We always thrive for new things, all the time we want quick accesses, new robust functionalities, end of limitations, and unmetered customizations. Our thrust for new technologies led us to the fast world we are in now. That's why we should choose the technology that always keeps pace with our ever growing thrust for smarter ways, the tool that surprises you with ease of accesses. That's when the development becomes invincible.

SP Page Builder is such a tool that gives you such acceleration and limitless functionalities that you should go with all along your web development journey. SP Page Builder, the new face of web development brings hundreds of new features that not only save you time but also give you a handful of gestures to go fly with. Today we are going to see what are the reasons so you must have SP Page Builder in your bucket as a full fledged web developer.

Utmost Flexibility

Faster development and deadline are the keywords in a web developer’s life. As a developer you could solve these 2 biggest concerns of your life within seconds. Development is so faster with SP Page Builder that you can build the whole layout of the website while talking and sipping coffee with your client. The dedicated addons of SP Page Builder give you lots of functionalities while adding numerous features to the webpages. The two well developed and functional editors (backend and front end) give you wings to take your project on the fly.

Faster Development

This drag and drop visual page composer tool have a well-organized layout. The whole system is nicely coded that you can make easy customizations. As a developer you don’t have to do the coding from the scratch. Many layouts are there and you just have to follow the path and do the awesomeness. Now you must be wondering what you can develop. As the addons are at the heart of SP Page Builder. You can develop your addons and make your life easier. Also, you can add countless functionalities as per your needs. There are 15+ built-in templates inside the page builder meaning you can launch a site in a single click using these layouts. Just add your contents and rock.

Efficient Management

A developer's painstaking job is to manage hundreds of things all at once in every single web project. In that case you can save some of your brainstorming as the automatic systems of SP Page Builder do many of these tasks on behalf of you. Say for example layout management and responsiveness of the website. Like more other, you can leave these two things to SP Page Builder and do rest of the works. The magic of SP Page Builder is within the well-developed addons that give you the smartest of ways adding attractive features to your web projects. 

Easy Maintenance

Every web developer needs to maintain their web projects time to time. Maintaining websites built with SP Page Builder is the easiest job around. The drag and drop mechanism, easy customization structure, and unlimited undo/redo facilities give you quickest of accesses to customize everything in a split second.

Stress-Free Workflow

In Joomla, for content display and management, you need to use modules that will position your elements on the web pages. For that you have to develop hundreds of modules for the sake of your website's functionality. But you can do all of that with just one component- SP Page Builder. It gives you amazing addons that do the job of a huge number of modules. The page builder ultimately saves your coding time, cost and hassles.

Cloaking up

So, these are the core reasons, while there exist hundreds more why you should have SP Page Builder in your roster. Also, the most important fact is the continuous introducement of new technologies in SP Page Builder is dedicated for one goal and that is to ensure smarter and faster web development. So don't forget to try out SP Page Builder, and please share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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