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SP Page Builder v5.2.8 Introduces Text Truncation, Image Shapes & Effects, and Other Enhancements

14 March 2024
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SP Page Builder v5.2.8 Introduces Text Truncation, Image Shapes & Effects, and Other Enhancements

As Spring approaches and fresh leaves unfurl, we're here to add to your delight with a brand new update to your beloved SP Page Builder 5! This time we are bringing you a little extra with exciting additions of new features and enhancements that will significantly enhance and accelerate your Joomla web development process.

So what’s in this update for you this time? Let’s find out in detail.

SP Page Builder v5.2.8 Changelog:

  • New: Added Image Shapes and CSS Effects in the Image addon
  • New: Content Truncation option added in the Text Block addon
  • New: Included ACL functionality in the Row settings for better access control management
  • New: Added option to include SEO data while exporting page.
  • New: Radius option added in the Options section of the Gallery addon
  • Update: Enhanced accessibility for Tab, Form Builder, and Feature Box addons
  • Update: Improved code editor and system editor to adapt to various display resolutions
  • Update: Google Map API updated to address deprecation issues
  • Fix: Resolved page-related ACL issues
  • Fix: Fixed addons’ z-index issue
  • Fix: Fixed Div addon custom position issue
  • Fix: Fixed Search plugin’s sorting issue
  • Fix: Resolved Video addon’s YouTube shorts functionality issue

Enjoy Endless Customization With the Addition of Image Shapes and Effects Within the Image Addon

Our favorite Image addon got even better with two amazing new features: Image Shapes and CSS effects. Now you can enjoy customizing your images to your heart's content and adding some flair to them!

Image Shape

Add an awesome twist to your regular images using the Image Shape option that comes bundled in this update. Simply enable the Image Shape feature in the Image addon and explore a plethora of different shapes to give your ordinary images an extraordinary makeover!

CSS Effects

Adding interesting visual effects to your images has never been easier with the inclusion of the Effects option within the Image addon. With this new addition, achieving the perfect look for your images, whether it's a classic grayscale or vibrant saturation, is as simple as a stroll in the park!

Introduced Content Truncation in the Text Block Addon for Improved User Experience

Time to say goodbye to text overload and hello to a cleaner, user-friendly text area in your web layout! Our Text Block addon now enables you to truncate excess text, saving valuable space and increasing readability! With the new Content Truncation feature you can effortlessly trim down the surplus text and display only what's essential.

Newly Included Radius Option for Gallery Addon’s Items

Your favorite Gallery addon now comes with a new Radius option housed in the Options section. Whether you prefer a sleek, rounded appearance for your gallery items or a more angular look with blunt edges, the new Radius option lets you achieve it all in a snap! 

Apart from these inclusions, we have also sharpened the Row settings by introducing ACL functionality for better control. Plus, you can now include SEO data while exporting pages for streamlined and improved SEO management.

Miscellaneous Improvements & Fixes

This update also rounds up on several improvements to improve your experience with SP Page Builder 5. 

  • Enhanced accessibility for a few addons: Tab, Form Builder, and Feature Box addons now come with better accessibility to let you utilize these addons to their fullest potential.
  • Improved Code editor and System editor: We have also sharpened our code editor so that it can effectively adjust and function well across different screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Updated Google Map API: The Google Map API has been updated to continue to function properly without disruption.

In addition to these improvements, numerous bugs have been addressed in this update. The issue with YouTube shorts not functioning correctly in the Video addon has been resolved. Also, the sorting issue in the Search plugin has been taken care of enhancing your overall experience.

Check out the changelog to know more about other fixes and enhancements that come packed with this version.

Winding Up

We hope this update brightens up your day and brings a newfound level of efficiency and joy to your experience with SP Page Builder 5. Stay with us as we continue to refine SP Page Builder 5 into its best version and revolutionize the Joomla web development journey. Don’t forget to leave us your constructive feedback. 

Happy developing!

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Technical Content Writer
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2 months ago
It's just Super! I would also like to add the possibility of endless scrolling of the gallery with the option to upload more.
2 months ago
Hi vlad,
Thanks a lot for your thoughts and feedback. We’ll forward your suggestion to the dev team.
John Roy
John Roy
2 months ago
"JoomShaper team, your hard work is making a real difference! You're raising the bar for page builders everywhere."
2 months ago
Hi John Roy,
Thank you so much for your support and kind words!
Alex Barendregt
2 months ago
After Update I get this error:
Unhandled Runtime Error
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'call')
Please open the browser console for more information!
Call Stack
2 months ago
Hi Alex Barendregt,
You can try again after clearing your browser and Joomla cache. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can always reach our support team.
2 months ago
While all these new features are nice to have, Article Integration has STILL not improved at all and is far worse than it has been in SPP3 :-( Would be great to fix long known issues instead of adding new features all the time.
2 months ago
Hi bergwerk,
Thank you so much for your feedback. We’ll relay it to our dev team and stay tuned for our upcoming updates!
2 months ago
Good update.
Next time More implements with / for Easystore should be great. Like amount of sold items, stock levels, add descriptions to SPPB.
Rhema N. Abu
Rhema N. Abu
2 months ago
Great Job JS,
just want to make a template or layout bundle request for a security outfit company.
i hope this would be considered soonest.
2 months ago
I am very happy that sp page builder continues to be updated with new features. However, for non-designers, it is difficult to use a blank page to drag add-ons to create a complete page. Just like drawing on a piece of white paper, it is not easy to make it beautiful.
If more pre-made layouts from various industries can be provided for us to use, it will be easier to use sp page builder to quickly create pages, and it will also make sp page builder more valuable. Pre-made layouts are a great feature of sp page builder. We all like it. Creating pages is very fast and looks great.
In addition to creating pages, you can also learn many skills from pre-made layouts. It is recommended that you provide more useful pre-made layouts.
In addition, the recent pre-made layouts do not seem to be as good as before, and the range of available ones is also very limited. Therefore, the prefabricated patterns currently used are still more often selected from earlier works.
thank you
Paul Frankowski
Paul Frankowski
2 months ago
That's why you have predefined Sections and Page themes that you can import with two clicks. We are trying to add them regularly, but there are over 80 with 4-5 subpages in each of them.
2 months ago
Where is release info about SP Pagebuilder 5.2.9?

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