JoomShaper is sponsoring Joomla World Conference 2017 (It’s 3 years in a row!) - JoomShaper

JoomShaper is sponsoring Joomla World Conference 2017 (It’s 3 years in a row!)

18 September 2017
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JoomShaper is sponsoring Joomla World Conference 2017 (It’s 3 years in a row!)

The Joomla World Conference is the largest and the most awaited event for the entire Joomla community. Our foremost love and passion are always with Joomla and other open source projects. We always possess the desire to be with Joomla and support it to take to the next level. By nurturing that desire, we usually sponsor all of the major Joomla events across the world. Now today, we are really delighted to become the diamond sponsor of the Joomla World Conference 2017, and it is our consecutive third time sponsoring this international Joomla event.

JoomShaper is the diamond sponsor of JWC17.

Figure: JoomShaper is the diamond sponsor of JWC17.

Along with Joomla World Conference 2017, we also sponsored J and Beyond 2017, JoomlaDay Florida, JoomlaDay France, JoomlaDay Madrid, JoomlaDay Australia, JoomlaDay UK, and JoomlaDay Malaysia this year.

Joomla world conference 2017 is going to be held in Sheraton Roma Hotel & Conference Center, Rome, Italy, on 17-19 November this year. Thousands of developers, designers, business owners, and Joomla enthusiasts are going to meet, connect, and share to develop a network to take Joomla to the next milestone and make it the best CMS in the world. And team JoomShaper is really proud and excited to be a part of this stunning event.

Joomla World Conference 2016 (JWC) was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, on November 11-13, 2016. JoomShaper was the proud Diamond sponsor of that event. Some of our team members attended the conference. JoomShaper CEO Mr. Kawshar Ahmed and Business Development manager Mr. Paul Frankowski were honor guests and attended the event.

JoomShaper booth in JWC16

Figure: JoomShaper booth in JWC16.

JoomShaper offered several giveaways in the 2016 event. The grand prize of the gave away ceremony was a brand new Xbox One gaming console. The prize brought lots of excitement to the attendants. The whole thing was really wonderful. JoomShaper felt committed to boost the platform more bydouble-timing the effort.

JoomShaper giveaway event in JWC16

Figure: JoomShaper giveaway event in JWC16.

Joomla World Conference 2015 happened in Bangalore, India in 6-8 November 2015. JoomShaper sponsored that event as well. Four of our senior team members joined the occasion. Our CEO Mr. Kawshar Ahmed, CTO & Lead developer Nayem Majhar, Senior web application developer Rifat Wahid Alif and Vice President, Design Risat Rajin visited the grand Joomla event.

JoomShaper team with others in JWC15

Figure: JoomShaper team with others in JWC15.

We received huge support and appreciation from Helix3 Framework and SP Page Builder users. They expressed their thoughts, feelings, and suggestions about JoomShaper templates, Helix Framework, and SP Page Builder. It was an overwhelming experience for us.

Some great moments in JWC15

Figure: Some great moments in JWC15.

Our team will be in Joomla World Conference 2017 in Rome. We would like you all to attend the event and visit the JoomShaper booth. Like other years, there will be lots of giveaways. We hope we will pass some great days with fun and innovation.

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