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JoomShaper introduces hassle-free template and extension updates with Perfect Dashboard

29 May 2017
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JoomShaper introduces hassle-free template and extension updates with Perfect Dashboard

Managing a website is something like maintaining a family. A webmaster has to take care of a lot of things. In case of a Joomla website, an admin needs to update the CMS, extensions, and templates on regular basis. It’s pretty time consuming. Perfect Dashboard, a popular website maintenance app brings all of these activities in one unified place to offer a more efficient workflow.

The good news is, all JoomShaper products are now supported with Perfect Dashboard, so you can enjoy the benefits of the app with the world’s best Joomla templates and extensions made by JoomShaper.

That said, you can now use Perfect Dashboard to update, backup and test JoomShaper products installed on your site. The Perfect Dashboard team and we, the JoomShaper development team have worked together for around 1 year to make it happen. The result is great. You can now use Perfect Dashboard's hassle-free template and extension update feature with JoomShaper products. Many of our customers said they've been waiting for this benefit, and now it has arrived.

Inside Perfect Dashboard

With Perfect Dashboard, you can do the following tasks (include but not limited to):

  • Update your website CMS (Joomla), templates, and extensions from the unified Perfect Dashboard interface. Multi-site management supported.

  • After applying updates, test the website layouts, SEO and social media tags to ensure that everything is working fine.

  • Perfect Dashboard offers backup and restoration functionalities along with verification of theses backups’ integrity on the cloud.

  • The Custom Change Detector feature of Perfect Dashboard can scan and find core CMS code edits including the customizations to the extension and template codes. It helps you follow best practices, and re-implement any edit after applying an update which may wipe out these customizations.

  • The app scans your website codes for vulnerabilities, meaning a stronger security for you.

  • There is an automated to-do list in Perfect Dashboard which generates a list of tasks everyday so you can take actions accordingly.

At JoomShaper, we value the customer feedback and update our products frequently with new and improved features. If you use Perfect Dashboard, you will now get notified about our product updates on the app’s maintaining and updating interface (for installed ones).

Bonus for JoomShaper Users

Perfect Dashboard has an exciting offer for all JoomShaper users. Normally, each new Perfect Dashboard user gets EUR 10 credit bonus. But when you're a JoomShaper user, you get additional EUR 25 credit to spend on Perfect Dashboard. That means, any JoomShaper user gets a total of EUR 35 as a welcome gift on Perfect Dashboard. Visit this link to sign-up and claim your bonus.

We hope you will find our efforts fruitful, and it will boost your productivity. Stay with JoomShaper and enjoy more new amazing stuff in coming days. Happy developing!

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