Every other month we try to present a few stunning websites created with SP Page Builder by our valuables customers. Seeing those websites makes us proud. They are the proof that we are creating something invaluable that is worthwhile to others. Thus enabling us to do something for the betterment of the society.

Let's have a look at the top hotel sites built with SP Page Builder.

Balandra Hotel

Top hotel sites built with SP Page Builder

Balandra Hotel is today’s first pick. They have received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor with an outstanding rating of 4.5. It is located in Manta, Ecuador and is one of the best places to stay in that area. Their stunning website is made with our SP Page Builder. We take pride in their work.

Hotel Stadt Breisach

Top hotel sites built with SP Page Builder

Hotel Stadt Breisach has a multilingual website developed with SP Page Builder. The user experience of the website is simply great. You can book your rooms right from the home page of the website. Other necessary information is placed in a nice manner making it a very neat website.

Hotel Anklamer Hof

Top hotel sites built with SP Page Builder

Although they have not started their operation yet, Hotel Anklamer Hof is a good example of what you can create when you use the Resort template and SP Page Builder combined. Everything is placed properly on the site making it ready for the grand opening. 

Residence Charles Bridge

Top hotel sites built with SP Page Builder

Having the best view on the town, Residence Charles Bridge is only a 4-min walk from the famous historic Charles Bridge of Prague. All the 6 amazing suits have the view of Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. They have created their complete website using our Macro template which of course is powered by SP Page Builder.

Hôtel Archange

Top hotel sites built with SP Page Builder

The website of Hôtel Archange is a highly functional one. It is multilingual and has everything you need to know about the hotel placed right in front of the eye. You don’t need to look for any information, anything there is to know about this hotel will be automatically visible to you. It has been developed with Helix template framework and SP Page Builder.

Hotel Olympionik

Top hotel sites built with SP Page Builder

Hotel Olympionik has a very neat website. The room availability checking option is the first thing you would see after opening their site. The website is also multilingual making it easily accessible for the people speaking Czech, German, and English. They have developed their website with a perfect combination of the Resort template and the SP Page Builder.

Hotel Ravel

Top hotel sites built with SP Page Builder

We want to finish off with another beautifully designed website of Hotel Ravel. The most effective thing on their website is, they have availability checking option in all the pages. They have created a very stunning website using SP Page Builder.

These are some of the beautifully designed websites developed with JoomShaper’s products especially SP Page Builder. However, if you feel like you’re a “ready-made” type person, we have a huge Joomla template library where everything is set for you. One more thing, if you have sites developed with SP Page Builder or any of our other products, don’t forget to share with us in the comment below. And, as always thank you for being with JoomShaper 🙂

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