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SP Booking

Joomla Travel Booking Extension

SP Booking is a complete and robust travel booking solution for Joomla. The extension provides each and every feature necessary for travel booking and related websites. With a rich presentation of the facilities utilizing multimedia contents, SP Booking is a full-fledged travel management system for any travel agency, tour operator, car hire, hotel booking, villa rental, and flight booking website.

Key Features:

  • Present properties with amenities, address, map, contact, and other details.
  • Show a slidable photo gallery for an appealing visual display.
  • Have the facility reviews, ratings, and certifications on board.
  • Show the accommodation policy and customer comments on the detail page.
  • Offer a booking system straight on the property/service page.
  • Add rooms under accommodation facilities with details like the capacity of the room, rent amounts with custom daily pricing, room amenities, and more.
  • Offer tour packages with accommodation & other facilities and display price, discounts, ratings etc.
  • Payment method integration to accept payments from the customers.
  • In-depth searching & sorting for admins.
  • Create a coupon code and distribute to the visitors, set a discount in a percentage or a fixed amount. Also, define the maximum amount for a percentage discount.
  • You can present travel spots to the website visitors attractively and tell how the tourists can get the most out of the tour.
  • Create and manage categories for the core booking services such as accommodations, transports, packages, and places
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Works on all major web browsers.
  • Bootstrap-based responsive design.
SP Booking
  • Version 2.1.2
  • Pricing Pro
  • Downloads 9,883
  • Compatible with Joomla 5, 4 & 3


Add Booking Items

Enlist different booking items and make them available for the intended people to go through and find the one they are looking for.

Accommodation Management

A robust mechanism to present every information of an accommodation facility. Present the property with amenities, address, map, contact details etc.

Room Booking

Add rooms or other items under accommodation facilities like hotels, motels, resorts etc. The room adding interface offers lots of options to go deeper with the details.

Centralized Dashboard

The extension welcomes admin users with a centralized dashboard. This offers a sneak-peek of the entire booking business at any given time.

Package Booking

Offer tour packages with accommodation, activities, other facilities. Present packages in both list and grid views. Display price, discounts, ratings & more.

Photo Gallery

Add a feature image and supporting photos to a service/property which will render in a gallery on the frontend. This will make it even more attractive.

Coupons and Deals

SP Booking lets you offer discounts and deals. Create coupon codes and distribute them to the visitors. Set discounts in a percentage or a fixed amount.

Tourist Attractions

Let people explore travel spots in advance. They can also have virtual tours to the tourist spots via descriptions, photo gallery, videos, and so on.

Reviews and Ratings

As an admin, if you allow, visitors can add reviews to your listed services. You can moderate these reviews from the extension’s backend flexibly.

Payment Method Integration

Add a payment system to the extension from its global settings panel. Along with PayPal, you can also add a ‘Pay Later’ option.

In-depth Sorting for Admins

An admin can filter and search the entries (e.g. accommodations, rooms, vehicles, bookings, and so on) with lots of criteria at a time.

Additional Services

Add supplementary amenities and assign them to the core services like accommodations, rooms, or packages.

Extensive Search

Have an extensive searching mechanism that lets the visitors search and find their desired accommodation, transportation facility, tour package, and more in a flash.

Dedicated Modules

SP Booking has a collection of dedicated modules to render the site contents (e.g. accommodation, package, destination, etc.) professionally.

Translation Ready

Running a multilingual site or willing to use a language other than English? No worries. SP Booking is translation ready. Communicate most comfortably!

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