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SP Property

SP Property

Version: 4.0.2

Version 4.0.2

23 August 2022
Bug Fix
  • Image upload issue fix for SP Property User Profile Plugin
  • Gallery issue fix
  • UserGroup issue fix

Version 4.0.1

05 Oct 2021
Bug Fix
  • menu assign issue for property gallery, my property.
  • create new property error for J4.
  • SQL error issue for J4.
  • property features actions button icon not showing issue for J4.
  • agent image not saving issue for J4.
  • Pagination css issue for J4.
  • update properties issue for J4.

Version 4.0.0

28 June 2021
  • Joomla 4 compatibility
  • Price field format (ID, rounding off option,)
  • Language file updated for missing text.
Bug Fix
  • License key security issue

Version 3.1

14 Dec 2018
  • Currency option in the individual property edit view.
  • Drag and drop multiple gallery image upload system.
  • ‘Add to favourite’ enable/disable option.
  • Fixed price and price per measurement options for a property pricing.
  • ACL improved.
Bug Fix
  • Backend ordering issue.
  • All known bugs.

Version 3.0

15 Nov 2018
  • Map view with real-time interaction.
  • Half map view and full map view options.
  • Grid and list layouts for map view.
  • Frontend category view.
  • Apply ACL on agents.
  • "Add to favorite" functionality for properties.
  • "Apply as agent" on the frontend.
  • Image thumbnail options.
  • Font icon and image support for property features.
  • Dynamic photo gallery.
  • Single image and multiple image slider on property single page.
  • Featured agent option.
  • My Properties view for agents.
  • SP Property EMI Calculator module.
  • Range slider in the SP Property Search module.
  • Hide/show options for every search field on SP Property Search module.
  • SP Property Categories module.
  • SP Property Agents module.
Bug Fix
  • All known bugs fixed.

Version 2.1

17 Sept 2018
  • Property feature filter added in the search module.
  • Backend property search improved (search by id, unique id, title)
  • 10 new currency added in the backend config.
  • Content prepare added in the item description.
Bug Fix
  • Item description styling issue fixed.

Version 2.0

04 Sept 2018
  • One step closer to Joomla 4 support.
  • Upgraded component to native Joomla system.
  • Open Street Map added.
  • Request for price feature added in the property.
  • Currency format and position option added.
  • Save as Copy option added backend.
  • Ordering option added in search view.
  • Added a unique id feature in the property.
  • Backend map field is replaced by Latitude and Longitude fields.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Search tool added and enriched in the backend.
Bug Fix
  • Google map’s API key issue fixed.
  • Terms & Conditions multilingual issue fixed.
  • Rent and Sell issue fixed.
  • Search module’s location limit fixed.

Version 1.5

03 July 2018
  • reCAPTCHA in agent contact form and visit request.
  • Property status text is now multilingual.
  • Additional property measurement (Sqft.) changing system.
Bug Fix
  • Search module category limit set to unlimited.
  • Missing language strings added.
  • Minor CSS styles improved.
  • Agent phone number click to call issue.
  • Backend item sorting issue fixed.
  • Minor improvement in the search module.

Version 1.4

07 June 2018
  • GDPR Compatibility added.
Bug Fix
  • Search module sql query improved.
  • Search Module reset button added.
  • Backend sorting improved.

Version 1.3

14 July 2017
  • Agent profile improved.
  • Property status added in search option and search improved.
  • Property search module duplicate location issue fixed.
  • Property category sorting page title improved.
  • Sort Property status from the menu.
  • Sold items badge and property status added.
  • Caching system improved.
Bug Fix
  • Language improved.
  • Mass Category CSS broken issue fixed.

Version 1.2

  • Joomla 3.7 Compatibility added.
  • Backend improved.

Version 1.1

Bug Fix
  • Property visit request mail issues
  • Agent mail issues
  • Security issues

Version 1.0

  • initial Released