You have the potential to build something incredible. But without the right tool, you won’t be able to execute that. When developing a website in Joomla, SP Page Builder is that invaluable tool. The ultimate page composer tool has been in the market for a while and it has already proven its worth.

But you and I both know, if something stays the same, it becomes obsolete. New things are coming everyday, technology is changing on a regular basis. So, to keep you up to date with the trend, today we’re releasing an updated version of SP Page Builder (v3.2.7).

Let's have a quick look at what the new version has to offer.

  • New addon introduced
  • New features to the Video addon
  • Improved accessibility for multiple addons
  • Multiple locations introduced for Google Map addon

New addon: Article Scroller

The new Article Scroller is a great addon to display your site's articles . The unique style of this addon lets you present your articles elegantly. You can control which article to show, the layout, the design, the typography, and the color of the News Ticker or News Scroller. Basically, every single detail of the addon can be controlled from the addon settings. Judging by its design and functionality, I think this addon is going to be my favorite one.

SP Page Builder 3.2.7 is here with a new addon and improvements

The above image shows different styles of the Article Scroller addon for your inspiration.

Multiple locations in Google Map addon

Previously, SP Page Builder’s Google Map addon is used to allow only one location sharing option on the map. Starting with today’s update, you can add multiple locations to a single Google Maps frame. All the previous settings are there, no changes were made to them. You can still customize your map the way you used to.

SP Page Builder 3.2.7 is here with a new addon and improvements

Notice! Effective from June 2018, Google changed its policy for accessing API keys. You will be needing a valid API key and a Google Cloud Platform billing account to access the core Google Maps APIs. Otherwise, you may see a watermarked map with "For development purposes only" text on it. We plan to offer an alternative map based on OpenStreets in the near future.

New features in the Video addon

Until now, you could only share videos from YouTube or Vimeo with the SP Page Builder Video addon. You still had the control over the videos but you were only able to share the link from those sites. This update brings you the functionality to upload MP4 videos to your website server giving you the complete control over the clips. Currently, MP4 and OGV formats are supported.

SP Page Builder 3.2.7 is here with a new addon and improvements

Plus, you can now turn off the YouTube cookies and video suggestion option from the Video addon settings.

Other notable improvements

In addition to all those mind-blowing functionalities you just read above, there’s still more in the update. We have improved accessibility to few of our addons including Carousel, Carousel Pro, and Feature. We have fixed some known bugs including responsiveness issue of the Instagram addon, video playing issue of section backgrounds, and module compatibility issue of Opt-in Form addon.

Please read the full changelog below.

SP Page Builder 3.2.7 Changelog

  • New: Added brand new Article Scroller addon
  • New: Option added to show multiple locations in Google Map addon
  • New: Video uploading feature added to the Video addon
  • New: Video addon gets YouTube cookie-prevention feature
  • Tweak: Accessibility improved in the Carousel and Carousel Pro addons
  • Tweak: Accessibility improved in the Feature addon
  • Fix: Section background video playing issue fixed for iPhone/iPad
  • Fix: Responsiveness issue fixed in the Instagram addon
  • Fix: Video suggestion issue fixed in the Video addon
  • Fix: Module compatibility issue fixed in the Opt-in Form addon

Since we are committed to providing you the best web developing experience with SP Page Builder, our efforts to make it an even better tool will never end. Along the way, we want your opinion on what would you like to have in SP Page Builder. Let us know, and we might have it for you in the next updates. Thank you for being with JoomShaper. Happy developing without coding :)

N.B. It's advised to take a full website backup before updating any component. 

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