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JoomShaper introduces Joomla! virtual host with JAMP3

31 May 2017
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JoomShaper introduces Joomla! virtual host with JAMP3

Building websites with Joomla! always requires an internet connection. But sometimes when you are in travel, sitting in a hotel reception in the middle of nowhere, it can be too slow to work on it. What then? Will you give up? Now you don't have to give up anymore. Please meet our new friend - JAMP3.

What is JAMP3?

JAMP3, a popular local server (localhost) developed by JAMP, allows you to use Joomla! on your computer/laptop without access to the internet. It means you can use this web development environment to build/migrate/fix web apps based on PHP/MySQL while you are offline. Also, when you begin an adventure with Joomla!, it's a good idea to do all tasks on a safe local server. It's a useful tool for the advanced Joomla! users, without any doubt. But what about the Joomla! beginners, you may ask. Yes, at that point, we thought it's a good idea to cooperate with JAMP3.

Inside JAMP3, you'll find Joomla! 3.7 with Helix3 QuickStart and SP Page Builder already built-in.

What are the benefits of JAMP3?

The first one, you can use Joomla! without internet. It can also be used from a pendrive as it's a portable software. JAMP3 is usable on any PC based on Windows 7, 8, 10. The second advantage, in several clicks you can use all features from JoomShaper products inside JAMP3, as I mentioned before. 

Follow the steps below to enjoy this feature.

JoomShaper introduces Joomla! virtual host with JAMP3

Figure: New project creation screen on JAMP3.

  1. New project > Choose: JoomShaper Helix3 Quickstart > Insert project name > Create
  2. Joomla! (JoomShaper Installator) will run, do step by step.
    Hostname: localhost
    Username: joomla
    Password: joomla
    Database: joomshaper
  3. At the end, please manually remove the "/installator" folder
  4. Enjoy Joomla! 3.7 with Helix3 demo content installed

And yes, you can re-install with PRO version of SP Page Builder or install any template you want - if you have downloaded products or valid JoomShaper subscription.

JoomShaper introduces Joomla! virtual host with JAMP3

Figure: JoomShaper SP Page Builder and Helix3 are prepackaged with JAMP3.

You can download and test JAMP3 completely free. The trial version works without any limitation for 14 days. After the trial period, you can activate the program by purchasing any subscription package. Right now JAMP3 with JoomShaper products inside is a productive environment, but it's limited to Windows systems only. There are plans to launch the package for other platforms too.

To celebrate the collaboration between JoomShaper and JAMP, the virtual host maker offers 20% discount for all JAMP3 subscription plans. Please use JS20 coupon code during order process.
Coupon is valid till 30 June 2017.

We hope that this standalone tool with our products inside will boost your productivity. Stay with JoomShaper and enjoy more new amazing stuff in coming days. Happy developing!

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