Resort is a Joomla 3.x compatible template developed for hospitality businesses such as hotels, motels, guest houses and resort companies. This Helix3 framework based fully responsive template offers every necessary feature that might be required to present your hospitality business perfectly. Resort comes with powerful query and reservation functionalities to let your customers find and book rooms/facilities seamlessly.


The Homepage

The Resort homepage got a pure combination of features and fields to express your hospitality business in a gorgeous way. The page starts with an option to display the business's contact number and email address. On the top right corner, you can place your social media links and a brief weather feed. The top menu bar has multi-layer navigation ability to accommodate the complete set of important stuffs. There is a 'Reservation' button at the top right side of the nav-bar which takes the user on the main resort booking page.

Perhaps, the most appealing and valuable part of the homepage is the slide show that is intended to display some eye-catching images of the resort.

Immediately below the slider, there is given a quick access toolbar to check resort availability by the visitor's tour schedule, required rooms and the number attendants.

The main content area of the homepage does exactly what is expected. Here you will get short descriptions, intro images and links to detailed information about the resort facilities. This section is followed by special offer field where the back-end team (site admin) can place discount offers.

As a hospitality business person, you must love to keep your stakeholders informed. That's why the theme provides a field to show the business's latest blog and news posts.

The theme then pocesses a testimonial section to show what people say about your resort. Finally, there are fields to add your office location(s) along with a map.


Room Search and Filtering System

Right below the slider, a search and filtering system is given to find the available facilities during a certain period. Here the customer needs to input the sign-in and sign-out dates, number of rooms needed and number of persons attending the tour.

Clicking the Check button shows detailed information about the available facilities. A potential customer can book their required facilities from this page.



As I've already mentioned, there is a 'Reservation' button at the top-right corner of the menu bar. Clicking that button shows all the facilities offered by the resort business. Then the user can select and book their desired facilities from this page. In essence This is how the reservation procedures work.

And this was my front-end review part of the Resort theme. Please continue reading to get the basic idea about the theme's back-end or admin panel.


Resort Theme Back-End

The theme is developed based on Helix3 framework and uses several modules and extensions. The reservation system is powered by Solidres, a specialized component for hotel booking management. Helix is a free drag-and-drop Jomla 3+ site builder. It's an easy to use and highly customizable framework well-integrated with SP Page Builder. You can learn more about Helix from here. And yes, Helix is developed by JoomShaper.


The Page Layout Builder

Resort uses a drag-and-drop page builder. The admin team can use it to organize elements on the website. Please click on the image to see the full size.

In the above screenshot, you can see individual content sections of the theme. Those can be edited from their respective Edit buttons found at the right side of each item.



The homepage slideshow looks beautiful in the Resort theme demo. You need to customize it with your hotel/facility photographs to attract visitors at the first sight. Below is the slider customizer panel.


Booking Manager (Solidres)

The Resort theme uses Solidres solution, a popular third party component for managing hotel and hospitality booking system. The site admin needs to input the hotel/entity name, rooms, facilities, tariff, payment mechanism and other relevant information to make the front-end functional. Please see detailed information regarding how to use Solidres on this official documentation page.

The Resort theme comes with other useful features like dedicated office location input field, maps add-on, weather update etc. You can find the theme here and see a live demo right away. There is a download option as well. Please try the theme and share your thoughts with us via comments. Thanks.