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SP Page Builder v5.0.2: Enhanced Responsiveness, Improved Security, Bug Fixes, & More

18 July 2023
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SP Page Builder v5.0.2: Enhanced Responsiveness, Improved Security, Bug Fixes, & More

Hello SP Page Builder users! We’re happy to announce the release of SP Page Builder v5.0.2 packed with several improvements. This update brings enhanced responsiveness, improved security measures, and bug fixes, ensuring an even smoother website-building experience. 

Let’s find out what this update has in store! 

SP Page Builder v5.0.2 changelog:

  • New: Added responsiveness for Flex properties in Div addon
  • Update: Implemented HTML sanitization in frontend editor to prevent XSS vulnerability
  • Update: Added tooltips for settings options
  • Fix: Resolved backend TextField rendering issue when changing devices
  • Fix: Fixed problem with saving empty div addon mutation
  • Fix: Addressed slider settings issue after changing devices
  • Fix: Resolved frontend select z-index problem
  • Fix: Fixed backend settings runtime error for section index
  • Fix: Resolved issue with save page API
  • Fix: Cleaned up row, column, image, and person addon's relative image URI
  • Fix: Vertical and horizontal alignment issue
  • Fix: Resolved backslash issue on media attachment from Folders
  • Fix: Slideshow animation was not working
  • Fix: Slideshow arrow gap from left and right issue
  • Fix: Slideshow height issue on mobile device
  • Fix: Resolved the issue of adding unnecessary links without user input
  • Fix: Resolved margin issue for the Image Carousel addon
  • Fix: Width issue for article scroller on window resize
  • Fix: Carousel pro arrow icon "angle double" issue
  • Fix: Team Carousel addon link issue
  • Fix: Ensured target and Rel attributes are not missing in the frontend editor's <a> tag due to DOMPurify
  • Fix: Improved spacing by detecting legacy data structure
  • Fix: Addressed other known issues

Added Responsiveness For Flex Properties

To make sure your website looks stunning on all devices we have the added responsiveness for the flex property in the Div addon. Now, you can effortlessly create flexible and adaptable layouts that seamlessly adjust to various screen sizes.

Implemented HTML Sanitization in the Frontend Editor

In SP Page Builder v5.0.2, we have implemented HTML sanitization in the frontend editor, to mitigate the risk of cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Now, you can build and manage your websites without worrying about security.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Improvements

Our team is continuously working on enhancing SP Page Builder's functionality and user-friendliness. In this version, we have fixed several issues such as backend rendering issues with TextField after changing devices, saved empty div addon mutation issues, slider settings inconsistencies, alignment issues, etc. 

We have also made various improvements, including adding tooltips for settings options, optimizing spacing by detecting legacy data structures, and many more. 

Note: The Maximum Container Width in SP Page Builder 5 is now set to 1170px by default, which was previously set to 1140px in SP Page Builder 3 & 4. If you face any issue regarding width, please change the Maximum Container Width back to 1140px from Settings > Options > Advanced. 

Wrapping Up

Please update your SP Page Builder to the latest version as soon as possible to enjoy enhanced security and functionalities. We hope the latest changes will contribute to a more refined and efficient website-building experience with SP Page Builder 5.

Thank you for your continued support and don’t forget to reach out to us if you encounter any issues while using SP Page Builder! 

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Zareen Tasnim

Zareen Tasnim

Technical Content Writer
Zareen is a technical content writer at JoomShaper. She's a tech enthusiast, writer by day, programmer by night, and always a foodie at heart!
2 months ago
got it and it upgraded....all working fine
Kawshar Ahmed
Kawshar Ahmed
2 months ago
So good to know that.
2 months ago
Thanks a lot for your effort - Container Width is an important little detail, great to know!

One thing that's still missing is the Settings-Popup for Inline Text Editing in the Frontend editor to quickly set text bold/italic - https://i.postimg.cc/L6vvnK75/Snip-2023-07-11-11-06-59.jpg

Will this be reintegrated?
Muntasir Sakib
Muntasir Sakib
2 months ago
We are glad that you liked the latest SP Page Builder.

About the settings- popup for inline, currently we are focused on making SP Page Builder more stable and user-friendly than ever before.
2 months ago
could you please make these strings translatable : https://www.screenpresso.com/=yFJTf
2 months ago
Kawshar Ahmed
Kawshar Ahmed
2 months ago
Will do.
2 months ago
many thanks

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