We started this year with a bunch of remarkable product updates. SP Weather was among them. While we received a lot of positive feedback regarding the last SP Weather module update, we also discovered some rooms for improvements. Today we are so happy to release SP Weather 3.0 with the reflection of what we discovered from the previous release. The module has received a collection of new features and brings fixes to several known issues.

SP Weather 3.0 changelog

  • New: Get data by location ID from openWeatherMap
  • New: Introduced Weatherbit API Platform
  • New: Introduced Apixu API Platform
  • New: Introduced Dark Sky API Platform
  • New: Introduced Yahoo Weather API Platform
  • New: Get data by latitude and longitude
  • New: Get data by location IP
  • Update: Improved forecasts

5 API Platforms

Previously in SP Weather, you could use only OpenWeatherMap API. Comparing to the last version, now there is 4 new weather API platform support, which means a total of 5 weather platforms.

The new weather API platforms are detailed below for you to get a clear idea of what you’re getting in SP Weather.


The Weatherbit API platform has a reputation for their data quality and data coverage. Their API incorporates more than 20 separate datasets like raw station data, model data, atmospheric re-analysis etc.

Update: SP Weather 3.0 is Here with 5 API Platforms

With Weatherbit API key, you can show the weather information on your Joomla site based on the following 3 criteria.

  1. Location name: Display the weather information by providing the location name in this format “London, GB” in the City Name field.
  2. Latitude and longitude: Enter the latitude and longitude of your desired location in this format “48.139130, 11.580220” to show the weather data of a specific location. You can find the latitude and longitude values here.
  3. IP address: Insert the location IP address (eg. It will take the location from the IP address. You can also use 'auto' to get a user's IP address automatically.


We’ve also added Apixu, well known for their fast, scalable, and managed API service. You get a whole lot of options to call the weather data using this API platform. Follow the below guideline to fetch weather information on your website.

Update: SP Weather 3.0 is Here with 5 API Platforms

Query based on which data is sent back. It could be following

  • City e.g: London, UK
  • Latitude and Longitude (Decimal degree) e.g: 48.8567,2.3508
  • US zip e.g.: 10001
  • UK postcode e.g: SW1
  • Canada postal code e.g: G2J
  • metar: e.g: metar:EGLL
  • iata:<3 digit airport code> e.g: iata:DXB
  • auto:ip IP lookup e.g: auto:ip
  • IP address (IPv4 and IPv6 supported) e.g:

Dark Sky

It’s an easy and advanced weather API that’s fast to start with. You can use the latitude and longitude values of a location to fetch the weather data from Dark Sky. Get the location latitude and longitude here.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather has been there for a long time. Now you can use it on your Joomla site too. Insert your Yahoo app information at the module’s backend. Here you can get your app information.

Update: SP Weather 3.0 is Here with 5 API Platforms

New Option in OpenWeatherMap

Thanks to today’s update, the OpenWeatherMap users will now get the additional Location ID option besides Location Name to display weather information. Please note, if you need weather forecast from OpenWeatherMap, you need their premium subscription.

Update: SP Weather 3.0 is Here with 5 API Platforms

As you already know, we always strive to offer the best experience with our products. This is why we are offering 5 API platforms in SP Weather. Choose whichever you find the most convenient. Also, please let us know your thoughts and opinions. Happy forecasting!

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