Since you’re in the web development industry, you’ve definitely heard about Font Awesome. It’s insanely popular because of the revolutionary new way it introduces Icons. It’s super lightweight and the file size is even smaller than SVGs. Why are we excited about Font Awesome? Because in today’s update of SP Page Builder (in both lite and pro) you get the latest Font Awesome 5 icon library.

Icons have a very fundamental role in web projects, they add visual meaning to website elements. Using icon fonts like Font Awesome gives you a freedom in using icons wherever you want without breaking the design. You also get the liberty to customize the icon the way you want to.

What’s new in Font Awesome 5?

Font Awesome brought radical improvement to its existing Font Awesome 4 library. The font collection is vastly rich. The style of the icons is slightly different and improved. The class names are changed. Custom social icons are introduced to give you styling freedom. Like in the case of icons used for Facebook it’s ‘fab’. Additionally, the quality of the icons has been drastically improved.

You get 880+ more icons compared to Font Awesome 4.7

What it means to SP Page Builder?

Who doesn’t love Font Awesome 5! The users of SP Page Builder surely do. We have provided full support for both Font Awesome 4 and 5. You have the freedom to define which version of Font Awesome you want to use. You can configure the default setting by either going to SP Page Builder > Option > Options (tab). Or, System > Global Configuration > SP Page Builder > Options (tab).

Then, set Load FontAwesome to “Yes” and select your desired version from “Select FontAwesome Version”.

Update: SP Page Builder v3.6.6 armed with Font Awesome 5
Note: Users can use the Free version of Font Awesome 5

For the time being, we are providing support for the free version Font Awesome 5 only. The users of SP Page Builder 3.x needs to configure Font Awesome 5 from the Global Configuration settings after updating. In the event of new installations, Font Awesome 5 will be configured by default.

All Font Awesome 4 icons will automatically be updated to Font Awesome 5

Let’s have a look at the full changelog of SP Page Builder v3.6.6

  • New: Introduced Font Awesome 5
  • Update: Font Awesome added to the Module page
  • Fix: Contact Form and Form Builder addon email not sending issue
  • Fix: Contact Form and Form Builder addon not working in accordion and tab issue
  • Fix: Automatic scrolling issue in the Accordion addon
  • Fix: Module Title font family issue (Lite)

Note: The Font Awesome 5 support may not work properly with a few of Helix Framework based templates. We will update the Helix Framework ASAP.

Few improvements along the way

As with every update, we try to introduce new features and fixes. We have addressed a few known issues in today’s update as well. The Contact Form and Form Builder addons sometimes raised an error in sending mails while caching was turned on. We have provided a quick fix for the issue.

We end this year by bringing you the exciting Font Awesome 5 support to SP Page Builder. Looking forward to 2020, we hope to bring some revolutionary new features to your favorite Joomla page building tool. We are lucky to have users like you who are constantly rooting for making SP Page Builder the best of its kind. We are truly humbled to have such a kind user base.

Great things are in the making. Here’s to an even better 2020 🥂

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