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SP Page Builder v5.3.0 Arrives With Transform Option, Bulk Import and Export Functionalities and More

17 April 2024
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SP Page Builder v5.3.0 Arrives With Transform Option, Bulk Import and Export Functionalities and More

Howdy Joomlers! SP Page Builder v5.3.0 is now at your doorstep, poised to take your Joomla page-building journey to the next level! Packed with a slew of awesome new features, this update is bound to amaze you and help you accomplish more than ever before! And that's not all - alongside the new additions, you'll soar with significant enhancements and bug fixes, enhancing your overall experience.

Excited to learn more? Keep reading for a sneak peek at what's fresh in this update.

SP Page Builder v5.3.0 Changelog:

  • New: Added Transform option to the style settings of all addons
  • New: Added Bulk Import and Export functionality
  • New: Introduced functionality to bulk update Language, Category, and Access Level
  • New: Option to add images for the Timeline addon items
  • New: Included alt text field for all media fields
  • New: Added CodeMirror editor for the custom CSS field in the frontend editor
  • Update: Improved Text Block addon's Content Truncation feature for the frontend editor
  • Update: Button position options added for the Pricing Table addon
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with favoriting addons in the frontend editor
  • Fix: Resolved z-index issue with the Popover addon
  • Fix: Issue related to the Image Content display in RTL layouts addressed
  • Fix: Fixed Opt-in Form addon’s submission issue
  • Fix: Fixed an issue in the Animation field in the case of the Special option
  • Fix: Rich Text editor's link issue for page-type links fixed
  • Fix: Improved overall stability

Transform Options to Add a Unique Twist to Your Designs

Say goodbye to the days of complicated custom coding just to add transform effects to your web elements! SP Page Builder 5 now brings you the Transform Options right at your fingertips! Whether you want to move around the elements, tweak their size, or add a touch of flair with rotation, it's all within reach, right in the addons’ Style Settings! Watch your web designs come to life with the transform effects, adding dynamism and grace to your web design!

Several Bulk Actions Added to Streamline Your Workflow

This update brings several bulk action features, enhancing efficiency while managing tasks for your benefit. Here’s what’s new:

Bulk Pages Import/Export Functionality

If you are looking to import and export multiple saved pages without a hitch, then we’ve got news for you! You can now significantly slash the time and effort required to manage numerous pages with this new feature and skyrocket your productivity!

Bulk Update Language, Category, and Access Level Functionality

With this new feature, you can effortlessly modify the language, category, and access level for multiple pages at once. Just pick the pages where you'd like to apply the changes, select your desired language, category, or users for the access level, and you're all set to proceed smoothly!

Easily Add Images to Your Timeline Addon Items

Guess what? The Timeline addon just got even cooler! Now you can spice up your timeline items by adding images. By blending images with your text descriptions, you'll create timelines that really pop and tell your story more engagingly!

Added Alt Text Field for All Media Fields

Now, in all media fields, you'll find a new "alt text" option. This neat feature lets you add descriptive text for images, videos, and more. It's all about making sure everyone can access your content, whether they're using a screen reader or facing trouble displaying media. 

CodeMirror Editor Added to the Custom CSS Field

We've also introduced a convenient enhancement to the custom CSS field of the frontend editor. The CodeMirror editor is now accessible for the custom CSS field across all addons. This means you can now have a better coding experience through the handy functionalities of CodeMirror that facilitate smoother development workflows and improved code quality.

Notable Updates and Fixes

With all the new additions of features, we have also made necessary updates to the Pricing addon and the text block addon’s functionality. 

  • Pricing Table addon’s button position: In the Pricing Table addon, the Button option now offers an extra feature. You can now position the button at the top, bottom, or both positions within the table.
  • Text Block addon’s text truncation enhancement: The Text Block addon’s Text Truncation feature has been enhanced to truncate long texts in a cleaner and more user-friendly manner. 

Apart from the enhancements, enjoy multiple fixes to make your SP Page Builder experience smoother and better. The issue with the submission process of the Opt-in Form addon has now been resolved and should now let users submit their information without any hassle. The glitch with the special animation option has been identified and fixed, ensuring the special animation now functions correctly. Also, SP Page Builder 5 has had an overall performance boost to offer our users a more reliable and seamless experience and allow them to create and manage their Joomla web pages with ease.

Check out the changelog to know more about other fixes and enhancements that come packed with this version.

Winding Up

We trust this update resolves any issues you may have encountered, while the new additions bring a fresh perspective to your experience. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so don’t forget to share your thoughts!

Happy Developing!

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1 month ago
The last two update are fantastic for design, sppb is the definitive builder for Joomla, great work! You have in the future an update for the form builder? Many different fields including file upload, multi-step layout etccc? thanks
Another feature very useful for me is insert border-radius separately (left, right, top, bottom) for all addon (images, column,etcc) and not border-radius general for all, sorry for my English
Muntasir Sakib
Muntasir Sakib
1 month ago
Thank you so much for your kind words. We have a plan to enhance the form builder functionalities in the future. Stay in touch.

We appreciate the feature request. Let's see!
1 month ago
hi, good job..
is it possible to give an end-date/time for the timeline items? a start - and a end-time....so we wouldn't need a modul for it....that would be great!!!!
Muntasir Sakib
Muntasir Sakib
1 month ago
Thank you. Of course, it is possible. Let's see! Stay in touch for many more exciting updates in the future.
1 month ago
Can i upgrade from Version: 3.8.10 on Joomla! 3.10.12 without error?
Muntasir Sakib
Muntasir Sakib
1 month ago
We would highly recommend upgrading to Joomla! 5 and SP Page Builder 5.x.x latest version. I was just wondering what holds you back not to upgrading to SP Page Builder 5 yet.

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