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SP Page Builder v4.0.8: Boosted With New Features, Multiple Fixes, & More

02 March 2023
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SP Page Builder v4.0.8: Boosted With New Features, Multiple Fixes, & More

Hey there SP Page Builder 4 users! We are dropping off a freshly baked update this week for all our Page Builder 4 enthusiasts! Apart from ironing out the bugs and glitches, this update consists of some new features that have been added to the existing addon to smooth out your Joomla web-building journey.

Check out the changelog below to find out more about this update!

SP Page Builder v4.0.8 Changelog:

  • New: New Open Graph options added in the SEO section and 3 new meta properties added into page view
  • New: New visibility and order options added into addons’ Advanced settings, Row’s & Column’s Responsive tab
  • New: NoReferrer and NoOpener options added for Links
  • New: New Backdrop filter option added into Person and Image Layouts addon
  • Update: Slideshow Addon, Image Layout Addon, and Feature Addon updated for responsive devices
  • Fix: Media Manager folder browse Issue on Windows OS
  • Fix: Nested row duplication issue
  • Fix: Opt-in Form inline settings and alignment issue
  • Fix: Addon id issue for custom CSS
  • Fix: Heading addon missing Text Shadow option added
  • Fix: Addon visibility is not working correctly issue
  • Fix: Style paste issue of addon with group items
  • Fix: Nested row margin issue

What’s New in SP Page Builder v4.0.8?

Apart from sweeping away the pesky bugs, this update caters to useful new features to simplify SP Page Builder 4 further. Here’s what's new:

New Options Introduced for Better SEO

SP Page Builder 4 had already simplified the process of optimizing your website for search engines. Now to let you get a little extra out of your favorite page builder, Open Graph Type and Open Graph Description have been added. Previously, the open graph type was set to "website" by default for all pages. Now, this has been added as a separate option to let you choose from a number of different options like Articles, Books, Profile, and more.

To access these new additions, from the SP Page Builder 4 frontend sidebar, go to the Options and expand SEO. Here you should easily find both options.

SP Page Builder v4.0.8 SEO Options

Also, the “article: author”, “article: published_time” and “article:modified_time" meta properties have been added to the view page for your convenience.

More Ordering and Visibility Options for Row, Columns, and Addons

The Row and Columns Responsive settings now include the Visibility Options such as Hidden on Laptop, Hidden on Mobile Landscape, and Hidden on Tablet Landscape. Decide which rows and columns you want to display for different responsives with just a simple click! These new options have also been added to the Advanced Settings of all addons. 

SP Page Builder v4.0.8 More Ordering and Visibility Options

Introduced Tablet & Mobile Landscape in Column Order

The Column Order Options in SP Page Builder 4 allow you to control the order in which columns are displayed on your webpage on different devices. This feature is useful for creating responsive designs that display content in optimal order on different screen sizes and orientations. By rearranging the order of columns for different devices, you can ensure that your content is easily readable and visually appealing on all devices.

Now with this update, you can specify the order of columns for a tablet and mobile landscape orientation as well. 

SP Page Builder v4.0.8 Tablet & Mobile Landscape

Get NoReferrer and NoOpener Options for Links

While adding links to an addon, previously, there were no separate options to allow you to choose NoReferrer or NoOpener. With this update, you can easily check or uncheck NoReferrer or NoOpener options according to your needs within any addon that comes with Link settings.

SP Page Builder v4.0.8 Get NoReferrer and NoOpener

Backdrop Filter Option for Person and Image Layout Addons

After this update, you now have the ability to select from various options to set your overlay filter. The added Backdrop Filter allows you to apply effects such as Blurring, Contrast and brightness adjustments, and more.

Choose a layout for your Person addon where the text overlaps your addon's image and go to Color settings from your addon's inline editor. Then choose the Overlay tab and select Color for Overlay option. You can find your Backdrop Filter here.

SP Page Builder v4.0.8 Backdrop Filter

For the Image Layout addon, choose a layout where the text overlaps the addon's image. Then go to the addon's General settings and expand Content Wrapper. You will find the Backdrop Filter option here at the bottom.

Image Layout Background Filter

Fixes and Improvements

This update also includes several bug fixes and improvements for overall refined performance and usability.

With this update, Slideshow Addon, Image Layout Addon, and Feature Addon have improved overall. Previously, the Slideshow addon in the slideshow-based Layout Bundles failed to function properly. This update has now fixed the issue. Also, you can have a better experience with Image Layout and Feature Addon for an overall improved experience.

The Heading addon previously missed out on the Text Shadow option which has now been restored in this update. Plus, in the Opt-in form addon's inline Alignment settings would remain ineffective. After this update, you can find the issue solved. Also, the group item addon like Icons Group had issues while pasting. This has also been taken care of.

Please go through the changelog above to see the entire release note.

Update today to experience the enhanced capabilities of the mighty SP Page Builder 4. Also, do let us know your experience in the comment section! Good Luck!

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Dmitry Goncharov
Dmitry Goncharov
1 year ago
Pleased with adaptability
Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
1 year ago
@Dmitry - thanks a lot, if you already updated, please download the again package and reinstall it on all sites, we fixed some mistakes. yes, v408!
Dmitry Goncharov
Dmitry Goncharov
1 year ago
Thanks. Updated
1 year ago
Not a big thing. On the Images of this post is a wrong spelling (portrait (picture with "Row" two times portrait). At the next image with "Column" it is correct portrait.

Thanks for the great work as always!
Viktor Chashkov
Viktor Chashkov
1 year ago
Hello, I upgraded to Page Builder 4.8, the Carousel Project and the pictures were in two columns, but now they are in one column and are not adjustable. The addon Timeline is also messed up and there is no way to customize it.
I use joomla 4.2.8 PHP 8.2.2
Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
1 year ago
please download again and reinstall, Timeline fixed
1 year ago
There is a really big problem with this new update! Raws what I set before different devices, now appears on all devices! Column with go away, so all my site goes to pieces after update... What did you do with this so cool page builder?
Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
1 year ago
please download sppb 4.0.8 again, and reinstall with that fixed package. It should be much better.
1 year ago
Is backend editing back already?
Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
1 year ago
Soon, we already started developing process.
1 year ago
Very good news!!!!
The backend editing is very important for professional joomla users and web agencies. Thanks that it will soon be available in the new SP Page Builder 4.
Only then we can use the new version with the backend editing for our customers and new projects.
1 year ago
I feel compelled to add my frustration. As a professional developer I have multiple sites to maintain and build new ones. SP Page builder was an important tool, but now no back-end editor! . You guys have made my life hell with frustration and forced learning curve. I am so frustrated trying to work with this product, but dragging and copying sections is so frustrating as is closing endless windows. I just spent a frustrating two hours trying to make a simple change to a page that had multiple sections inside of sections, almost, well for me was impossible. I had to re-create it all because it is so difficult to click and change sections inside of sections. I suspect unless you fix back end editing you will finish Joomla for me, please give this priority.
56K Agency
1 year ago
You have changed some classes and functions in many addons, we have to redo lot of settings. Absurd. Every update we have to do a lot of work, this is not possibile with a page builder. Uff...
1 year ago
Not working properly ;-( ;-(
He works on Joomla 4.2.8. After upgrading to SP Page Builder v4.0.8 PRO, the pre-made-block does not work properly for Slideshow 7. The background was removed from under all subtitles and on Slideshow 7.

Everything looks correct in the Joomla backend.
But on the website itself, it removed the background from under the text.

This applies to all websites.
Reinstalling doesn't help.

Please kindly correct the error. All the pages where Pre-made-block Slideshow 7 was installed fell apart !!!!!!!!!!
1 year ago
Blog Broken. All images are together, no space between tem. Also in the articles addons.... badd....
Rhema N. Abu
Rhema N. Abu
1 year ago
Here is my little Protest!!!
I will not be impressed with SPPB4 untill you BRING BACK THE BACK-END PAGE EDITOR!!!!
#BringBackTheBackEndEditor #StopTheFrustration #SPPB4
1 year ago
I also tried the new version, and met the same problems, pictures moved, CSS lossing, addon broken ... I have to recover my site to previous backups.

So, what about it now?
‏‏‎ ‎J‏‏‎‎e‏‎‏‏‎‎n‏‏‎‎s W.‏‏‎
‏‏‎ ‎J‏‏‎‎e‏‎‏‏‎‎n‏‏‎‎s W.‏‏‎
1 year ago
@all The RC-Release of 4.0.9 is already in testing by Paul F. and others.
A release is expected very soon.

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