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SP Page Builder Pro

Version: 3.8.9

Version 3.8.9

13 October 2022
  • Added 4SEF extension compatibility
  • In Article addon, Modified Date added to the Options
  • In Video addon, Video Title field added for the YouTube link for better accessibility
Bug Fix
  • In Tabs and Accordion addons, the Form Builder addon’s email sending and selecting type do not work issue
  • Carousel Pro addon abnormal behavior issue when window resized

Version 3.8.8

03 August 2022
  • Upgrade option from SP PageBuilder 3 to SP PageBuilder 4
Bug Fix
  • PHP Mail issue in Form Builder and Contact Form
  • “Save as Copy” and “Save” button issues in Joomla 4
  • Hit count issue for saving a page multiple times.

Version 3.8.7

22 June 2022
Bug Fix
  • The image number was not updated after the image was uploaded/deleted from media.
  • In Optin form AddOn, the popup variation fails to function in Joomla 4.
  • Hit count was not set to 0 when a page was copied/cloned.
  • Instagram access token function was not working.
  • Slideshow Addon video button (YouTube) does not work for 1 item.
  • Vulnerability fix in FormBuilder Add On.
  • TexBlock AddOn issue with JEC editor.

Version 3.8.6

17 March 2022
  • CSS for Bootstrap 5 compatible with all helix templates
Bug Fix
  • Text Block Addon Issue in Module
  • Opt In form not working inside nested row
  • Router is preventing 404 page.

Version 3.8.5

05 March 2022
Bug Fix
  • Text Block addon is giving error in Article when integrated with SP Page builder in Backend issue.

Version 3.8.4

04 March 2022
  • Google Fonts disable option added in Global Configuration
Bug Fix
  • The article scroller icon show ‘Pre’ & ‘Next’ text instead of arrows in mobile and tablet device
  • Unable to export page from frontend SPPB page issue
  • Latest SPPB 3.8.3 build breaks JBusinessDirectory
  • Blank screen appears after adding Carousel Pro background image issue
  • Create New Folder option unavailable in SPPB Media in J4
  • In Form Builder Addon, when 0 is input in any field, the ‘Please fill the required field’ message pops up.
  • In Table Addons, pagination & show total rows options not working issue
  • In Open Street Map Addon, when choosing Map Style Addon the green panel hides behind the map issue
  • Optin form addon issue using Sendinblue API

Version 3.8.3

10 Jan 2022
  • Dropped Old jQuery Support.
Bug Fix
  • In Opt In Form addon SendGrid is not functioning.
  • Custom Marker On Openstreetmap Moves Position When Zooming Out Map.
  • slideshow addons volume button doesn’t function and YouTube video playing issue for multiple slideshow addons.
  • license and google map API key alert info close button not working in Joomla 4.
  • 404 page not working when .htaccess enable in Joomla 4.
  • In Carousel addon, content font family is not functioning both j3 and j4.

Version 3.8.2

23 Dec 2021
  • Added description text in language file for SEO FB image and Text Block.
Bug Fix
  • Undefined variable appears in Joomla 4 backend categories view.
  • SP Page Builder Categories menu links issue for Joomla 4.
  • Image Content Addon Margin Top doesn’t work issue.
  • Error appears in Image Addon when lazy Load is active with placeholder.
  • Row global settings background image and video related issue.

Version 3.8.1

23 Nov 2021
Bug Fix
  • Pages Sorting not working in J4
  • SPPB Addon categories filter not working.
  • Image Addon custom position not working properly.
  • Single Wave and Single Wave Invert SVG Shapes wrong width issue.

Version 3.8.0

22 Oct 2021
Bug Fix
  • Slideshow addon access issue.
  • Instagram access code next button not working issue for J4.
  • Testimonial carousel border height and line height slider issue.
  • Tooltips not showing in editor side panel.
  • News carousel article link in Article Scroller addon not working issue while dragging option enabled.
  • Form builder CC and BCC issue.
  • Page Builder menu item select button not showing after selection.
  • Addon search issue.

Version 3.7.15

14 Sep 2021
Bug Fix
  • Redirection plugin issue.
  • Module saving issue for PHP 8.
  • Video addon issue.

Version 3.7.14

02 Sep 2021
Bug Fix
  • Icon loading issue for addons.
  • Text Input issue for addons.
  • Article scroller addon issue for J4.
  • SPPB module save and close issue for J4.
  • SPPB menu css issue for J4.
  • SPPB Page actions button issue in pages view for J4.
  • SQL error issue in Database dashboard for J4.
  • Contact form addon email not sending issue for J4.
  • JError not found Issue for J4.

Version 3.7.13

20 Aug 2021
Bug Fix
  • Database issue in J4.
  • Joomla module addon issue.

Version 3.7.12

16 June 2021
Bug Fix
  • Blank Title Save Issue For Pages.
  • Page Disappearing Issue While Editing.

Version 3.7.11

03 June 2021
  • Support Translate for SP Page Builder.
Bug Fix
  • Instagram Addon issue.

Version 3.7.10

20 May 2021
  • PHP 8 support
  • MySQL 8 support
  • Joomla 4 beta 7 compatibility
Bug Fix
  • Joomla 4 menu selection issue fixed
  • Section drop issue on the empty canvas fixed

Version 3.7.9

22 January 2021
  • FontAwesome v5.15.1 Free (1609 Icons)
Bug Fix
  • FontAwesome icon missing & duplicate icons issue
  • Frontend page break issue on Slideshow addon (Pro)
  • Pencil icon wrong on hover issue in Backend addon settings
  • HTML code showing issue on empty heading selector on Feature Box addon
  • Backend Row drag issue.
  • "Class 'Facebook\Facebook' not found" issue on Instagram Addon (Pro)

Version 3.7.8

28 December 2020
  • Added check-in feature in the frontend
  • Added admin module for Joomla 3 only
Bug Fix
  • Fixed mod_sppagebuilder bug
  • Reverted the section title and sub title to the general tab

Version 3.7.7

07 December 2020
  • WebP & PDF formats are now visible in the browse view
  • Ability to use WebP images without server-side dependency
  • Added version number to the CSS and JS files to get rid of the browser cache issue after updating to a new version
Bug Fix
  • Editor issue with the article integration
  • Column option tooltip issue
  • K2 integration issue
  • SP Simple Portfolio integration issue

Version 3.7.6

15 November 2020
  • Improved page list by hiding buttons in the admin area
  • Reduced sidebar width in the smaller screen
Bug Fix
  • Fixed page sorting issue in the admin area

Version 3.7.5

13 November 2020
  • Joomla 4 compatibility
  • Database maintenance script
  • Redesigned admin interface
  • Container width option
  • Column gap option
  • Page export & import (lite version)
  • Optimized visual editor performance
  • Frontend visual editor UX
  • Faster activation and deactivation of integrations
Bug Fix
  • All known bugs

Version 3.7.4

14 July 2020
  • Instagram addon - new API system added (Options)
  • Smart Search - Search result description snippet added

Version 3.7.3

10 Jun 2020
  • Column background image size & custom position options
  • Column height option
  • Several features in Block Number addon
  • Default margin responsive value (tablet, mobile) in addons removed
  • Google Fonts updated to the latest version
Bug Fix
  • Not indexing issue in smart search
  • Carousel Pro blank page issue on height adjustment
  • Section background gradient issue
  • Page saving not working with Article addon issue
  • Animated Number addon number responsive issue
  • Form Builder addon from email issue
  • From email issue in Contact Form addon
  • Client addon's carousel not showing in Firefox issue

Version 3.7.2

08 April 2020
  • Team Carousel addon - Team member self-hosted profile link option
Bug Fix
  • Slideshow addon std class could not be converted into string issue
  • Row empty background image breaks frontend edit view issue
  • Carousel Pro addon Background image selection breaks frontend view issue
  • Row empty MP4/OGV background breaks frontend edit view issue
  • Taking InnerRow breaks frontend edit view issue
  • Selecting column pattern overlay breaks frontend edit view issue
  • Image Layouts addon Selecting image breaks frontend edit view issue
  • Not searching page builder content in Smart Search issue fixed

Version 3.7.1

20 March 2020
  • Slideshow addon - Inner item custom class option
  • Slideshow addon - Custom letter-spacing option
  • Feature Box addon - Button option
  • Heading addon - Custom letter-spacing option
  • Person addon - Email field mailto option
  • Image resolution in file name removed
Bug Fix
  • Form Builder addon Button margin issue
  • Pricing Table addon Content marginbottom not working issue
  • Tab addon $image undefined property issue
  • Person addon Broken image issue
  • sh404SEF Preview & Frontend editor link not working issue
  • Image addon Icon alignment issue
  • Icon Group addon Icon alignment issue
  • Testimonial Pro addon Undefined src issue

Version 3.7.0

19 Feb 2020
  • Content lazy loading option
  • Carousel option in the Clients addon
  • Image filter and hover options in the Clients addon
  • 2 map styles (Open Street Black/White, Hike Bike) have been removed due to API not responding issue
Bug Fix
  • Nonnumeric value issue in the Testimonial Carousel addon
  • Inner Row margin: auto not working on the Frontend issue

Version 3.6.10

29 Jan 2020
Bug Fix
  • 404 redirect issue fixed while editing on frontend.
  • Module rowcontainer (a.k.a. menu break) issue fixed.

Version 3.6.9

28 Jan 2020
  • Team Carousel addon
  • Vertical alignment (top, center, and bottom) to both Section and Column content
  • Min-height, max-height option to Section
  • Font Awesome 4 selection option removed from backend leaving Font Awesome 4 backward compatibility in place
Bug Fix
  • Inner Section width, column width, backgroundsize, backgroundposition not working issue
  • Undefined stdClass issue in Gallery addon
  • Language missing issue in Flip Box addon
  • Margin value missing issue in Section's title
  • Content zindex issue in Image layouts addon
  • Inner section generates column zindex issue in inner section
  • sh404sef domain issue

Version 3.6.8

17 Jan 2020
  • Subtitle, navigation image, and navigation position in Tab addon
  • Border and box-shadow options in the section
  • Ripple effect for the icon on Modal addon
  • Custom image background option in section
  • Custom background-size option in section
  • CSS Class option in Navigation addon
  • Custom width option for section
  • Container width option in section
  • Width & height options in Image addon
Bug Fix
  • Addon title lineheight double issue
  • Page Builder module param issue
  • Navigation addon stdClass undefined variable issue

Version 3.6.7

30 Dec 2019
  • Font Awesome icon added to SP Page Builder article editor.
Bug Fix
  • Buttons get empty space in frontend editor issue.
  • Font Awesome 5 icon not showing issue with Person and Social Share addons.

Version 3.6.6

27 Dec 2019
  • Introduced Font Awesome 5 Free.
  • Font Awesome added to the Module page.
Bug Fix
  • Contact Form and Form Builder addon email not sending issue.
  • Contact Form and Form Builder addon not working in accordion and tab issue.
  • Accordion addon does not auto scroll issue fixed.

Version 3.6.5

06 Dec 2019
  • Introduced the Testimonial Carousel addon.
  • URL insertion to Image Carousel items.
  • 5 Testimonial Carousel blocks in readymade block collection.
Bug Fix
  • Media folder path naming issue in Global Configuration.
  • Undefined inner title issue on the Clients addon.

Version 3.6.4

14 Nov 2019
  • Introduced the Image Carousel addon.
  • Added 4 new carousel blocks to block collection.
Bug Fix
  • Frontend edit 404 issue with sh404SEF.
  • reCAPTCHA issue on Form Builder & Contact Form addons.
  • Page fluctuation issue at interaction firstload.
  • Context menu positioning issue.

Version 3.6.3

25 Oct 2019
  • Right Context Menu added.
  • Table addon responsive turn off option added.
  • Contact Form & Form Builder addon automatic reCaptcha value reset option added.
Bug Fix
  • Column overlay issue in edit mode.
  • Optin form addon title fontsize responsive issue.
  • Editor break in administrator page edit issue.
  • Image Layouts addon button margin issue fixed.

Version 3.6.2

23 Aug 2019
  • Joomla caching system support added
  • Relative position option added to addons
  • font-display: swap; added for Google Fonts
  • Articles addon now removes HTML tags form intro-text
Bug Fix
  • Article ID and module ID overriding each other issue
  • The left editing panel’s broken issue after placing a saved section having long content
  • The left editing panel’s broken issue after placing a saved addon having long content
  • Contact addon not working in inner row issue
  • Progress Bar addon animation not working issue
  • Section inner row overlay issue
  • Margin ‘auto’ not making the addon centered issue
  • OpenStreetMap URLs not secure issue
  • Integration URLs not secure issue
  • Section Zindex issue on the frontend editor

Version 3.6.1

25 Jul 2019
Bug Fix
  • Section Shape issue fixed.
  • z index issue fixed for addons with section overlay in frontend edit.
  • Double “px” issue fixed for all addon’s fontsize.

Version 3.6.0

23 Jul 2019
  • Interactive animation added to all addons
  • Position option added to all addon
  • Button wrapper custom class added to Form Builder addon
  • Share issue fixed and share count option removed from Social Share addon
  • Button’s text dependency removed for changing button background color in Opt-in Form addon
Bug Fix
  • Input type select height issue in Form Builder addon
  • Input label text fontsize responsiveness in Form Builder addon
  • From email not working issue in Form Builder addon
  • Required field validation in Contact Form addon
  • Header duplicate in responsive mode issue in Table addon
  • Image not loading from external URL issue in Divider addon
  • Email sending issue in Contact Form addon
  • Google Font console.log error

Version 3.5.0

13 Jun 2019
  • Introducing all new Table addon
  • 7 new ready blocks added to the collection
  • reCAPTCHA v3 (invisible) support added to Contact Form addon
  • reCAPTCHA v3 (invisible) support added to From Builder addon
Bug Fix
  • Slideshow addon text content not showing in JCE editor issue
  • Optin Form addon not working when inside a module issue
  • Contact Form addon not working when inside a module issue
  • Form Builder addon not working when inside a module issue
  • Arrow border issue in the Slideshow addon

Version 3.4.11

20 May 2019
  • Reintroduced SP Page Builder module backend editor with large data support
  • Title field added for the Icons Group addon
  • Drop Cap font size option added to Text Block addon
  • Show related videos from the same YouTube channel in Video addon
  • Send empty value for unchecked checkboxes in Form Builder addon
Bug Fix
  • Progress bar stuck for values lower than 6% in Progress Bar addon
  • Undefined variable issue in the Icons Group addon
  • Content responsive issue in the Image Layout addon
  • Overlay not showing on frontend view issue in Slideshow addon
  • Page template importing from administrator page issue
  • Button link type icon margin issue

Version 3.4.10

03 May 2019
Bug Fix
  • Page Templates modal not loading in administrator issue fixed.
  • Form Builder addon same form different radio button select issue fixed.
  • All addon backgroundposition issue fixed.

Version 3.4.9

26 May 2019
Bug Fix
  • Administrator Page Templates modal's "Live Demo" link not working if not logged in frontend issue fixed.
  • Fixed "JSON Data: Syntax Error" for the module addon for large content.

Version 3.4.8

18 Apr 2019
  • 10 Readymade video background slider blocks
  • WebP image file format support
  • Video background option added to Slideshow addon
  • Pause on hover option added to Slideshow addon
  • Background overlay option added to Slideshow addon
  • Post limit option added to Article Scroller addon
  • Turn Off Video Info option removed from Video addon
  • New streamlined system for Layout Bundles
Bug Fix
  • Optin Form addon class not working in frontend edit issue
  • Form Builder addon not working inside module & article issue
  • Image Layouts addon double slash in image URL issue
  • Slideshow addon doesn’t show in IE11 issue
  • Image Overlay addon double slash in image URL issue
  • Tab addon empty span tag issue
  • Slideshow addon double slash in image URL issue
  • Contact Form addon not working inside module & article issue
  • Carousel Pro addon double slash in image URL issue

Version 3.4.7

30 Mar 2019
  • Slideshow addon Text Thumbnail controllers width update on window resize.
Bug Fix
  • Slideshow addon DIV missing issue fixed.

Version 3.4.6

29 Mar 2019
  • News Carousel mode added to Article Scroller addon.
  • Text Thumbnail as slider controller added to Slideshow addon.
  • Slideshow addon gets default content and readymade sliders.
  • Image container control and video popup option added to Image Layouts addon.
  • AcyMailing 6 compatibility has been added along with AcyMailing 5.
Bug Fix
  • Button icon issues in Contact, Form Builder, and Optin Form addons.
  • Tagged item page array to string conversion notice issue fixed.

Version 3.4.5

14 Mar 2019
  • Video addon - Mute option added.
  • Client addon - Open link in same window option added.
  • Icons Group addon - Open link in new window option added.
  • Feature Box addon - Title/Image/Icon URL open in new window option added.
  • Navigation addon - Sticky option enabled for mobile.
  • Text Block addon - Negative letter spacing option added to the title.
  • Accessibility improved in buttons and inputs for all the addons.
  • All addon icons (FontAwesome) accessibility improved.
Bug Fix
  • Image Layouts addon Short length content image shrink issue fixed.
  • Form Builder addon Dynamic CC, BCC issues fixed.
  • Slideshow addon Zoom effect not working on image issue fixed.
  • Google font family ends with number, not getting font issue fixed.
  • Contact Form addon Without Google CAPTCHA submitting, form reset input field issue fixed.
  • Form Builder addon Checkbox duplicate ID issue fixed.
  • Slideshow addon Caption image not shown in the front end issue fixed.
  • Feature Box addon Icon border issue fixed.
  • Tab and Form Builder addons Select field empty site break issue fixed.

Version 3.4.4

25 Feb 2019
  • Form Builder addon.
  • Column order option added for tablet.
  • Admin documentation link.
Bug Fix
  • Image Layouts addon tablet order property bug.
  • Incorrectly spelt component in URL for the fronted editor.
  • helpers/articles.php Invalid Argument Supplied issue for Article Scroller addon.
  • Heading addon live edit heading selector empty issue fixed.

Version 3.4.3

06 Feb 2019
  • Image Layouts addon added.
  • Two new shapes added.
  • Google Map addon Controls turn Off/On option added.
Bug Fix
  • JCE editor toolbar issue fixed.
  • Slideshow addon invalid argument supplied issue fixed.
  • Article scroller addon empty color issue fixed.

Version 3.4.2

25 Jan 2019
  • Column ordering option added for mobile view.
  • Purge CSS option added to Production Mode.
  • Joomla native search improved for SP Page Builder article contents.
  • Section ID description text improved.
  • router.php update for improving SEO URL.
  • UX improved for column generation preview; Comma (,) changed to Plus (+) sign.
Bug Fix
  • Smart Search issue fixed and improved search functionality.
  • Page Builder module inner row CSS missing issue fixed.
  • SP Page Builder edited article CSS missing issue fixed.
  • Parallax effect edge gap issue fixed.
  • Media Manager “BROWSE FOLDERS” file delete issue fixed.
  • Media Manager folder with space issue fixed.
  • Column frontend edit settings saving issue fixed.
  • Client addon’s no image error generation issue fixed.
  • Modal addon’s frontend edit icon CSS issue fixed.
  • Accordion addon’s frontend view title CSS missing issue fixed.
  • Articles addon’s button texttransform issue fixed.
  • Carousel Pro addon’s frontend edit content font weight issue fixed.
  • Row background video W3C issue fixed.
  • Heading addon’s Text Transform not working issue fixed.

Version 3.4.1

11 Jan 2019
  • Person addon social icon accessibility improved.
Bug Fix
  • CSS missing issue fixed.
  • Divider addon displaying the separator as a picture in the visual editor.

Version 3.4.0

10 Jan 2019
  • Introduced the new Slideshow addon.
  • Added 16 slider blocks to the block collection.
  • Production Mode added for compiling addon CSS to a single file.
  • Introduced Blend mode to Rows, Columns, and Addons.
  • Added 7 Blend-mode blocks to the block collection.
  • Integrated gradient and pattern overlay with blend mode in addons.
  • A predefined style added to the Person addon.
  • Article display and scrolling control added to the Article Scroller addon.
  • Background-Position option in addon settings.
  • Image Content addon accessibility improved.
  • Language updated for padding.
Bug Fix
  • Addon empty margin and padding issue.
  • Access Control List (ACL) issue.
  • Double CSS code issue.
  • Tabs addon image not showing properly inside Modal addon issue.
  • Minor design issue in the Animated Heading addon.
  • Empty space in send button of the Contact addon.
  • Spam mail issue in the Contact addon.
  • Accordion addon after CSS duplicate issue.
  • Tabs addon after CSS duplicate issue.
  • Title font size responsiveness of Accordion addon.
  • Hover border radius issue in the Image addon.
  • Border radius issue in the Image Overlay addon.
  • Empty item PHP warning in the Icon Group addon.
  • OpenStreetMap in Accordion addon integration issue.
  • Thumbnail visibility of the Gallery type in Article addon.
  • Undefined variable issue in the Testimonial Pro addon.
  • Language spelling issue in the Person addon.
  • Row middle alignment responsiveness issue.
  • Price symbol color issue in the Pricing Table addon.

Version 3.3.8

14 Dec 2018
  • Introduced Landing Page layout bundle
  • Client static rating option added to the Testimonial addon
  • Vertical divider option added to the Divider addon
  • Custom styling added to the Progress Bar addon
  • Hover effect added to the Pricing addon
  • Scrolling effect added to the Navigation addon
  • Google Font updated with all the new fonts
  • Default margin value of all addons set from (0 0 30px 0) to (0px 0px 30px 0px)
Bug Fix
  • Column overlapping issue of the Timeline addon

Version 3.3.7

06 Dec 2018
  • 8 shapes added.
  • Animated Number addon position option added.
  • Section/row overflow option added.
  • Modal Popup addon icon’s text responsive option added.
  • Testimonial addon link target option added
  • Video addon suggested or related video On/Off option removed.
Bug Fix
  • Page edit ACL issue fixed.
  • Smart search issue fixed.
  • Multilingual pages frontend edit issue fixed.
  • Testimonial addon link target issue fixed.
  • Button addon link type icon dependency issue fixed.
  • Feature addon undefined variable issue fixed.
  • Divider addon margin issue fixed.
  • Carousel addon undefined variable issue fixed.
  • Section/Row window height responsive issue fixed.
  • Section/Row content middle align issue fixed.

Version 3.3.6

12 Nov 2018
  • Three section/row height options added.
  • Accordion addon Custom option added.
  • Testimonials addon name, avatar, designation placement options (top/bottom) added.
  • Pie Progress addon animation duration option added.
  • Countdown addon typography style options added.
  • Opt-in Form addon button icon text dependency removed.
  • Button addon icon margin option added.
  • Contact Form addon button icon margin option added.
Bug Fix
  • Article addon wrong category article display issue fixed.
  • Carousel Pro addon height break frontend editor issue fixed.
  • Animated Number addon after/before text issue fixed.
  • Button Group addon gradient background issue fixed.
  • Image Overlay addon button text broken on frontend editor issue fixed.
  • Carousel addon not autoplay in frontend editor issue fixed.
  • Carousel Pro addon autoplay not working in frontend editor issue fixed.
  • Block Number addon number disappearance issue fixed.
  • Icon Group addon display issue fixed.
  • Article addon incorrect cyrillic symbols display issue fixed.
  • Timeline addon undefined variable issue fixed.

Version 3.3.5

31 Oct 2018
  • Brand new Animated Heading addon.
  • 22 blocks added (created with Animated Heading addon)
Bug Fix
  • Section Shape z~index issue.
  • Heading addon text~transform issue.
  • Carousel Pro addon undefined constant issue.

Version 3.3.4

23 Oct 2018
  • Carousel Pro addon height & typography styling options.
  • Feature Box addon hover effect options.
  • Animated Number addon before/after text adding option.
  • Opt-in Form addon typography styling option.
  • Pricing Table addon typography styling option.
Bug Fix
  • Article editing mode Joomla Editor (JCE) to Page Builder Editor switching issue.
  • css.php stdClass to string conversion issue.
  • Article addon and external image URL (Image & Links) issue..

Version 3.3.3

16 Oct 2018
  • Price List addon gutter responsive option added.
  • Opt-in form addon button styling option added.
  • Image addon title padding option added.
  • Icons Group addon text styling option added.
  • Article addon compatibility added with Helix Ultimate post format.
Bug Fix
  • Carousel Pro fullwidth issue fixed.
  • Open Street Map addon popup window special character issue fixed.
  • Open Street Map addon external marker URL issue fixed.
  • Timeline addon responsive issue fixed.
  • Image Overlay addon hover issue fixed.

Version 3.3.2

10 Oct 2018
  • Tab addon typography style added and UX improved.
  • Gallery addon item alignment option added.
  • Divider addon alignment & width option added.
  • Border option added inside link type to Button & Button Group addon.
  • Animated Number addon typography style added.
Bug Fix
  • css.php file undefined variable issue fixed.
  • Modal addon YouTube related video issue fixed.
  • K2 Read More undefined variable issue fixed.
  • Row overlay content not clickable issue fixed.
  • Image Overlay default animation issue fixed.

Version 3.3.1

05 Oct 2018
  • Gradient & pattern overlay options added to row background settings.
  • Gradient & pattern overlay options added to column background settings.
  • Contact Form addon form field styling options added.
  • Testimonial Pro addon typography styling options added.
  • 3 pre-defined styles & typography styling options added to the Person addon.
  • Icon addon link target option added.
Bug Fix
  • Row background YouTube & Vimeo video loading issue fixed.
  • Image Overlay addon subtitle upprecase issue fixed.

Version 3.3

18 Sep 2018
  • Major redesign in the builder system
  • Layout bundle system (complete templates) introduced
  • SEO options added to the page settings in the frontend editor
  • Create a new page from the frontend editor
  • Capability of adding pages to menus from the frontend editor
  • Edit, delete, or view any page from the frontend editor
  • A list of all pages available on the frontend editor
  • Edit articles (built with the page builder) on the frontend
  • Price List addon
  • Image Overlay addon
  • Clear full-page content with a single click
  • Flickr Gallery addon updated with new API
Bug Fix
  • Local video in Section BG conflict in Edge issue
  • Image width issue in Flickr Gallery addon
  • Greek language entity encoding issue
  • Column options editing conflict with Flexible Padding issue
  • PHP error for external video parameter in row/start.php
  • Column drag and drop issue
  • Font Awesome 4 updated to the latest version

Version 3.2.9

30 Aug 2018
  • Open Street Map addon added (Pro).
Bug Fix
  • Video addon Vimeo video issue fixed.

Version 3.2.8

16 Aug 2018
Bug Fix
  • Video addon conflict with existing template issue fixed.
  • Article Scroller addon ordering and category issue fixed (Pro).

Version 3.2.7

14 Aug 2018
  • Added brand new Article Scroller addon (Pro).
  • Option added to show multiple locations in Google Map addon (Pro).
  • Video uploading feature added to the Video addon.
  • Video addon gets YouTube cookie-prevention feature.
  • Accessibility improved in the Carousel and Carousel Pro addons.
  • Accessibility improved in the Feature addon.
Bug Fix
  • Section background video playing issue fixed for iPhone/iPad.
  • Responsiveness issue fixed in the Instagram addon (Pro).
  • Video suggestion issue fixed in the Video addon.
  • Module compatibility issue fixed in the Optin Form addon (Pro).

Version 3.2.6

18 July 2018
  • Warning message where no addon folder is detected.
Bug Fix
  • Parallax system reverted to original.
  • Frontend editing break issue fixed.

Version 3.2.5

13 July 2018
  • Added alphabetical and random item order options in Article addon (pro).
  • Show author alias name option added to Article addon’s list (pro).
  • Included sender name, phone, email and GDPR in the mail body (pro).
  • Added GDPR & reCAPTCHA in Optin Form addon (pro).
  • Ajax Contact Form addon button center and right option added (pro).
  • Carousel Pro addon class added in every item (pro).
Bug Fix
  • Smart search for article & page issue solved (pro).
  • Parallax scrolling issue fixed (pro).
  • Instagram Gallery addon renovated & height issue fixed (pro).
  • Site development speed issue fixed (pro).
  • Drop down menu issue with Helix3 in tablet fixed.
  • Modal SEO for image selector alt issue fixed (pro).
  • Icon group bug in accordion or tab fixed (pro).
  • "Libre" font selection frontend crashing issue fixed (pro).
  • Carousel Pro addon responsive issue fixed (pro).
  • Row background video loop issue fixed (pro).
  • Fixed notice undefined property: stdClass::$subtitle.

Version 3.2.4

27 June 2018
Bug Fix
  • Row drag and Drop padding feature added (pro).
  • Inline editor issue fixed (pro).
  • Media Manager image or media item's title issue fixed.

Version 3.2.3

13 June 2018
Bug Fix
  • Frontend media manager uploading issue fixed
  • Frontend left side bar text editing issue fixed.
  • Email sending issue fixed in contact form addon.

Version 3.2.2

12 June 2018
  • Inline Editing ability added (pro).
  • Added Twitter Card (pro).
  • Added Facebook app ID option (pro).
  • Added Phone Field in contact form addon (pro).
Bug Fix
  • Pricing addon: "Price Font Size" responsive not working in frontend edit issue fixed (pro).
  • Carousel pro addon: Responsive image and video issue fixed (pro).
  • OptIn form addon: if Button custom is enabled and font size empty then "Send Button" is empty on frontend issue fixed (pro).
  • Button addon : button padding responsive not working issue fixed.
  • Image Content addon: Button Style Not working issue fixed (pro).
  • OptIn form addon: Description text preview code and margin issue fixed (pro).
  • Image content addon: Color and font family issue fixed. (pro)
  • Tab addon: Icon color not working issue fixed.
  • Carousel & Carouselpro addon: stdClass undefined notice issue fixed.
  • Browser Chrome v67 no background image in row(s) issue

Version 3.2.1

11 May 2018
Bug Fix
  • Font family missing issue fixed in the preview.

Version 3.2.0

10 May 2018
  • Responsiveness for Gallery addon
  • New features added and improved responsiveness of Feature Box addon (Free and Pro)
  • Icon styling features added to Tab addon (Free and Pro)
  • Icon styling and image positioning feature added to Testimonial Pro addon
  • Search content on Joomla article built with SP Page Builder
  • Open graph feature enable/disable option added to SP Page Builder
  • Page front view performance improvement (Free and Pro)
  • Improved the Joomla content integration plugin
Bug Fix
  • Critical security bug fixed
  • Carousel Pro addon autoplay issue
  • SP Page Builder page search on multilingual sites
  • Image Content addon empty button and responsiveness issues
  • Instagram Gallery addon tips bug issue
  • Tab addon PHP notice issue
  • Optin Form addon button outline and fontsize issues
  • css.php undefined stdClass issue
  • Audio issue of Vimeo videos on section background
  • Carousel addon undefined stdClass issue
  • Duplicate FadeInDown animation issue
  • Empty prompt box upon column deletion issue
  • Feature addon content alignment issue (Free and Pro)
  • Testimonial addon textalignment issue
  • Testimonial pro addon image radius and custom class issues
  • Modal addon image alt issue
  • Icon addon custom class issue
  • JCE editor same text preview issue
  • PHP error notice fixed from system plugin
  • Undoredo functioning improved
  • 404 error in frontend edit preview for multilingual site issue
  • Falang compatibility improvement
  • Apache nondefault port issue fixed for URL

Version 3.1.3

20 Mar 2018
  • Smart Search plugin added for SP Page Builder
  • Styling added to Pie Progress bar
  • Icon groups addon added
  • Button style added ( Free & Pro)
  • button groups button style added
  • Ajax contact button style added
  • Video Info hide options added ( Free & Pro)
  • Tab addon custom style option added ( Free & Pro)
  • Article addon post by tag option added
  • License key input field has now hidden value
Bug Fix
  • Border radius fatal error
  • Total count, Twitter share on Social Share addon
  • Title, Image link and Image alt issue on Feature box addon ( Free & Pro)
  • Modal height issue in the modal addon
  • Instagram gallery addon preview
  • Flickr gallery addon live preview
  • Google Maps issue fixed
  • Sorting featured article on Article addon
  • Testimonial pro addon avatar size
  • Testimonial addon class bug ( Free & Pro)
  • SPPB Module(s) inside article
  • Global style issue for ajax request based preview addons ( Free & Pro)
  • Column margin, row video preview image issue

Version 3.1.2

26 Feb 2018
  • 19 new pre-designed templates (Pro).
  • Helix Ultimate compatibility added (Pro).
  • SP Page Builder backward compatibility added.
Bug Fix
  • Article addon’s item sorting improved (Pro).
  • Social share addon’s count issue fixed (Pro).
  • Image addon's dualimage issue fixed in frontend editing.
  • Timeline addon’s responsive issue fixed (Pro).

Version 3.1.1

12 Feb 2018
  • Helix Ultimate compatibility.
  • Gradient background for buttons (Pro).
  • Library panel close button
  • php7.2 errors fixed.
Bug Fix
  • __sppagebuilder_addons table issue (Pro).
  • Testimonial pro js error and show controls (Pro).
  • Global options default values.
  • double CSS code with k2 (Pro).
  • Modal popup image issue (Pro).
  • Flip box iOS issue (Pro).
  • Row copy paste duplicate ID (Pro).
  • Builder type reorder for backend.
  • HTML decoding issue for modules.
  • Text Shadow issue (Pro).
  • Missing lang.
  • border styles for flipbox (Pro).

Version 3.1

08 Jan 2018
  • Gradient background for rows, columns, and addons
  • Save addons as presets in the library
  • Resizable sidebar
  • Link List addon
  • Custom CSS field for addons
  • Re-designed background effect bar
Bug Fix
  • Extra checkbox field for Contact Form addon
  • Improved box shadow in input UX
  • Margin, border and borderradius options for columns
  • Negative value for Heading addon letter spacing
  • Link field now supports attachments for Heading and Image addons
  • Text transformation and shadow for Heading addon
  • Margin and padding value split conflict with old data
  • Addon default value init in Article
  • OG image issue
  • JCE editor link prettify issue
  • Image content empty button text issue
  • Backend settings drop down menu overflow issue
  • Link color for Feature addon issue
  • Google maps not showing in articles with integration enabled

Version 3.0.4

14 Dec 2017
Bug Fix
  • Countdown background color issue (Pro)
  • Carousel Pro addon text color issue (Pro)
  • Inner column custom class (Pro)
  • Multilingual issue for frontend editing
  • Feature addon title link color issue
  • Optin Form addon AcyMailing issue (Pro)
  • K2 category issue (Pro)
  • Unpublished/Trashed Joomla article issue (Pro)
  • K2 Show All button line issue (Pro)

Version 3.0.3

04 Dec 2017
Bug Fix
  • JCE color change realtime view
  • Feature box disappearing issue
  • Copy/paste same ID issue (Pro)
  • Backend row setting form init issue
  • Image URL issue
  • No more empty CSS (Pro)
  • Media upload to chosen folder
  • Page Template loading issue for some servers
  • Custom class in column issue
  • Inner column padding at frontend editing (Pro)

Version 3.0.2

23 Nov 2017
  • Copy/paste notification
Bug Fix
  • Language and Integration installation issue
  • Column setting tools zindex issue
  • HTTPS for all JoomShaper API connections
  • Heading Addon background overlay issue
  • Backend inner row admin title issue
  • Backend inner row duplicate issue
  • Small frontend editor screen issue

Version 3.0.1

17 Nov 2017
Bug Fix
  • Inner row padding and margin responsive issue fixed (Pro)
  • Row title and subtitle font size issue fixed
  • Button text responsive issue fixed
  • YouTube video now muted in live view (Pro)
  • Repeatable item button clone issue fixed
  • Column setting error after reinitialization issue fixed
  • ParallaxJS function error issue fixed (Pro)
  • Inside addon design for backend issue fixed
  • Text input reinitialization issue fixed
  • Shape height issue fixed (Pro)
  • Drop cap color issue fixed
  • Some minor fixes are also applied

Version 3.0

13 Nov 2017
  • 100% live editing experience
  • 90 pre-built sections (pro)
  • Save Sections in library for reusing later (pro)
  • Shape Divider with 10 shapes (pro)
  • Element copy-paste feature now available in the front-end editor (pro)
  • Google Fonts support (pro)
  • Device-wise responsive options
  • New font styles
  • Border radius for Image addon
  • Use addons in accordions and tabs
  • Re-engineered media manager
  • Image addon title position issue fixed
  • Pricing addon updated (pro)
  • Columns are now flexboxes
  • Improved UI & UX
  • Faster and improved drag and drop system
  • Improved Parallax (pro)
  • All addons improved and updated
  • Padding, margin options system renovated
Bug Fix
  • Removed Addons: Blockquote, Call to Action, Drop Cap (Now you can use drop cap with Text Block addon), Facebook Like, Facebook Likebox, Google Plus Button, Twitter Share.

Version 2.5.4

29 Sep 2017
Bug Fix
  • Show video and audio in article Addon (Pro).
  • Flickr SSL issue fixed (Pro).
  • Twitter SSL issue fixed (Pro).
  • Infinity Loading Icon issue in OptinForm Addon fixed (Pro).
  • Falang Extension Compatibility bug fixed (Pro).
  • Search Limit Issue fixed (Pro).
  • PHP error warning in empty space addon fixed.
  • Button responsive issue fixed in Carousel Addon (Pro).
  • Others minor fix and improvement added (Pro).

Version 2.5.3

29 Aug 2017
  • AcyMailing integrated with opt-in form addon (Pro).
Bug Fix
  • Page Builder Module bug fixed (Pro).

Version 2.5.2

25 Aug 2017
  • Brand new opt-in subscription form addon included (Pro).
  • Added German (de-DE) language (Pro).
  • Style options added to title, pricing text, and button in Pricing addon (Pro).
  • Text insertion option added to icons and images in the modal selector of the Modal addon (Pro).
  • Joomla 3.8 compatibility added.
Bug Fix
  • Article addon improved (Pro).

Version 2.5.1

07 Aug 2017
Bug Fix
  • Article Addon improved

Version 2.5.0

04 Aug 2017
Bug Fix
  • JCE compatibility issue fixed.
  • Addon article all category select error issue fixed, k2 & Joomla article (frontend and backend).
  • Addon contact form email sends issue fixed (overwritten old template).
  • Article addon, selected categories issue fixed.
  • Image Content, title font size, and color change visibility in frontend issue fixed.

Version 2.4.9

13 July 2017
  • 7 New templates added (Pro).
  • FaLang multilingual site development support added (Pro).
  • Parallax background (Pro).
  • Row video background external video YouTube/Vimeo support (Pro).
  • Box Shadow for all addons and column.
  • Responsive option for Carousel Pro Title, Content and button (Pro).
  • Social Addon Icon Alignment (Pro).
  • UX : Apply and Cancel buttons in top corner of addons.
Bug Fix
  • Flipbox addon background image URL issue fixed (Pro).

Version 2.4.8

23 June 2017
  • ACL (Pro).
  • Google Map info window added (Pro).

Version 2.4.7

08 June 2017
  • Language management system (Pro).
  • External image link for Image addon
  • Twitter addon now displays tweet images as well (Pro).
  • Licence and Google Maps API key notice added (Pro)
  • Xing and WhatsApp sharing options added to Social Share addon (Pro)
  • Span and br tags now allowed in text field.

  • Admin quick menu improved with new items
Bug Fix
+ Slide interval and speed added in Testimonial Pro, Carousel & Carousel Pro addons
  • Image addon gets Alt and Title attribute fields.
 Gallery addon width issue in IE fixed (Pro).
  • Modal close button behind fixed header issue solved (Pro).
  • Modal responsiveness improved (Pro)

Version 2.4.6

25 May 2017
  • 5 New Templates (Pro).
  • Article addon gets multiple categories adding option (Pro).
  • Article addon subcategory items display option (Pro).
  • Contact Addon form added Google reCaptcha system (Pro).
  • Contact form addon added new field 'From mail' and 'name' (Pro).
  • External image URL add option in the row.
  • Icon addon added link option.
  • Updated Font-awesome to 4.7.
Bug Fix
  • call to action addon empty button padding issue fixed (Pro).
  • Fixed custom class issue in row and addon.
  • Carousel and Carousel Pro addon custom button issue fixed.

Version 2.4.5

11 May 2017
  • Added popup option in Flickr Gallery (Pro).
  • Flickr and Instagram addon curl added (Pro).
  • Padding option in custom button.
Bug Fix
  • Article addon improved on k2 (Pro).
  • Media manager improved.
  • Magnific Popup conflict issue fixed (Pro).
  • Modal button issue (Pro).

Version 2.4.4

02 May 2017
Bug Fix
  • JCE Editor Compatibility (Pro)

Version 2.4.3

01 May 2017
Bug Fix
  • Frontend Editor Container bug for all templates (Pro)
  • JCE Editor Compatibility (Pro)
  • Joomla 3.7 Compatible
  • Article Area Modal Popup issue fixed (i.e. image, user, etc) (Pro)
  • Modal size in responsive bug fixed (Pro)
  • Article Addon unexpected error report fix (Pro)

Version 2.4.2

29 Mar 2017
  • Flip box addon added (Pro).
Bug Fix
  • K2 Schedule post issue fixed (Pro).
  • Frontend tinyMCE editor menu issue fixed (Pro).
  • Carousel pro blank content warning issue fixed (Pro).
  • Tweet addon module error issue fixed (Pro).
  • Frontend editing row background image issue fixed (Pro).

Version 2.4.1

16 Mar 2017
  • 6 Brand new template layouts (Pro).
Bug Fix
  • Equal height background issue fixed.
  • Heading addon font weight issue fixed(Pro).
  • Feature addon padding issue fixed.

Version 2.4

06 Mar 2017
  • K2 Support on article addon (pro).
  • introduced "cURL" for integration support (pro).
Bug Fix
  • Column equal height issue fixed in safari.
  • Overlay background issue fixed for column.
  • Instagram error issue fixed (pro).
  • Timeline Addon improved in responsive (pro).
  • Twitter Feed addon improved (Include Retweets and Ignore Replies) (pro).

Version 2.3.5

18 Jan 2017
  • Instagram Addon (pro).
  • Timeline addon (pro).
Bug Fix
  • Article issue in JCE fixed.
  • Search error fixed (pro).
  • Button addon improved.
  • Contact addon form improved, style for send button (pro).
  • Textarea in Text Block fields

Version 2.3.4

Jan 2017
Bug Fix
  • Row style issue fixed.
  • PHP minimum required version changed to 5.4+.

Version 2.3.3

Bug Fix
  • Row unexpected white space issue fixed.

Version 2.3.2

  • Frontend login view (Pro).
  • PHP old version error message.
  • Admin footer information updated.
Bug Fix
  • IE Image issue fixed
  • Module Pagebuilder style and background add issue fixed (Pro).
  • Module Pagebuilder frontend language issue fixed (Pro).
  • Module SP Page Builder html data not saving issue fixed (Pro).
  • Row third party video issue fixed.
  • Equal column responsive issue fixed.
  • Article integration JCE bug fixed (Pro).
  • Addon Google Map hover mouse scroll issue fixed (Pro).
  • Addon Countdown Language string issue fixed (Pro).
  • Addon Accordion on/off all items feature added.
  • Addon Button Group only show icon issue fixed (Pro).
  • Addon Feature individual padding option (top, right, bottom, left).
  • Long text button issue in responsive.
  • W3C Validation error fixed.
  • Addon Settings “Access” visibility issue for IE/FireFox fixed (Pro).

Version 2.3.1

Bug Fix
  • JCE 2.6.2 and 2.6.3 compatible (Pro).

Version 2.3

Bug Fix
  • Article integration issue fixed (pro).

Version 2.2

Dec 2016
Bug Fix
  • Import Bug bug on windows PC fixed (pro).
  • Media input in repeatable issue fixed.
  • JCE Editor 2.6.x compatibility added (pro).
  • All knows issues fixed.

Version 2.1

  • Container option added in global settings.
  • Missing language strings added.
  • Empty addon responsive settings improved.
  • Person addon email address field added (Pro).
Bug Fix
  • Firefox import & export issue fixed (Pro).
  • Import JSON layout from old SP Page Builder version to SP Page Builder 2+ issue fixed (Pro).
  • Article addon show/hide (author, date, category, etc.) issue fixed.
  • Content link issue fixed in Image addon (Pro).
  • Image link issue fixed in Feature addon.
  • Joomla article integration plugin improved (Pro).
  • K2 integration plugin improved (Pro).
  • J2 store plugin integration improved (Pro).
  • SP Page Builder default search issue fixed (Pro).
  • CSS improved.
  • Carousel & Carousel Pro button target issue fixed.
  • 404 redirect issue fixed.

Version 2.0

Nov 2016
  • Visual Site Building with Frontend Editor (pro)
  • Lightning Fast
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo Changes
  • New Media Manager
  • Page Builder Module (pro)
  • Enhance Joomla Articles with Page Builder (pro)
  • J2Store and K2 Support (pro)
  • JCE Editor Support (pro)
  • Pre-designed Page Layouts and templates (pro)
  • Device Specific Responsive Controls
  • Enable/Disable Page Elements (pro)
  • Better Row/Column Management
  • Copy, Paste, Delete & Duplicate Everything (pro)
  • Access Control List Support (pro)
  • Countdown Addon (pro)
  • Social Share Addon (pro)
  • Heading Addon (pro)
  • Attach Files to Buttons
  • Central Google Maps API Configuration
  • All Possible Layouts

Version 1.4

Sep 2016
  • Show article by post type. (pro)
  • Added Feature addon url option (title, icon or both)
Bug Fix
  • Show article as start publishing and end publishing. (pro)
  • Article ordering improved. (pro)

Version 1.3

  • Added "Magnetic Popup" Script
Bug Fix
  • Dropped "PrettyPhoto" Script
  • YouTube popup bug fixed
  • Missing language phrases fixed

Version 1.2

  • Page loading in the backend gets 100x faster (Pro)
  • Saving a page is much faster than before (Pro)
Bug Fix
  • Google Maps API Key field added in the addon (Pro)
  • SEO bug fixed in 'Feature' addon

Version 1.1.0

Bug Fix
  • Live update bug fixed ( pro )
  • Language string bug fixed
  • Modal in small device bug fixed (pro)
  • Article addon bug fixed (pro)
  • Video fullscreen bug fixed

Version 1.0.9

Apr 2016
Bug Fix
  • Important security Issues Fixed

Version 1.0.8

Feb 2016
  • New FontAwesome icon chooser
  • Page hits
Bug Fix
  • 404 error redirect bug
  • Opengraph image delete problem
  • Module addon: Front end title was not visible
  • Twitter feed language string missing

Version 1.0.7

Dec 2015
  • New Media Manager
  • Added category support
  • Pages drag and drop sorting
  • Added admin label
  • FontAwesome 4.5.0
  • Improved ajax contact addon ( Pro )
Bug Fix
  • Article addon image bug fixed ( Pro )
  • Removed mootools dependency
  • Fixed clear search bug from pages list

Version 1.0.6

Nov 2015
  • Nested row in column featured added ( Pro )
  • Ability to add module position feature added
  • Joomla! Article addon added ( Pro )
Bug Fix
  • Module position loading bug fixed
  • Router bug fixed ( Pro )

Version 1.0.5

Sep 2015
  • Row copy option (Pro)
  • Option to disable/enable row (Pro)
  • Improved modal popup addon (Pro)
  • Improved router and search
Bug Fix
  • Site title bug fixed
  • All known bug fixed

Version 1.0.4

Jul 2015
  • Joomla search integration ( Pro )
  • Custom columns layout ( Pro )
  • Live update
  • Updated gallery addon
Bug Fix
  • Ajax contact bug fix
  • Prettyphoto bug fix
  • Image ALT tag added
  • Editor image alignment bug fix
  • Progress bar firefox bug fix
  • Configuration save bug fix

Version 1.0.3

Jun 2015
  • New Addon title option.
  • New Page layout export and import option ( Pro only ).
  • Added option to disable fontawesome and default css.

Version 1.0.2

Feb 2015
  • Added option to search addon.
  • Added Ajax interface.
  • Added font-weight property (bold, normal) option to all addons titles.
  • Added Ajax Contact Addon  (with Math Captcha built-in) ( Pro only ).
  • Added Image Content Addon ( Pro only ).
  • Added Button Group Addon ( Pro only ).
Bug Fix
  • Updated into FontAwesome 4.3 it means 519 pictographic icons ready to use.
  • Fixed Media Manager bug.
  • Improved feature addon.

Version 1.0.1

Jan 2015
  • Seven completely new buit-in templates, such a: About Us, Corporate page, Pricing table or Our team.
Bug Fix
  • Text input bug for repeatable items.
  • We also added missing language strings.

Version RC1

Dec 2014
  • Save as copy option.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Open Graph support.
  • SEO.
  • ACL.

Version Beta

  • Initial Release