There is an English proverb “A ring around the sun or moon, means that rain will come real soon”. The nature is full of mystery. Weather is one of its most fickle elements. The ancient human being used to observe the surrounding signs to predict the weather. But today, you don’t have to look here and there. Weather update is now at your fingertips through lots of tools available on different platforms.

For Joomla websites, we have the SP Weather module to show the weather updates and forecasts on board. And today is a good sunny day for all of the SP Weather users. Because the module has just got an important update. Let’s check what’s new in SP Weather v2.3 starting with the changelog.

SP Weather v2.3 changelog

  • Update: Introduced OpenWeatherMap API
  • Update: Dropped Yahoo Weather API
  • Update: Caching improved
  • Update: Performance improved

New OpenWeatherMap API

The SP Weather module was originally based on Yahoo Weather API. Recently, we have been receiving user reports that the Yahoo Weather API unexpectedly causes errors and the forecasts go offline. You put the module on your site to show weather information to the visitors, but if they don’t get it, that will turn out to be a bad UX. With today’s update, we’ve solved this problem.

The Yahoo API has been dropped and replaced with the new OpenWeatherMap API. The latest one has a good reputation and track record of stability and service. Most importantly, you will no longer face the issues you’ve been experiencing.  

SP Weather module updated with new API and performance boost

SP Weather Demo: The weather is now awesome. Enjoy your time!

How to use OpenWeatherMap API?

Step 1: At first visit the official OpenWeatherMap registration page and signup for an API key. After logging-in to your user account there, you will see an API keys tab on the dashboard. Click that, and copy your API key.

SP Weather module updated with new API and performance boost

Step 2: Login to your Joomla site’s admin control panel. Click Modules on the left. Find the SP Weather module in the list appeared. Click SP Weather, and that will take you to its backend. There you will find the API KEY field to enter your OpenWeatherMap API key. Paste the API key (which you’ve just got in the step 1) in the API KEY field and save.

SP Weather module updated with new API and performance boost

You can also adjust the module settings to modify the appearance of the weather update information on your site.

Along with the weather API update, we've improved the caching system and overall performance of the SP Weather module. Try yourself to feel the change.  

Good to know

The SP Weather module helps you display the current weather condition and forecasts on a Joomla site for a given city. You can set the city name, translated name of the location, weather status, humidity, wind condition, forecast and so on.

The forecast display can be customized using options like block/list layouts, number of forecast days, separator, temperature unit etc. The module has a cache functionality that makes the weather condition loading faster. The cache cleans automatically at a preset interval.

I’m really excited about the SP Weather update that will bring the weather information back to all of the Joomla sites that use this module. Kudos to our R&D team for the update. Please let us know your feedback and suggestions. Thank you!

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