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Moview template & SP Movie Database update

08 April 2016
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Moview template & SP Movie Database update

Our Joomshaper team is pleased to announce the release of new updates for popular template Moview. We updated not only Joomla from 3.4 to 3.5 inside QuickStart package but also we added new features to main extension and fixed small problems discovered during last weeks.

Movie genres

In film theory, film genre refers to the method of categorizing films based on similarities in the narrative elements from which films are constructed or the emotional responses they elicit. Film genres are various forms or identifiable types, categories, classifications or groups of films that are recurring and have similar, familiar or instantly-recognizable patterns  or conventions. In new, current version of SP Movie Database extension (for Joomla 3) we decided to improve genre section. Now you can add, search and sort by most common and identifiable film genre categories (Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Horror, Romance etc.). Because many movies (or other content that you may use) are considered hybrids - they can be assigned to several film genres. Here is list of features which are associated with genres inside SP Movie Database tool:

  • You can create a new genres (custom names, not only related with movies or TV series).
  • Genres can be used in multilingual site, it can be translated and assigned to chosen language.
  • Each movie can be assigned to several genres.
  • Movie list can be sorted by genres as well.
  • Menu item(s) from component can show views from selected genres or movie country -  for example you can add menu link with Horrors from USA only, or Adventure films/TV shows from around the World.

menu item

Module Update

Ajax movie search module have several filters (Movies, Celebrates, Trailers and Genres) with cover thumbnails (they can be enabled or disabled from module settings).

drama search joomla

How to get it

To get those new features you have to update Moview template and extension, just reinstall with new version(!). Upgrading templates and all installed extensions to the latest version ensures you have the most feature-rich version. Upgrading your website’s Joomla core to the latest version (3.5.1 in time of writing this post) is highly recommended, not only because it ensures you have all the latest bug fixes, but you’ll also be up-to-date with any security patches.

We hope you will like those changes. My favorite part is, without doubt, the ajax search module, which makes it easier than ever to find interesting movie from data base. What about you? Which new SP Movie database feature has you the most excited? Also if you have suggestion about next features please let us know in below comment box.

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