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Hairdresser and Beauty Salon Joomla Template
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Joomla 4 & 3
Helix Ultimate
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18 Sep 2021

Barber is a spectacular Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 template for hair specialist, hairstylist and beauty salon websites. It's the ideal choice for hairstyle and beauty related businesses of any size. This hair salon template is versatile and highly customizable. Barber can also be used for various purposes such as beauty consultation and make-up salon websites.

The hair salon website template offers 2 industry-oriented homepage layouts. You can pick which one looks best to you and then customize your way. Barber is built using the powerful drag and drop tool SP Page Builder Pro. It’s extremely helpful while setting up & editing the site layout. You can save a lot of time by using the customization options, pre-designed pages, and elements inside.

The hair salon template comes with a modern one-click installer which lets you install Barber with or without the demo data- the choice is yours. This hair and beauty Joomla template is perfect for webmasters who expect elegant and fast design results. No matter the challenge, Barber is a perfect choice and will help drive new conversion to the business for which you’re building the website.

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Barber Overview


If you want to create a website for hairdressing, grooming, facials, waxing, spa, massages or other hair & beauty care related services, Barber is for you. This hair salon template comes with an industry-first design approach and all required features for a complete barber & beauty care site. You can showcase salon services with pricing list for each of the style packages. Display hairdressers’ & style experts’ profiles to build trust and convince visitors to take services from the concerned business.

Let’s have a glance at this hairdresser and beauty salon Joomla template features.

  • 2 industry oriented home layouts
  • Lively website with interactions
  • Hairstyle package price list
  • Display and sell style books
  • Customer remarks & testimonials
  • Dedicated About page
  • Barber photo gallery
  • Hairdressers & style experts page
  • Useful hairstyle resource showcasing
  • Engaging barber blog
  • Built-in pages for faster development
  • Pre-designed onboarding pages
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) section
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Quick booking call-to-action button
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • Easy customization on the frontend
  • Support, documentation, updates

2 Homepage Variations with Industry Oriented Design

Both of the Barber homepage layouts are designed considering all the requirements of the hairdresser & beauty salon industry. You can perfectly showcase barber services, display hairdressers, and all relevant stuff with them.

Default: A well-designed menu bar, nice hero section with a light background, and a CTA button redirecting visitors to an important page of your website. The default layout of this hair salon template displays services horizontally to explore each section individually.

Hair Stylist: The second home variation has a dark hero section with a similar feel but a different look. Hair Stylist of this hair salon website template showcases services vertically with an opportunity to look at all at a time to compare packages.

Lively Website with Interactions

Let the visitors play with the site objects while exploring around. Make web contents interact with interesting animated effects on your site built with this hair salon website template. Have rich designs, agile movements, and spectacular motion effects all without a single line of code.

  • Apply multiple interaction effects to any page element and make your website more appealing to the visitors.
  • Present your site pages more impressive to the visitors and let not go any important content unnoticed.
  • Utilize the industry’s first interaction effects with the best ever site composer tool on Joomla.

Service Showcasing with Package Pricing List

Salon services come in different forms. Having that in mind, we’ve designed the service section of this hairdressing business website template differently. It shows the available packages and prices with each of them.

Service Price Lists: The costs of the services in this hairdresser and beauty salon Joomla template come in nicely designed price lists. It says what these prices include for the customers.

Style Packages in Details: The services are offered in packages. To give a clear idea about how you charge for each package, these are described with the required amount of details.

Display and Sell Style Books

If you are running a barbershop with professional hairdressers and serving a substantial number of customers, you do have different styles. To showcase them in a book or magazine and sell it online, this hair salon website template has a style bookselling section built-in.

  • Make the barbershop unique from others with different styles
  • Showcase the services in a book/magazine to attract more customers
  • Earn an extra amount of money by selling style books

Customer Remarks & Testimonials

Building trust is very important in a service-based business like hairdressing. Reviews from the previously served customers work in the mind of potential customers. This is why Barber lets you display customers’ remarks and testimonials smartly on the site.

  • Showcase what customers say after taking services from the barbershop
  • Have customer remarks, names, and the images in the testimonial section
  • Inspire potential customers with the candid words of the served customers

About Page & Barber Gallery

Tell what your website is about, what you do, what values your business upholds on your about page. There’s a nice gallery to showcase different moments of your beauty salon with the customers. Display works in action.

Rich About Page: Describe your business, display your experience and the volume of customers you served. Have a video, and answer some of the questions your customers may ask.

Aesthetic Barber Gallery: Showcase hairdressing and other works in action. Present happy faces of the customers, and display the inner environment of your barbershop to attract potential customers’ attention.

Dedicated Page for Hairdressers & Style Experts

Hairdressers & style experts are what your business is all about. It’s not the business that people have their trust in, it’s basically them. You can showcase your hairdressers, style experts, and other officials on a dedicated page with hair salon website template.

  • Display each of your employees’, hairdressers’ and style experts’ profiles on a single place
  • Grow trust in potential customers by showcasing expert professionals
  • Have names, designations, social profiles, and images of your team members

Useful Resources and Engaging Blog

Place hairdressing videos, tutorials, style guides, and other valuable content on the resource page. This hair salon website template also has a well-designed blog to approach potential customers with articles, notices, and more.

Barber Resources
Having customers’ trust is the first thing to consider in such service businesses. Display hairdressing videos, tutorials, and more on the resource page to educate visitors of your work and inspire them to come to you.

Grid-styled Blog
Publish relevant style guide articles, news, announcements or any other stuff related to the business niche. It helps target & reach potential customers with different contents. There’s also a well-designed blog single page inside.

Built-in Pages for Faster Development

Barber comes with a bunch of built-in pages that you can use to create a beauty salon website in the least possible time. You just need to change the given demo content.

Contact: Let the interested visitors contact the barbershop via phone, route map, contact form, and physical address. Have support personnel profiles with contact info shown on the contact page.

Coming Soon: Let the site visitors know what goodies are coming for them next on a nicely designed coming soon page.

404: Take people with a wrong site URL to a 404 page. Tell them where to go when they are lost. You get a 404 page ready with this template pack.

Pre-designed Onboarding Pages

We cannot think of a website without onboarding pages like login, registration, or similar ones depending on the site type. Considering the barber business and user experience in kind, the Barber Joomla template also has these pages inside.

Login: There’s a nicely designed login page in Barber Joomla template to get you and other users logged in to the website easily.

Registration: Self-explanatory user-friendly form fields to get intended visitors registered successfully.

Newsletter & Quick Booking CTA

Barber has a system to take visitors to the booking form and let all interested people subscribe to newsletter for further communication purposes. You stand a great chance to convert visitors into customers and have more potential customers on board.

Popup Form: There’s a popup newsletter form to have interested visitors subscribed to your email list so that you can offer discount, convey news & announcements, and more.

Booking CTA: You must want your visitors to be convinced by your offerings and book for the services they want to get. There’s a booking CTA button on the menu bar to make this effortless.

Easy Customization on the Frontend

This hair salon website template is crafted using SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate, the most popular Joomla site building tools. A world of possibilities ahead!

  • Use the most popular live editing system on Joomla
  • Build the entire website without writing a single line of code
  • Build web pages that fit into all devices & browsers nicely
  • Enjoy all the benefits of SP Page Builder Pro & Helix Ultimate

Support, Documentation, Updates

Got a question while using this hair salon website template? Find the answer in its detailed documentation right away. You can also get solutions from our skilled support engineers.

  • Get your issues solved in the least possible time
  • Smart and prompt responses to your queries
  • Detailed product documentation means a quick guided start
  • Timely updates for the template elements to stay tension-free

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