SP Page Builder Lite

Drag and drop page composer for Joomla

Version: 3.4.2 Updated On: 25 Jan 2019 Downloads: 342189

Version 3.4.2 | 25 Jan 2019

  • Column ordering option added for mobile view (pro).
  • Purge CSS option added to Production Mode.
  • Joomla native search improved for SP Page Builder article contents (pro).
  • Section ID description text improved.
  • router.php update for improving SEO URL.
  • UX improved for column generation preview; Comma (,) changed to Plus () sign .
  • Smart Search issue fixed and improved search functionality (pro).
  • Page Builder module inner row CSS missing issue fixed (pro).
  • SP Page Builder edited article CSS missing issue fixed (pro).
  • Parallax effect edge gap issue fixed (pro).
  • Media Manager “BROWSE FOLDERS” file delete issue fixed.
  • Media Manager folder with space issue fixed.
  • Column frontend edit settings saving issue fixed.
  • Client addon’s no image error generation issue fixed (pro).
  • Modal addon’s frontend edit icon CSS issue fixed (pro).
  • Accordion addon’s frontend view title CSS missing issue fixed.
  • Articles addon’s button texttransform issue fixed (pro).
  • Carousel Pro addon’s frontend edit content font weight issue fixed (pro).
  • Row background video W3C issue fixed.
  • Heading addon’s Text Transform not working issue fixed (pro).

Version 3.4.1 | 11 Jan 2019

  • CSS missing issue fixed.
  • Divider addon displaying the separator as a picture in the visual editor.

Version 3.4.0 | 10 Jan 2019

  • Major redesign in the builder system.
  • Production Mode added for compiling addon CSS to a single file.
  • Divider addon vertical divider option added.
  • Divider addon alignment & width option added.
  • Client static rating option added to the Testimonial addon.
  • Testimonials addon link target option added.
  • Testimonials addon name, avatar, designation placement options (top/bottom) added.
  • Accordion addon custom option added.
  • Button addon icon margin option added.
  • Feature Box addon hover effect option added.
  • Image addon title padding option added.
  • Tab addon typography style added and UX improved.
  • Border option added inside link type of Button addon.
  • Icon addon link target option added.
  • Google Fonts updated with all the new fonts.
  • Video addon suggested or related video On/Off option removed.
  • Default margin value of all addons set from (0 0 30px 0) to (0px 0px 30px 0px).
  • Feature addon undefined variable issue fixed.
  • Access Control List (ACL) issue.
  • Divider addon margin issue fixed.
  • Carousel addon undefined variable issue fixed.
  • Carousel addon not autoplay in frontend editor issue fixed.

Version 3.2.9 | 30 Aug 2018

  • Open Street Map addon added (Pro).
  • Video addon vimeo video issue fixed.

Version 3.2.8 | 16 Aug 2018

  • Video addon conflict with existing template issue fixed.
  • Article Scroller addon Odering and Category issue fixed (Pro).

Version 3.2.7 | 14 Aug 2018

  • Added brand new Article Scroller addon (Pro).
  • Option added to show multiple locations in Google Map addon (Pro).
  • Video uploading feature added to the Video addon.
  • Video addon gets YouTube cookieprevention feature.
  • Accessibility improved in the Carousel and Carousel Pro addons.
  • Accessibility improved in the Feature addon.
  • Section background video playing issue fixed for iPhone/iPad.
  • Responsiveness issue fixed in the Instagram addon (Pro).
  • Video suggestion issue fixed in the Video addon.
  • Module compatibility issue fixed in the Optin Form addon (Pro).

Version 3.2.5 | 13 July 2018

  • Added alphabetical and random item order options in Article addon (pro).
  • Show author alias name option added to Article addon’s list (pro).
  • Included sender name, phone, email and GDPR in the mail body (pro).
  • Added GDPR & reCAPTCHA in Optin Form addon (pro).
  • Ajax Contact Form addon button center and right option added (pro).
  • Carousel Pro addon class added in every item (pro).
  • Smart search for article & page issue solved (pro).
  • Parallax scrolling issue fixed (pro).
  • Instagram Gallery addon renovated & height issue fixed (pro).
  • Site development speed issue fixed (pro).
  • Drop down menu issue with Helix3 in tablet fixed.
  • Modal SEO for image selector alt issue fixed (pro).
  • Icon group bug in accordion or tab fixed (pro).
  • "Libre" font selection frontend crashing issue fixed (pro).
  • Carousel Pro addon responsive issue fixed (pro).
  • Row background video loop issue fixed (pro).
  • Fixed notice undefined property: stdClass::$subtitle.

Version 3.2.4 | 27 June 2018

  • Row drag and Drop padding feature added (pro).
  • Inline editor issue fixed (pro).
  • Media Manager image or media item's title issue fixed.

Version 3.2.2 | 12 June 2018

  • Inline Editing ability added (pro).
  • Added Twitter Card (pro).
  • Added Facebook app ID option (pro).
  • Added Phone Field in contact form addon (pro).
  • Pricing addon: "Price Font Size" responsive not working in frontend edit issue fixed (pro).
  • Carousel pro addon: Responsive image and video issue fixed (pro).
  • OptIn form addon: if Button custom is enabled and font size empty then "Send Button" is empty on frontend issue fixed (pro).
  • Button addon : button padding responsive not working issue fixed.
  • Image Content addon: Button Style Not working issue fixed (pro).
  • OptIn form addon: Description text preview code and margin issue fixed (pro).
  • Image content addon: Color and font family issue fixed. (pro)
  • Tab addon: Icon color not working issue fixed.
  • Carousel & Carouselpro addon: stdClass undefined notice issue fixed.

Version 3.2.1 | 11 May 2018

  • Font family missing issue fixed in the preview.

Version 3.2.0 | 10 May 2018

  • Critical security bug fixed
  • Responsiveness for Gallery addon
  • New features added and improved responsiveness of Feature Box addon (Free and Pro)
  • Icon styling features added to Tab addon (Free and Pro)
  • Icon styling and image positioning feature added to Testimonial Pro addon
  • Search content on Joomla article built with SP Page Builder
  • Open graph feature enable/disable option added to SP Page Builder
  • Page front view performance improvement (Free and Pro)
  • Improved the Joomla content integration plugin
  • Carousel Pro addon autoplay issue
  • SP Page Builder page search on multilingual sites
  • Image Content addon empty button and responsiveness issues
  • Instagram Gallery addon tips bug issue
  • Tab addon PHP notice issue
  • Optin Form addon button outline and fontsize issues
  • css.php undefined stdClass issue
  • Audio issue of Vimeo videos on section background
  • Carousel addon undefined stdClass issue
  • Duplicate FadeInDown animation issue
  • Empty prompt box upon column deletion issue
  • Feature addon content alignment issue (Free and Pro)
  • Testimonial addon textalignment issue
  • Testimonial pro addon image radius and custom class issues
  • Modal addon image alt issue
  • Icon addon custom class issue
  • JCE editor same text preview issue
  • PHP error notice fixed from system plugin
  • Undoredo functioning improved
  • 404 error in frontend edit preview for multilingual site issue
  • Falang compatibility improvement
  • Apache nondefault port issue fixed for URL

Version 3.1.3 | 20 Mar 2018

  • Smart Search plugin added for SP Page Builder
  • Styling added to Pie Progress bar
  • Icon groups addon added
  • Button button style added ( Free & Pro)
  • button groups button style added
  • Ajax contact button style added
  • Video Info hide options added ( Free & Pro)
  • Tab addon custom style option added ( Free & Pro)
  • Article addon post by tag option added
  • License key input field has now hidden value
  • Border radius fatal error
  • Total count, Twitter share on Social Share addon
  • Title, Image link and Image alt issue on Feature box addon ( Free & Pro)
  • Modal height issue in the modal addon
  • Instagram gallery addon preview
  • Flickr gallery addon live preview
  • Google Maps issue fixed
  • Sorting featured article on Article addon
  • Testimonial pro addon avatar size
  • Testimonial addon class bug ( Free & Pro)
  • SPPB Module(s) inside article
  • Global style issue for ajax request based preview addons ( Free & Pro)
  • Column margin, row video preview image issue

Version 3.1.2 | 26 Feb 2018

  • 19 new predesigned templates (Pro).
  • Helix Ultimate compatibility added (Pro).
  • SP Page Builder backward compatibility added.
  • Article addon’s item sorting improved (Pro).
  • Social share addon’s count issue fixed (Pro).
  • Image addon's dualimage issue fixed in frontend editing.
  • Timeline addon’s responsive issue fixed (Pro).

Version 3.1.1 | 12 Feb 2018

  • Helix Ultimate compatibility.
  • Gradient background for buttons (Pro).
  • Library panel close button
  • php7.2 errors
  • __sppagebuilder_addons table issue (Pro).
  • Testimonial pro js error and show controls (Pro).
  • Global options default values.
  • double CSS code with k2 (Pro).
  • Modal popup image issue (Pro).
  • Flip box iOS issue (Pro).
  • Row copy paste duplicate ID (Pro).
  • Builder type reorder for backend.
  • HTML decoding issue for modules.
  • Text Shadow issue (Pro).
  • Missing lang.
  • border styles for flipbox (Pro).

Version 3.1 | 08 Jan 2018

  • Gradient background for rows, columns, and addons
  • Save addons as presets in the library
  • Resizable sidebar
  • Link List addon
  • Custom CSS field for addons
  • Redesigned background effect bar
  • Extra checkbox field for Contact Form addon
  • Improved box shadow in input UX
  • Margin, border and borderradius options for columns
  • Negative value for Heading addon letter spacing
  • Link field now supports attachments for Heading and Image addons
  • Text transformation and shadow for Heading addon
  • Margin and padding value split conflict with old data
  • Addon default value init in Article
  • OG image issue
  • JCE editor link prettify issue
  • Image content empty button text issue
  • Backend settings drop down menu overflow issue
  • Link color for Feature addon issue
  • Google maps not showing in articles with integration enabled

Version 3.0.4 | 14 Dec 2017

  • Countdown background color issue (Pro)
  • Carousel Pro addon text color issue (Pro)
  • Inner column custom class (Pro)
  • Multilingual issue for frontend editing
  • Feature addon title link color issue
  • Optin Form addon AcyMailing issue (Pro)
  • K2 category issue (Pro)
  • Unpublished Joomla article issue (Pro)
  • K2 Show All button line issue (Pro)

Version 3.0.3 | 04 Dec 2017

  • JCE color change realtime view
  • Feature box disappearing issue
  • Copy/paste same ID issue (Pro)
  • Backend row setting form init issue
  • Image URL issue
  • No more empty CSS (Pro)
  • Media upload to chosen folder
  • Page Template loading issue for some servers
  • Custom class in column issue
  • Inner column padding at frontend editing (Pro)

Version 3.0.2 | 23 Nov 2017

  • Language installation issue
  • Copy/paste notification
  • Column setting tools zindex issue
  • Addon background overlay issue
  • Backend inner row admin title issue
  • Backend inner row duplicate issue
  • Small editor screen issue

Version 3.0.1 | 17 Nov 2017

  • Inner row padding and margin responsive issue fixed (Pro)
  • Row title and subtitle font size issue fixed
  • Button text responsive issue fixed
  • YouTube video now muted in live view (Pro)
  • Repeatable item button clone issue fixed
  • Column setting error after reinitialization issue fixed
  • ParallaxJS function error issue fixed (Pro)
  • Inside addon design for backend issue fixed
  • Text input reinitialization issue fixed
  • Shape height issue fixed (Pro)
  • Drop cap color issue fixed
  • Some minor fixes are also applied

Version 3.0 | 13 Nov 2017

  • 100% live editing experience
  • 90 prebuilt sections (pro)
  • Save Sections in library for reusing later (pro)
  • Shape Divider with 10 shapes (pro)
  • Element copypaste feature now available in the frontend editor (pro)
  • Google Fonts support (pro)
  • Devicewise responsive options
  • New font styles
  • Border radius for Image addon
  • Use addons in accordions and tabs
  • Reengineered media manager
  • Image addon title position issue fixed
  • Pricing addon updated (pro)
  • Columns are now flexboxes
  • Improved UI & UX
  • Faster and improved drag and drop system
  • Improved Parallax (pro)
  • All addons improved and updated
  • Padding, margin options system renovated
  • Removed Addons: Blockquote, Call to Action, Drop Cap (Now you can use drop cap with Text Block addon), Facebook Like, Facebook Likebox, Google Plus Button, Twitter Share.

Version 2.5.4 | 29 Sep 2017

  • Show video and audio in article Addon (Pro).
  • Flickr SSL issue fixed (Pro).
  • Twitter SSL issue fixed (Pro).
  • Infinity Loading Icon issue in OptinForm Addon fixed (Pro).
  • Falang Extension Compatibility bug fixed (Pro).
  • Search Limit Issue fixed (Pro).
  • PHP error warning in empty space addon fixed.
  • Button responsive issue fixed in Carousel Addon (Pro).
  • Others minor fix and improvement added (Pro).

Version 2.5.3 | 29 Aug 2017

  • AcyMailing integrated with optin form addon (Pro).
  • Page Builder Module bug fixed (Pro).

Version 2.5.2 | 25 Aug 2017

  • Joomla 3.8 compatibility added.
  • Brand new optin subscription form addon included (Pro).
  • Added German (deDE) language (Pro).
  • Style options added to title, pricing text, and button in Pricing addon (Pro).
  • Text insertion option added to icons and images in the modal selector of the Modal addon (Pro).
  • Article addon improved (Pro).

Version 2.5.1 | 07 Aug 2017

  • Article Addon improved (Pro).

Version 2.5.0 | 04 Aug 2017

  • JCE compatibility issue fixed (pro).
  • Addon article all category select error issue fixed, k2 & Joomla article in frontend and backend (pro).
  • Addon contact form email sends issue fixed for overwritten old template (pro).
  • Article addon, selected categories issue fixed (pro).
  • Image Content, title font size, and color change visibility in frontend issue fixed (pro).

Version 2.4.9 | 13 July 2017

  • 7 New templates added (Pro).
  • FaLang multilingual site development support added (Pro).
  • Parallax background (Pro).
  • Row video background external video YouTube/Vimeo support (Pro).
  • Box Shadow for all addons and column.
  • Responsive option for Carousel Pro Title, Content and button (Pro).
  • Social Addon Icon Alignment (Pro).
  • Flipbox addon background image URL issue fixed (Pro).

Version 2.4.8 | 23 June 2017

  • ACL (Pro).
  • Google Map info window added (Pro).

Version 2.4.7 | 08 June 2017

  • Language management system (Pro).
  • External image link for Image addon
  • Twitter addon now displays tweet images as well (Pro).
 Slide interval and speed added in Testimonial Pro, Carousel & Carousel Pro addons
  • Licence and Google Maps API key notice added (Pro)
  • Xing and WhatsApp sharing options added to Social Share addon (Pro)
  • Span and br tags now allowed in text field.

  • Admin quick menu improved with new items (Pro)
  • Image addon gets Alt and Title attribute fields.
 Gallery addon width issue in IE fixed (Pro).
  • Modal close button behind fixed header issue solved (Pro).
  • Modal responsiveness improved (Pro)

Version 2.4.6 | 25 May 2017

  • Updated Fontawesome to 4.7.
  • 5 New Templates (Pro).
  • Article addon gets multiple categories adding option (Pro).
  • Article addon subcategory items display option (Pro).
  • Contact Addon form added Google reCaptcha system (Pro).
  • Contact form addon added new field 'From mail' and 'name' (Pro).
  • External image URL add option in the row.
  • Icon addon added link option.
  • call to action addon empty button padding issue fixed (Pro).
  • Fixed custom class issue in row and addon.
  • Carousel and Carousel Pro addon custom button issue fixed.

Version 2.4.5 | 11 May 2017

  • Added popup option in Flickr Gallery (Pro).
  • Flickr and Instagram addon curl added (Pro).
  • Padding option in custom button.
  • Article addon improved on k2 (Pro).
  • Media manager improved.
  • Magnific Popup conflict issue fixed (Pro).
  • Modal button issue (Pro).

Version 2.4.4 | 02 May 2017

  • JCE Editor Compatibility (Pro)

Version 2.4.3 | 01 May 2017

  • Frontend Editor Container bug for all templates (Pro)
  • JCE Editor Compatibility (Pro)
  • Joomla 3.7 Compatible
  • Article Area Modal Popup issue fixed (i.e. image, user, etc) (Pro)
  • Modal size in responsive bug fixed (Pro)
  • Article Addon unexpected error report fix (Pro)

Version 2.4.2 | 29 Mar 2017

  • Flip box addon added (Pro).
  • K2 Schedule post issue fixed (Pro).
  • Frontend tinyMCE editor menu issue fixed (Pro).
  • Carousel pro blank content warning issue fixed (Pro).
  • Tweet addon module error issue fixed (Pro).
  • Frontend editing row background image issue fixed (Pro).

Version 2.4.1 | 16 Mar 2017

  • 6 Brand new template layouts (Pro).
  • Equal height background issue fixed.
  • Heading addon font weight issue fixed(Pro).
  • Feature addon padding issue fixed.

Version 2.4 | 06 Mar 2017

  • K2 Support on article addon (pro).
  • introduced "cURL" for integration support (pro).
  • Column equal height issue fixed in safari.
  • Overlay background issue fixed for column.
  • Instagram error issue fixed (pro).
  • Timeline Addon improved in responsive (pro).
  • Twitter Feed addon improved (Include Retweets and Ignore Replies) (pro).

Version 2.3.5 | 18 Jan 2017

  • Instagram Addon (pro).
  • Timeline addon (pro).
  • Article issue in JCE fixed (pro).
  • Search error fixed (pro).
  • Button addon improved.
  • Contact addon form improved (pro).
  • Textarea in Text Block fields

Version 2.3.4

  • Row Style issue fixed.
  • PHP minimum required version changed to 5.4.

Version 2.3.3

  • Row unexpected white space issue fixed.

Version 2.3.2

  • IE Image issue fixed
  • Module Pagebuilder style and background add issue fixed (Pro).
  • Module Pagebuilder frontend language issue fixed (Pro).
  • Module SP Page Builder html data not saving issue fixed (Pro).
  • Row third party video issue fixed.
  • Equal column responsive issue fixed.
  • Article integration JCE bug fixed (Pro).
  • Addon Google Map hover mouse scroll issue fixed (Pro).
  • Addon Countdown Language string issue fixed (Pro).
  • Addon Accordion on/off all items feature added.
  • Addon Button Group only show icon issue fixed (Pro).
  • Addon Feature individual padding option (top, right, bottom, left).
  • Long text button issue in responsive.
  • W3C Validation error fixed.
  • Addon Settings “Access” visibility issue for IE/FireFox fixed (Pro).
  • Frontend login view (Pro).
  • PHP old version error message.
  • Admin footer information updated.

Version 2.3.1

  • JCE 2.6.2 and 2.6.3 compatible (Pro).

Version 2.3

  • Article integration issue fixed (pro).

Version 2.2

  • Import Bug bug on windows PC fixed (pro).
  • Media input in repeatable issue fixed.
  • JCE Editor 2.6.x compatibility added (pro).
  • All knows issues fixed.

Version 2.1

  • Container option added in global settings.
  • Firefox import & export issue fixed (Pro).
  • Import JSON layout from old SP Page Builder version to SP Page Builder 2 issue fixed (Pro).
  • Missing language strings added.
  • Article addon show/hide (author, date, category, etc.) issue fixed.
  • Content link issue fixed in Image addon (Pro).
  • Image link issue fixed in Feature addon.
  • Empty addon responsive settings improved.
  • Person addon email address field added (Pro).
  • Joomla article integration plugin improved (Pro).
  • K2 integration plugin improved (Pro).
  • J2 store plugin integration improved (Pro).
  • SP Page Builder default search issue fixed(Pro).
  • CSS improved.
  • Carousel & Carousel Pro button target issue fixed.
  • 404 redirect issue fixed.

Version 2.0

  • Visual Site Building with Frontend Editor (pro)
  • Lightning Fast
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo Changes
  • New Media Manager
  • Page Builder Module (pro)
  • Enhance Joomla Articles with Page Builder (pro)
  • J2Store and K2 Support (pro)
  • JCE Editor Support (pro)
  • Predesigned Page Layouts and templates (pro)
  • Device Specific Responsive Controls
  • Enable/Disable Page Elements (pro)
  • Better Row/Column Management
  • Copy, Paste, Delete & Duplicate Everything (pro)
  • Access Control List Support (pro)
  • Countdown Addon (pro)
  • Social Share Addon (pro)
  • Heading Addon (pro)
  • Attach Files to Buttons
  • Central Google Maps API Configuration
  • All Possible Layouts

Version 1.4

  • Show article as start publishing and end publishing. (pro)
  • Article ordering improved. (pro)
  • Show article by post type. (pro)
  • Added Feature addon url option (title, icon or both)

Version 1.3

  • Dropped "PrettyPhoto" Script
  • Added "Magnetic Popup" Script
  • YouTube popup bug fixed
  • Missing languages phrases fixed

Version 1.2

  • Page loading in the backend gets 100x faster (Pro)
  • Saving a page is much faster than before (Pro)
  • Google Maps API Key field added in the addon (Pro)
  • SEO bug fixed in 'Feature' addon

Version 1.1.0

  • Live update bug fixed ( pro )
  • Language string bug fixed
  • Modal in small device bug fixed (pro)
  • Article addon bug fixed (pro)
  • Video fullscreen bug fixed

Version 1.0.9

  • Important security Issues Fixed

Version 1.0.8

  • New FontAwesome icon chooser
  • Page hits
  • 404 error redirect bug
  • Opengraph image delete problem
  • Module addon: Front end title was not visible
  • Twitter feed language string missing

Version 1.0.7

  • New Media Manager
  • Added category support
  • Pages drag and drop sorting
  • Added admin label
  • FontAwesome 4.5.0
  • Article addon image bug fixed ( Pro )
  • Improved ajax contact addon ( Pro )
  • Removed mootools dependency
  • Fixed clear search bug from pages list

Version 1.0.6

  • Nested row in column featured added ( Pro )
  • Ability to add module position feature added
  • Joomla! Article addon added ( Pro )
  • Module position loading bug fixed
  • Router bug fixed( Pro )

Version 1.0.5

  • Row copy option (Pro)
  • Option to disable/enable row (Pro)
  • Improved modal popup addon (Pro)
  • Improved router and search
  • Site title bug fixed
  • All known bug fixed

Version 1.0.4

  • Joomla search integration ( Pro )
  • Custom columns layout ( Pro )
  • Live update
  • Ajax contact bug fix
  • Prettyphoto bug fix
  • Image ALT tag added
  • Editor image alignment bug fix
  • Updated gallery addon
  • Progress bar firefox bug fix
  • Configuration save bug fix

Version 1.0.3

  • New Addon title option.
  • New Page layout export and import option ( Pro only ).
  • Added option to disable fontawesome and default css.

Version 1.0.2

  • Added option to search addon.
  • Added Ajax interface.
  • Updated into FontAwesome 4.3 it means 519 pictographic icons ready to use.
  • Added fontweight property (bold, normal) option to all addons titles.
  • Fixed Media Manager bug.
  • Improved feature addon.
  • Added Ajax Contact Addon  (with Math Captcha builtin) ( Pro only ).
  • Added Image Content Addon ( Pro only ).
  • Added Button Group Addon ( Pro only ).

Version 1.0.1

  • Seven completely new buitin templates, such a: About Us, Corporate page, Pricing table or Our team.
  • Text input bug for repeatable items.
  • We also added missing language strings.

Version RC1

  • Save as copy option.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Open Graph support.
  • SEO.
  • ACL.

Version Beta

  • Initial Release

SP Page Builder Lite 3

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