It’s been an exceptional year, and I wonder how we can summarize it. First of all big thanks for our customers support, without it we wouldn't have opportunity to create a new templates, extensions, goes to Joomla Conference and hire new team members.

Joomla Templates of 2015

templates 2015

In March 2015 we introduced stable version of Helix3 - powerful Joomla template framework. Including it, in summary we developed 11 new Joomla! templates in current year. Those were products for different aspects of life or business: Education, StartUp, Creative, Sport, Hotel, Event, Restaurant, E-Commerce and Magazine.We upgraded some of our templates to use Helix3 instead of Helix2 framework like OnePage template.

Currently we are hard working on January project with advanced video features.

New Joomla Extensions


Also in March 2015 we presented the first version of our  multi-purpose e-learning management system, named SP LMS. We developed also other interesting extensions like: SP Features, SP Soccer, SP Polls, SP Flickr Gallery and SP Soundcould Player.

We continue to invest heavily in SP Page Builder (Pro) as we see real value in building a strong product, which has been created last year. We added not only text guides but also video manuals section for it. And Yes, we still working to improve that tool. We even started designing a completely new UI.

Joomla World Conference


We could take apart and support big Joomla event in Bangalore, India, where we met people from around World from different Joomla developers teams. One of our great achievements was the meeting with Sarah Watz, the president of Open Source Matters. We could felt that we are for real the members of this global family. With colourful cakes we've celebrated the 10 years of Joomla. Even more, We became a Diamond Sponsor of next JWC Nov 2016 which will be in Vancouver, Canada.

We have been also on Digital World 2015 event as speakers.

Company structure

Since September JoomShaper is a limited liability company (LLC) - it is the United States-specific form of a limited company.

We are so happy to share information that Nayem Majhar has been promoted to first ever a chief technology officer (CTO) of JoomShaper.

 The Summary

JoomShaper is well placed to deal with any challenges that lie ahead. Our strategy remains unchanged, improving experience with Joomla products. It provides us with opportunities regardless of prevailing conditions, and we see plenty of room for further expansion in our chosen areas.

So thank you all again for taking the time to make the year what it has been, and we hope that next, upcoming year will be even more creative.