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SP Kindergarten

SP Kindergarten

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Elementary School System Management
Version: 2.3.0
Downloads: 6,722

Extension Details

If you were planning to launch a kindergarten or elementary school website, that will require a purpose oriented dedicated system to manage the institution specific data. With SP Kindergarten, you can effectively manage all school related information's like classes, courses, teachers and activities (events with speakers) and save a lot of time. Originally we developed SP Kindergarten for our template Kidzy, and now we are releasing it as a standalone Joomla! component (with modules) that you can use with other templates as well. It can be used for all kinds of educational institution, not only for kids.


Main features of SP Kindergarten:

  • Easily manage the entire preschool activities by adding classes and later listing courses under them.
  • Add teacher profiles to your kindergarten site and present your team in an innovative way. Teacher profiles include basic information like name, designation, image, description, social links, career timeline etc.
  • The career timeline of a teacher shows his/her milestone achievements on their career.
  • Showcase courses with detailed information like subjects, teachers, related courses, class size, tuition fee etc.
  • Arrange events using the SP Kindergarten component more easily. Add new events in a few mouse clicks.
  • Each event page have many important features like countdown timer, map, directions etc.
  • Add and display event speakers by creating speaker profiles with their names, designations, images, descriptions, relevant links and so on.
  • Online web-based extension (tool) for Joomla 3+ sites.
  • Component with modules are ready for translation (check manual).
  • Mobile Friendly Design.



Add Classes

List the academic programs that your institution offers. Add classes on the site using SP Kindergarten.

Manage Courses

Add the course details with subjects, teachers, class size, tuition fee and other relevant information.

Sort By Classes

On the respective page, sort the available courses by classes. Show the courses for each specific class.

Informative Teacher Profiles

Teacher profiles are detailed, informative and rich with their basic information, social links and career timeline.

Show Single Course on Menu

The courses you add with SP Kindergarten can be shown on your site’s menu bar. You can show both the total course list or a single course link on the navigation bar.

Organize Events

Celebrate any occasion by arranging meetups with the help of SP Kindergarten’s event feature.

Add Speakers

Event speakers’ profiles can be presented on the site with more functionality.

Assign Event Locations

While adding an event, you can embed a Google Maps frame on the event page to help the potential attendants in advance.

Countdown Timer

A countdown timer is available on the event page to let the visitors know when the event to happen.