SP Page Builder has changed the way of Joomla web development. Since its inception, it has continued to bring mind-blowing features with its every update. Looking back, when SP Page Builder wasn’t around, it used to take days even months to develop a decent website. Fast forward to this day, SP Page Builder has reduced the website development time dramatically and with its rich design, one can build incredible looking websites without having to consult with professional designers and programmers. When using SP Page Builder you’d realize you can rather take down multiple birds with one bullet.

Let’s have a peek at SP Page Builder 3.4.6 / 3.4.7 Pro changelog

  • New: News Carousel mode added to Article Scroller addon
  • New: Text Thumbnail as slider controller added to Slideshow addon
  • New: Slideshow addon gets default content and readymade sliders
  • New: Image container control and video popup options added to Image Layouts addon
  • Update: AcyMailing 6 compatibility has been added along with AcyMailing 5
  • Update: Slideshow addon Text Thumbnail controllers width update on window resize.
  • Fix: Slideshow addon DIV missing issue fixed
  • Fix: Button icon issues in Contact Form, Form Builder, and Opt-in Form addons
  • Fix: Tagged item page array to string conversion notice issue fixed

Article Scroller addon gets a new mode

Article Scroller has been a life saver for the news and blogging sites. When you need to get the users' attention to certain articles, the Article Scroller addon can do that better than anything. With the new News Carousel mode in its bucket, the addon has become the ultimate tool to get viewers' attention to any blog posts.

You can find the News Carousel mode in “Addon Mode” option from the addon general settings. The new mode comes with some extra great features as well. You can control the number of articles to show for different device types. Which means you can customize how many articles you want to display in desktop view, tablet view, and mobile view individually. Enabling the autoplay option will let the articles scroll automatically and turning on the “Enable Drag” option will let the users drag the articles with their mouse or touch. If you don’t want to enable the dragging option, you can use the arrow controllers, enabling this feature will show a couple of arrows on the top left corner.

Update: SP Page Builder 3.4.6 Pro brings major enhancements in content presentation

Slideshow addon introduces text thumbnails

The Slideshow addon was the most awaited (requested) feature of SP Page Builder. With its release in v3.4 the world experienced a new elegant way to create Joomla sliders without any limitations. Today we have introduced a new slider controller option i.e the text thumbnail, which will make the slideshows even more stunning.

The idea is, the contents of the sliders will be shown as thumbnails at the bottom right corner of the screen. You’ll find this setting from “slider global & controller settings” under the “bullet/line controllers”. When this option is enabled, you can choose the Text Thumbnail as one of the four controller styles. Once the option is selected, its respective settings will open up. You’ll be amazed by the customizing options it brings. You can control the container width regardless of the device type, change its background, adjust the padding and the gap between items according to your design. It also comes with the typography styling for its contents. You can modify the color and styling for the numbers, titles, and the subtitles of the thumbnail.

Update: SP Page Builder 3.4.6 Pro brings major enhancements in content presentation

Image Layout addon brings grid control

The Image Layout addon comes with six astonishing image layouts. Every single one of them has individual characteristics to their names. One of the card layouts has got column controller (shown in the image below) option, which means you can allocate how many columns (grids) you want to allow for the image, the rest of the columns (out of 12) will be adjusted automatically for the text content. In addition to that, you can now add video popup (modal) in this addon when the same card layout is selected. When video popup is enabled you’ll be given a field for placing the URL.

Update: SP Page Builder 3.4.6 Pro brings major enhancements in content presentation

Other notable improvements

A great update does not only include great new features but also brings notable improvements to its existing ones. Likewise in this update of SP Page Builder, we have added AcyMailing 6 compatibility which has become a common request lately. But if some of you still prefer AcyMailing 5, we have provided backward compatibility for that too. Another thing worth mentioning, we have fixed button icon issue in the Opt-in Form, Contact Form, and Form Builder addons.

With the release of SP Page Builder 3.4.6, we bring better content presentation for your sites. We are continuously working to provide you an even better experience with SP Page Builder. Stay tuned to find out what’s coming up in the future updates. Most importantly, don’t forget to give SP Page Builder a rating on the Joomla Extention Directory if you haven’t done it yet. Last but not least - thanks for being with JoomShaper.

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