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SP Property

Updated Last: 26 January 2019

FAQ & Customization

How to hide some elements

In general, it requests PHP customization, or component views override. But also by using custom CSS, you can at least hide some no needed elements. Here is a basic example of how it can be done for property detail page:

To hide Agent block use:

.spproperty-agent-widget-wrap {display: none !important;}

To hide Contact for Enquiry use:

.spproperty-contact-us-widget  {display: none !important;}

To hide Price use:

.spproperty-per-sft  {display: none !important;}

To hide Floor Plan use:

.spproperty-floor-plan-wrap.spproperty-feature-item {display: none !important;}

To hide EMI Calculator use:

.spproperty-emi-calculation.spproperty-feature-item {display: none !important;}

If you use template based on Helix, in Helix Documentation you will find information about how to use custom CSS.

more soon ;)