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Aspasia - Responsive Joomla Template for Small Business and Portfolios Sites

Tags: Corporate
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  • Version2.2 View Changelog
  • FrameworkHelix3
  • Compatibility Joomla 3
  • Released On 01 May 2016
  • Updated On 09 Aug 2019

Template Details

Aspasia is a clean, stylish and professionally designed Joomla 3.8 template. It is a specialized solution for people who love to create, ideal choice for workshop, craftmanship websites and all kinds of (art) businesses.

Well made and nice designed multi-concept and multi-purpose.  Equipped with the powerful Helix3 Framework and pre-designed page templates.

It supports latest version of HikaShop, K2, AcyMailing and is easily customizable with SP Page Builder Pro 3 tool. It is fully responsive and it looks good on all resolutions and devices.  

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Overview of Aspasia Template. Responsive Joomla Template for Small Business and Portfolios Sites.
Feature 1

Aspasia is a multipurpose corporate, portfolio and business focused responsive template for Joomla. The title is released as the May template from JoomShaper, the world’s renowned professional Joomla template developer company. With this template, you can present your entity in a whole new way.

Aspasia features an innovative menu design looks great on every device and can adapt to screen size. We’ve integrated a dynamic slider on the top of the default homepage which can display the most exciting stuffs in a dazzling manner. You can also use the template to build a full-fledged portfolio or blog site.

The portfolio variation lets you make a grid-style collection of your amazing works. If you were planning a full-featured blog site, Aspasia also covers this. The template offers several ways to organize, decorate and present your blog site. You may use the pure Joomla based blogging features or utilize the prepackaged K2 Blog component.

Aspasia is powered by JoomShaper’s two revolutionary tools- the Helix 3 Framework and the SP Page Builder Pro. Enjoy 41+ premium and custom addons, create any layout and wow the world.

In Aspasia, we’ve included a modern tab feature which allows the user to click on a thumbnail item to view more information about it. Hikashop E-Commerce extension is provided with the template to handle your business online.

You get an eye-catching set of pricing tables and testimonials built-in. A state-of-the-art client slider displays your happy customers like never before. Use Acymailing to manage email newsletters.

Feature 2

Helix 3 Framework

Aspasia is crafted on the top of JoomShaper’s widely famous Helix 3 framework. The template framework helps you build your Joomla site faster than you can even imagine.


One of the most loved features of the Helix 3 Framework is its drag-and-drop functionality. You can build a website layout in a few minutes with Helix. Choose and customize modules, change module positions, build menus, utilize SP Page Builder resources and much more on Helix 3, everything is manageable with mouse clicks!

The Ultimate Layout Builder

Helix 3 is the ultimate layout maker for your Joomla site. The framework uses Bootstrap 3, that means you get mobile-first, responsive and modern web resources, all loaded inside the Aspasia template.

Feature 3

SP Page Builder Pro

SP Page Builder is a revolutionary and the most complete drag-and-drop CCK (Content Construction Kit) for Joomla. You get a premium version of this awesome tool for free with Aspasia.

No Coding Required

With this charming tool you can build or customize your website in few mouse clicks. SP Page Builder doesn’t require any coding knowledge, so anyone can shape their dream site in less than 30 minutes using its drag-and-drop ability.

Saves Resources

SP Page Builder saves website development time and budget significantly. Thus it saves a huge amount of time. The tool’s premium version is included in the Aspasia template so you save $39 instantly!

Feature 4

RTL Ready

We know your potential. It's limitless. Same as Aspasia. The template comes with support for RTL languages so you can build sites in middle eastern languages too.

Translation Ready

Aspasia is ready for translation so you can build a website in languages with right to left (RTL) direction. Normally it's a bit difficult to manage a multilingual site, but Aspasia makes it easier with native RTL support.

Plug and Play

In Aspasia, we've included all the necessary files and elements to make it RTL ready so you don't need to install any additional stuff. Using clone of the template you can interchange module positions, alter logo & menu positions and do more.

Feature 5

Hikashop E-Commerce

Hikashop is a popular Joomla extension for E-Commerce management. You get Hikashop preloaded inside the Aspasia quickstart pack.

One Dashboard, Total E-Commerce

With Hikashop, you can sell apparels, shoes and other goods online. The extension takes care of shop management, pricing, discounts, payments, invoices, statistics, taxation and all other related things from a unified dashboard.

Easily Manageable

Managing E-Commerce involves lots of tasks that take pretty of a company’s efforts. Fortunately, Hikashop automates these stuffs and relieves you. Easily add a product to your shop, upload images, define categories, assign tags, put some description and publish/draft the item anytime.

Feature 6

SP SImple Portfolio

Aspasia uses SP Simple Portfolio component to add, view and manage portfolio items. Showcase your fantastic works with it.

Freedom of Style

SP Simple Portfolio lets you choose your own portfolio style from a number of choices. There are three main categories (Masonry, Square and Rectangular) along with 25+ demo presets to use or take inspiration.


If you need some advanced options in the SP Simple Portfolio component, you can get that too. It can filter portfolio items based on specific tags. Also supports lightbox effects, CSS3 animations, embedded videos etc.

Feature 7


Blog is an indispensable part of any corporate or business site. We know its importance and that’s why we’ve included two major blogging options in Aspasia.

Blog with Native Joomla Article

If you are heavily habituated to native Joomla articles, we want to assure you that you’ve got a huge plus. Aspasia lets you use the Joomla article features to maintain a dynamic blog portal.

Blog with K2

K2 is a dedicated blogging extension for Joomla sites. If you want some additional features beyond the built-in Joomla articles, you can also get them. The extension enables you to add videos and other rich contents to blogs. K2 supports advanced categorizing, tags, comments and captchas.

Feature 8


Aspasia is a multipurpose template with built-in 4 predefined colors schemes.

Need Static?

You may need to develop a static or semi-static site for your business. Aspasia’s default variation is fit for that. You can build a corporate site to present your business online or a portfolio site to share your achievements. Just choose your desired configuration.

Dynamic As Well

Did you know, you can build a contentful blog site with Aspasia? Probably you’ve already learnt this from the brief description. You may use the native Joomla article features or K2 Blog to build your blogging platform.

Feature 9

Stunning Slider

Aspasia features a gorgeous slider on the top of the default home page. It’s dynamic, stunning and easy to use.

Simply Rich

The slider addon we’ve used in Aspasia is ridiculously simple and astonishingly easy to use. You can place and configure a slider on your Aspasia based site in moments.

Attractive and Light

The slider we’ve used in Aspasia is feature-rich and lightweight. Visitors can use the right-left arrows or swipe to change frames. The slider contents could be animated with several transition effects. Wow your audience with these lively slides with custom backgrounds.

Feature 10

Amazing Photo Gallery

Who doesn’t want to share the precious moments of their life? Aspasia offers you a beautiful gallery to share memorable photos.


We’ve used FlexSlider 2 in Aspasia to offer a seamless photo gallery. It’s 100% responsive so the photos will always be fit to your visitors’ screens.


A photo gallery is not just a way to place some images on the site. It has to be stable, compatible and overall functional. Here you get them all.

Feature 11

Improved Tabs & Pricing Table

We’ve renovated the tabs and pricing table styles. Aspasia greets notable makeovers in how tabs work and how the pricing tables are presented.

New Tab Styles

Aspasia’s tab style shows web contents in a new look. The tabs are presented with icons followed by respective texts beneath. As you click the icons, predefined information appears for that.

Pricing Table Variations

Every business needs a user-friendly way to present their pricing. In Aspasia, our design and dev team did a good job of offering several variations and color options for pricing table. Choose your favorite one.

Feature 12

Overhauled Testimonials & Client Slider

Aspasia got JoomShaper’s overhauled Testimonials and Client Slider. Now you can show more customer testimonials and clients on your site.

More Testimonials

Displaying testimonials is a great way to let the world know what other people are thinking about your entity. We’ve updated this system to reside 3 testimonials in a slider frame and add more of them.

Extended Client Slider

The new client slider loaded inside Aspasia can show 4 clients in each frame. Users can swipe through the frames to view the next slide.

Feature 13

Future Proof

We’ve built Aspasia with far-reaching thoughts in mind. We’ve used future-proof technologies that ensure that you will be able to enjoy it with foreseeable upcoming web standards.

Timely Updates

We will provide updates and compatibility fixes for our products when required. You just need to inform us and we are ready to assist.

Dedicated Support

Should you face a problem with your Aspasia powered website, just post a question on our forums. One of our support members will come forward and help you soon.


Version 2.2 09 Aug 2019


  • Latest version of Joomla (3.9.10)
  • Latest version of SP Page Builder Pro (3.6.1)

Bug Fix

  • Alignment of clients logo section on About Us page
  • Pricing table icon on pricing table page
  • RTL fixed alignment of the calltoaction button on service page
  • RTL fixed alignment on user profile page

Version 2.1 26 Oct 2018


  • Latest version of Joomla (v3.8.13)
  • Latest version of SP Page Builder (v3.3.4)
  • Updated the Hikashop component
  • Updated the K2 component
  • All other extensions & components updated

Bug Fix

  • Home page Tab addon CSS fix
  • Hikashop rating issue
  • Checkout page CSS issue
  • K2 item rating and popup issue
  • K2 Category module issue
  • K2 Popular Post module issue
  • K2 user page pagination issue
  • Improved RTL
  • Improved CSS

Version 2.0 08 Feb 2018


  • Joomla Updated to latest version (v3.8.5)
  • Helix3 and other Extension Updated
  • Page Builder Updated to latest version (v3.1)

Version 1.9 13 Oct 2017


  • Joomla Updated to latest version (v3.8.1)
  • Helix3 and other Extension Updated
  • Page Builder Updated to latest version (v2.5.4)
  • HikaShop Updated

Bug Fix

  • CSS issue fixed

Version 1.6


  • Joomla version updated
  • Helix3 version updated

Version 1.5


  • Latest Version Of Joomla 3.7.0
  • Latest Version Of Pagebuilder 2.4.4

Bug Fix

  • All Known Bug Fixed

Version 1.4


  • Blog frontend editing improved (Helix3 post format added)


  • Updated Joomla to v3.6.5
  • Updated Helix3 framework to v1.9
  • Updated SP Page Builder to v2.4.2
  • Updated K2 component to v2.7.1

Version 1.3


  • Joomla Updated To 3.6.4
  • Pagebuilder Updated to 2.1

Bug Fix

  • All Known Bug

Version 1.2


  • Latest Version Of Joomla (3.6.4)
  • Latest Version Of Helix (1.7)

Bug Fix

  • Blog Button Issue

Version 1.1

Bug Fix

  • Box Layout Mega Menu Issue Fixed

Version 1.0


  • Initial Release

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