relevant reservation businesses.

What does Travus have inside?

Travus is full of amazing features and functionalities. Let’s have a quick look in a short video below.


Some of the exciting features of this Joomla travel agency template are as follows.

  • All-in-one travel agency & booking solution
  • Powered by SP Booking component
  • A dynamic hotel reservation system
  • Attractive tour package showcasing
  • Transportation booking
  • Beautiful display of tourist destinations
  • Advanced search mechanism
  • 3 unique home variations
  • Stunning hero section
  • Gorgeous travel gallery
  • Dedicated travel blog
  • Readymade pages
  • Exclusive addons & special modules
  • SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate

Let’s discover some of the important features in more detail.

All-in-one travel agency & booking solution

Introducing Travus: the complete travel agency Joomla template

Travus is the complete tour and travel booking solution on Joomla. Anyone who wants to build a functional travel booking website can do it easily with this template. Travus comes with all the necessary features and helps you offer easy & quick travel related services online.

Powered by SP Booking component

Introducing Travus: the complete travel agency Joomla template

The template runs on JoomShaper’s powerful SP Booking component which has tons of innovative features. This dedicated Joomla extension has been developed for the tourism industry offering booking functionalities for all tourism related services. Have an easy to manage mechanism for all levels of users.

Smart and intuitive reservation system

Introducing Travus: the complete travel agency Joomla template

The reservation system is a core functionality of a travel business website. This is primarily what the site is for. To enable you to have a top class reservation system, we used SP Booking component on board.

  • Hotel booking: You can enlist hotels with necessary details for the people to reserve. Also, have a listing page to show all hotels on a single place. Plus, there’s a dedicated page for each of the listed hotels.
  • Car hire: With Travus, you can facilitate travels by offering transportation amenities. Let the people book their desired vehicles easily.

Smart search mechanism

Introducing Travus: the complete travel agency Joomla template

While looking for travel destinations, people will potentially search them with keywords. We’ve integrated a system that allows people to get what they are looking for. Finding tour packages, hotels, transportations, and tourist spots have been made easier with the advanced search mechanism.

  1. Tour package search: Help people find the tour packages that fit their budgets and requirements.
  2. Hotel search: Let them search for hotels and book rooms & suites effortlessly.
  3. Transportation search: Interested visitors can find cars, buses, and other vehicles with the right keywords.
  4. Destination search: Enable visitors to find the places they want to visit.

Showcasing tour packages

Introducing Travus: the complete travel agency Joomla template

Showcase the tour packages attractively to your potential customers. You can draw visitors’ attention with unified tour packages. Display them in both grid and list views. There is also a single page for each package to show details.

3 Home variations

Introducing Travus: the complete travel agency Joomla template

Travus offers 3 different home variations. The functionalities and content presentation on each variation are distinct and look awesome in their own ways. The variations are:

  1. Default: Designed for any type of tour or travel business website in general. It has everything a standard tourism industry site needs to cover.
  2. Destinations: Focuses on attractive tourist spots. The hero section of this variation contains a search option to find travel destinations easily.
  3. Package Deals: It’s perfect for the travel agencies offering exclusive packages with discounts and deals.

Attractive places

Introducing Travus: the complete travel agency Joomla template

Let people explore travel destinations in advance. Offer a virtual tour to the destinations through photographs, videos, descriptions, reviews, and so on. Tell the travelers how they can enjoy the tour and show ratings and traveler feedback to grow trust.

Robust modules & addons

Introducing Travus: the complete travel agency Joomla template

Travus utilizes a collection of special addons and modules to render the site contents in an elegant way. Some of the modules and addons are mentioned below.


  • SP Booking Package
  • SP Booking Destination
  • SP Booking Transports
  • SP Booking Accommodations
  • SP Booking Search


  • Slideshow
  • Testimonial Pro
  • Feature Box
  • Articles
  • Instagram Gallery

Built-in pages

Introducing Travus: the complete travel agency Joomla template

Travus comes with all required pages to power up a complete travel booking solution. It has Contact, Login, Registration, 404, Coming Soon, and more to set things up quickly.

  • Contact: Let the interested people contact you through a nice contact page
  • Coming Soon: Show what are the exciting things coming for the people next
  • Registration: There’s a registration page to have people enrolled

SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate

Introducing Travus: the complete travel agency Joomla template

Travus utilizes SP Page Builder Pro to create its stunning pages offering you a coding-free site-building experience. You get its Pro version in the Travus template for free. The Joomla travel agency template is based on Helix Ultimate framework that ensures a solid base.

More features

Apart from the above features, this travel booking Joomla template comes with the following goodies.

Introducing Travus: the complete travel agency Joomla template

Travel gallery: There’s an attractive travel gallery to offer a virtual tour into the places people want to visit. Showcase photos of beaches, mountains, landscapes and more to attract potential visitors.

Travel blog: Tell different travel stories, publish reviews of places, give tour and travel tips, and release notices on your travel blog.

Wrapping up

Travus is definitely a wonderful Joomla travel booking template. Anyone wishing to build a complete travel booking solution should surely try it. Travus is full of awesome features and functionalities. Want to start a travel booking business online or create a similar website for your client? Get Travus and start right away.

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