In this digital age, only having a business in physical existence does not get the goal achieved. It requires something that the world demands. Yes, I am talking about the online presence of any corporate firm or business entity.

When it comes to making an online presence of a business, there are plenty of options to choose from. But probably the best one is yet to be arrived. Today, we are introducing a whole new set of corporate website package that can be the one you have been looking for. Here comes Wayne Corp, our December 2018 Joomla template. Don’t take my words for granted. You will understand when you explore the template yourself.

Let's have a sneak peek in a quick video.


Here's a glimpse at some of the notable features of Wayne Corp Joomla template.

  • Modern and trendy design
  • 3 homepage layouts
  • Creative photo gallery
  • Built-in pages for faster development
  • Interactive mega menu
  • Dedicated Career page
  • Email marketing and communication
  • SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate inside
  • SP Simple Portfolio component to create corporate portfolios
  • Dedicated Wayne Corp pricing, articles, image, case study addons
  • Opt-in Form, Animated Heading, Testimonial Pro, and more addons
  • Translation, RTL, and Retina ready
  • Priority support, detailed documentation, regular updates

Now we’ll dig deep into the most significant goodies inside this corporate Joomla template.

Modern trendy design

Wayne Corp can surely stand out of the crowd with its trendy and modern design. It has clean and conversion friendly UI & UX with diverse page elements to have a meaningful web presence for any professional corporate business.

3 homepage layouts

Wayne Corp is a full-fledged corporate site pack. It has 3 homepage layouts to present your site differently. Choose the one that works for your specific purpose.

Default: The default homepage layout is built for all types of corporate sites in general. It has a large hero section with animated heading which is followed by several content areas such as statistics, blogs, testimonials, etc.

Second: This layout would be a perfect match for a content-rich and informative corporate/business site. It brings a CTA based top section followed by detailed feature areas with relevant data and team members.

Third: Want to develop an action-oriented corporate or business website? Use this variation. Its hero section contains a sign-up form to convert the visitors into customers at their first impression. This layout also showcases services, customer testimonials, blogs, and more.

Dedicated Career page

Wayne Corp comes with a built-in dedicated Career page. Showcase the office environment using photos, publish job circulars, enlist open positions, and present employee testimonials on the Career page.

Exclusive addons

Wayne Corp uses several powerful addons to enhance its functionalities and look. Here are some of these addons with their functions.

  • Wayne Corp Image: Display project related images on the website
  • Thumb Gallery: Show inner work environment and team members on the site
  • Wayne Corp Pricing Table: Create a professional-grade pricing table with benefits and call-to-action buttons
  • Wayne Corp Case Study: Enlist and showcase corporate case studies to earn more visitor attention
  • Wayne Corp Articles: Place articles on the corporate site in 2 different layouts

Creative photo gallery

Wayne Corp has a stylish photo gallery that lets the businesses and agencies share their memorable moments in a corporate-friendly way. It comes in a creative grid layout rather than traditional rectangular structure. Visitors can enlarge the photos by clicking on the thumbs.

Interactive portfolio

The corporate Joomla template comes with an easy-to-manage portfolio system powered by SP Simple Portfolio component that enables businesses to showcase their works effortlessly. It's instantly filterable and provides detail visit option on hover.

Built-in pages

Along with the corporate specific pages, there are other built-in pages in Wayne Corp. Make a complete corporate site that has everything to present the target business professionally.

  • Services: Showcase services attractively in a visual presentation
  • Team: Have team members with their designations and social links to show who are on board
  • Career: Ask people to join your company by publishing job circulars
  • Pricing: Wayne Corp has pricing tables to offer services with nice looking pricing plans

Corporate blog

Drive more visitors to your site by publishing useful business articles, news, announcements or any other things related to your business. Reach potential customers/clients easily.

Translation, RTL, and Retina ready

Enjoy complete freedom in content strategy with Wayne Corp corporate Joomla template as it offers features like Retina standard, multiple language, and RTL support.

Email marketing & communication

This corporate Joomla template offers a scalable infrastructure to communicate with clients and stakeholders. Visitors also can contact the business via the contact page.

Easy and fast site development

This corporate Joomla template is built using SP Page Builder Pro that offers a drag & drop site development experience. And it’s also built on top of Helix Ultimate, the best ever Joomla template framework.

.... and more! 

If you need a website that presents your corporate business (or want to build it for a client), then this is the template you must try. With pages like Case Studies, Services, Photo Gallery, and dedicated Career, it definitely has everything to power a complete corporate business site. So what are you waiting for? Do try this template now and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

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