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SP Medical

Medical Management Extension For Joomla

SP Medical is a complete medical management solution with numerous features and functionalities. This powerful Joomla extension enables you to build a dynamic website for any type of hospital, health clinic, dentist, rehabilitation center, surgeon, pediatric and other relevant sites on Joomla. It has doctor profiling, search, appointment, cost estimation all other necessary medical related features. SP Medical component was originally released with JoomShaper Medico template. But you can use this extension independently as well to build your medical site with any other relevant tempalte of your choice. Please check the component details below.

Key Features:

  • Easy Medical & appointment management system.
  • Departments list with services and price.
  • Specialists list in the frontend and sorting by departments and asc, desc.
  • Dynamic specialist Appointment sytem with patient informations.
  • Very Advance Search Module to search Specialists by department, speciality and name.
  • Cost Estimator for diagnostic test & procedures by department.
  • Dynamic weekly specialists schedule page.
  • Medical Specialists Module.
  • Medical Services or Departments list Module.
  • 2 Different Services or Departments Layout.
  • Unique Dashboard with quick overview and statistics.
  • Sorting specialists by department and native joomla options and search by specialist name.
  • Sorting appointment by department, Doctor, appointment date and search appointment by patient name, patient phone, patient email in the same field.
SP Medical
  • Version 2.1.0
  • Pricing Pro
  • Downloads 6,904
  • Compatible with Joomla 4 & 3


Specialist Profiles

SP Medical extension empowers you to add specialist or doctor profiles to your medical site and let the visitors contact them.

Department Lists

Present the departments of your medical center categorically with SP Medical department listing system and make easily discoverable.

Appointment Management

The AJAX appointment system offers an easy way to request an appointment, lets the admin to extensively filter & sort requests.

Filter & Search

The extension offers a rich and functional system to search & filter the contents like appointments, departments, specialists, dates etc.

Cost Estimator

Visitors on your site can select the categories of the services and click on checkboxes of available items to measure the total costs instantly.

Dynamic Weekly Schedules

The dynamic weekly specialist schedule page generated by SP Medical component presents the doctors’ availability for a given week.

Medical Specialists Module

We’ve built the Medical Specialists module for the extension which can enlist the specialists with their details including the availability timings.

Department List Module

With the Department list module, you can add and present your medical services and department lists on your site.

Layout Options

We’ve created 2 different Services or Departments layouts for you to select and use one on your website. Choice is yours.

Unique Informative Dashboard

The detailed but simplified dashboard of SP Medical presents the latest statistics of your medical service site with figures and facts.

Quick Appointment

The individual doctor profile pages feature a form which can be used to send an appointment request to the doctor in seconds.

Google reCAPTCHA

The form submission system in SP Medical component incorporates Google reCAPTCHA authentication option for spam protection.

Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 and prefixes are used in SP Medical component to make sure that it will not conflict with anything on your site.


We’ve developed SP Medical component as completely responsive. It will fit with every device and every screen size.

Compatible with any Template

SP Medical extension can be used with any Joomla template, so you can get your desired look and functionalities on your medical site.

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