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Joomla eCommerce Template for Online Fashion Stores
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Joomla 5 & 4
Helix Ultimate
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05 October 2023

Allura is a meticulously built Joomla eCommerce template designed to provide you with all the essential elements required to establish your online store related to clothing, bags, shoes, and other accessories. If you're in search of a comprehensive template for your Joomla-based fashion store, one that combines a modern design with exceptional features, then Allura is your choice.

Allura is harnessed by the exceptional and functional features of EasyStore - your one-stop solution for constructing and designing Joomla-based online stores. EasyStore empowers you not only to establish your online store from the ground up but also provides the flexibility to design and tailor your pages to your exact specifications, all thanks to its seamless integration with SP Page Builder.

This Joomla template’s QuickStart is packed with all the necessary elements and has been created with SP Page Builder 5 Pro! It’s made on the Helix Ultimate framework to help run your business website nicely and smoothly. Get Allura now and steal the opportunity to craft and elevate your online store beyond limits.

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Allura Overview


Bring your fashion store into the online realm with Allura, the exceptionally versatile template that seamlessly integrates a fully functional online store. Powered by the robust EasyStore, you can access a wealth of convenient features, such as product listings, detailed product information, multiple shipping options, shopping carts, wishlists, payment methods, and more!

Allura provides a range of meticulously designed pre-made pages tailored to suit various fashion businesses. Amidst its many valuable attributes, Allura also features an elegant off-canvas menu that complements the template's overall aesthetics. Additionally, the footer includes a social and Newsletter panel to keep your registered users informed and boost traffic to your website. The pre-made pages are fully customizable with SP Page Builder 5. With Allura, you can harness the impressive capabilities of the latest Joomla 4, the powerful Helix Ultimate, and PHP 8.0, ensuring a perfect customization experience.

Allura Key Features:

  • Powered by EasyStore
  • Sleek Off-canvas menu
  • Fashion focused homepage
  • Elegantly categorize your apparel
  • Clean and sleek product listing
  • Dedicated product details page
  • Quickly add items to your cart
  • Hassle-free checkout page
  • Feature your brand story in style
  • Built-in pages for quicker site launch
  • Dedicated support and documentation
  • SP Page Builder 5 Pro & Helix Ultimate

Latest Joomla 4 Support

The Allura Joomla template is completely optimized for Joomla 4, allowing you to benefit from its numerous features and advancements while staying current with the latest web design trends.

Enjoy a more user-friendly UI, modern media manager, and many more amazing features Joomla 4 has in store.

Powered By EasyStore

EasyStore is a powerful Joomla eCommerce extension, empowering you to establish your online store from the ground up, equipping it with all the necessary elements for a vibrant online presence. It boasts outstanding and resilient capabilities, such as product creation, inventory management, selection of preferred payment and shipping methods, and more.

Plus, you can enhance your storefront's appearance and functionality with the specialized SP Page Builder addons. Personalize Allura to your liking, leveraging the remarkable features provided by EasyStore.

Flaunt Your Chic Store With a Stylish Home Page

Allura's homepage boasts a stylish and engaging design that will immediately seize your visitors' interest. Showcase your store's distinctive collections, customer reviews, and more through the thoughtfully crafted homepage.

  • Entrancing hero section
  • Preview of your unique products
  • Panel for latest collections

Splendid Category Page to Organize Your Inventory

Craft a shopping corridor for your customers and exhibit the categories for your exceptional collections. Allura includes a dedicated Category page that allows you to elegantly showcase your product categories, aiding visitors in selecting exactly what they seek.

  • Present your store in a well-structured manner
  • Dedicated section for popular collections
  • Multiple CTAs placed strategically throughout the page

Allure Prospects With Enticing Product List & Product Details Page

The primary focus of an eCommerce website revolves around its products, and Allura ensures an effective presentation. It showcases your beloved products through an advanced, filterable listing interface. And each item receives the spotlight with an appealingly designed Product Details page.

  • Product Listing: Present your products on an instantly filterable interface
  • Product Details: Showcase each eCommerce item with an attractive detail page
  • Advanced Filtering: Allow products to be filtered by criteria such as price, availability, size, and more

Craft a Seamless Checkout Experience for Valued Customers

The checkout page on your eCommerce website is of utmost significance, as it plays a crucial role in delivering a smooth checkout experience to your customers. Allura leverages the capabilities of EasyStore, offering you access to top-notch functional features, including the ability to select shipping methods, payment options, and more.

  • Detailed order summary with a breakdown of prices
  • Freedom to select your preferred shipping method
  • Availability of multiple payment options

Delightful Shopping Vibe With Wishlist, Cart, Reviews, & More

Evoke shopping excitement in your potential customers, encouraging them to return and transfer their wishlist items into the shopping cart and ultimately, the checkout page. Allura empowers your prospects to effortlessly move their desired items from the wishlist directly into the shopping cart. Moreover, it provides your customers with easy access to their Order History, Order Details, and more, whenever they desire and in a snap!

  • User-friendly and straightforward user Account Information
  • Effortlessly accessible wishlist and shopping cart
  • View cart contents with the total price

About Page to Highlight Your Brand’s Vision

When it's time to tell the story of your fashion brand, its authenticity, and its distinctiveness, let Allura take the lead! Allura features a refined About page that combines captivating design with a clean yet elegant layout, perfectly showcasing your brand's inner essence.

  • An exquisite hero section to captivate attention
  • Stylish presentation of testimonials
  • A dedicated space to incorporate relevant videos

Uninterrupted Communication With Built-in Contact Page

Maintaining a connection and communication with your potential customers is crucial, and Allura makes it effortless. It offers a user-friendly contact page that allows your users to get in touch with you without any hassle.

  • Integrated Google Maps to pinpoint your location
  • Space for detailed address information
  • An intuitive self-explanatory form for users

SP Page Builder & Helix Ultimate

Powered by the mighty SP Page Builder Pro 5 and Helix Ultimate, the Allura Joomla template is a complete solution for your corporate site. Enjoy the finest website development experience with their drag-and-drop live site-building mechanism. Additionally, indulge in the customization of your eCommerce pages with the robust addons and features of SP Page Builder Pro 5.

  • Ease of creating and editing your content on the go
  • Enjoy front-end website development with real-time change viewer
  • Enjoy the benefits of these 2 popular Joomla dev tools

Regular Update & Dedicated Support

To ensure a hassle and fuss-free installation and setup, the Allura Joomla template comes with detailed documentation and dedicated support. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert support team for any technical queries or assistance.

  • Fast and expert solutions to all your issues
  • Future-proof your site with regular updates & bug fixes
  • Detailed product documentation for a quick guided start
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