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SP Cookie Consent

J4 J3
Cookie Notice Display Extension for Joomla
Version: 1.1
Downloads: 32,567

Extension Details

The Cookie Consent plugin for Joomla 3.x lets you display a cookie (or other legal) notice on your Joomla website and inform the visitors that your site uses cookies. Inside Textarea field you can use HTML tags. This plugin presents your cookie and privacy notice when someone visits your site for the first time. You can easily set a text and links (via HTML tags) to documents as the notice along with a custom color for the notification area. Then you can choose a position used in the template.

Notice! Please disable that plugin before Joomla 4 upgrade process, and install the extension version compatible with the new Joomla only.

Notice! The current version (1.0) doesn't block any cookies, it means it's not fully EU Cookie Law Compliance.