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28 April 2023

Doctor is a well-designed and fully responsive Joomla! 3.8+ template for surgeons, doctors, medical centers, dentist chambers, clinics, fitness & beauty centers, pharmacies, vets, small hospitals and other types of health-related websites. You can use it also as a vet theme. The template package includes new module SP Mednet Features, addons such as Appointment Form, Twitter feed display, Biography, Testimonial addon and much more.

Our template framework (Helix3) is integrated with the Doctor template. Its QuickStart package includes helpful and time-saving template demo. Prebuilt page layouts can be tweaked and personalized by using our multi-tool SP Page Builder Pro (included in the package) which means greater visual customization, increasing your site’s unique appeal. There are four home variations and four preset colors that serve your purposes and look great on computers, phones, tablets and other devices.

The piece is flexible enough to serve all niches not only core medical and health service areas. The Doctor template code is clean from vulnerabilities or security issues. Regular template updates are promised. Please check the detailed features below.

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Doctor Overview


Doctor is the October 2016 template from JoomShaper. It’s a fully responsive Joomla template for surgeons, doctors, medical centers, dentists, clinics, health and beauty centers, small hospitals and such other health related parties to build websites for their entities. The template can also be used by a team of doctors to launch a site presenting their invaluable initiatives and activities. Doctor is a purpose oriented template for the medical sector. It has an organized, beautiful, neat & clean design with every modern feature necessary to launch a personal or team centric website to display doctor or medical care related information.

Doctor has four preset colors and four homepage variations with great presentation styles. The default variation is fit for any type of medical care related site, while the remaining three are for those who want to get a bit different touch. For example, the Appointment variation is for reputed doctor sites that receive a huge traffic and people want to book an appointment with the physician/team fast. An appointment form on the top makes this possible. The Video homepage is effective if you want to place a video clip on the upper portion of your site. You can also put a slider on the top using the Slider variation.

We’ve developed a special Appointment Form addon that your visitors can use to book appointments. There are several feature addons to display varieties of contents like testimonials, short introductory information and so on. Also publish stories and thoughts regularly using the Blog functionalities and view them on other pages using addons.

Doctor is very easy to use. It requires no developer skill and no user-end coding is necessary. The template has a range of helpful features that will let you launch an informative and engaging medical care site quickly.

Standard Home Variations

Doctor has 4 readymade homepage variations. The default and Slider homepage variations are designed to offer you a trendy and standard template package.

Default Variation

The default homepage variation is fit for any standard medical care related site. The default layout has a top image banner just after the menu bar. Other sections include several feature areas, appointment request form, testimonials, Twitter feed, blog headlines, team information etc.

Slider Variation

Yes, we know, sliders are so much popular on business sites. And that’s why we’ve included a slider variation in the Doctor template. Using this layout, you can place slider frames detailing yourself and your team members.

Exclusive Home Variations

There are two exclusive homepage variations that are specially crafted for medical care sites. All the pre-designed layouts are given inside the QuickStart package that you can get and customize easily.

Appointment Variation

This homepage variation is most suitable for those physicians who want to provide the visitors with an easy and quick method for booking an appointment. There is an appointment request form at the top of this layout. Rest of the elements on this variation are nearly similar to the other variations.

Video Variation

If you want to place a video on the top of your site, this variation meets that requirement. You can embed a clip demonstrating your service or welfare related activities right below the menu bar. Some texts can also be shown beside the video frame.

Appointment Form and Biography Addons

A mechanism for getting an appointment with a medical consultant is very important part of a medical care site. A physician’s experience related information is heavily weighted while taking an appointment decision. Doctor covers this all.

Doctor Appointment

The Doctor template has a dedicated Appointment Form addon which lets the visitors request for an appointment booking online. The appointment form has all the important fields that are necessary to collect information for booking an appointment.

Trendy Biography Addon

A doctor/medical team website’s main place of interest is the expertise and background of the resource person/team. Doctor comes with a custom addon Trendy Biography that can display the experiences of the physician and their team.

Featured Areas and Testimonials

Doctor includes several featured areas with different designs. The feature addons are usable in multiple purposes. A new addon Advanced Testimonial Pro has been developed exclusively for Doctor.

Creative Featured Areas

The Doctor template has several featured area designs that you can use to display important information about your services. Let the visitor know about you, your team, experience, areas of expertise and more using these feature addons.

Advanced Testimonial Pro

We’ve developed a new addon Advanced Testimonial Pro with a special focus on doctor-patient matters. This clickable tab-style addon presents testimonials in such a way that those can perfectly express people’s opinions.

Simple Menu & Seamless Navigation

Doctor has a unique menu bar to hold the top navigation links. The menu bar has two modes. One is the desktop mode and another (i.e. off-canvas) for mobile devices. They switch between each other automatically.

Simple Menu Design

Doctor sports a simple & clean design for its top menu bar. Place your logo, add social media URLs and put the navigation links to build an adorable menu bar.

Navigation Options

The Doctor desktop menu bar is very intuitive and responsive. If you browse it on a large screen, the default menu bar will be displayed. On the other hand, the template shows an off-canvas menu on mobile devices (small screens).

Acymailing Email Newsletter

There is no confusion that email is one of the most effective communication channels still today. You would definitely want to connect with your patients and other stakeholders through this medium. Doctor enables this with Acymailing.

Stay Connected

The Acymailing component is prepackaged with the template. It lets you gain new email subscribers, build/import/export email lists, synchronize on-site Joomla user emails with the list generated by Acymailing component, send newsletters and more.

Save Your Time

Acymailing is loaded with a handful of ready-to-use free email newsletter templates that you can use to send emails in a short period of time. If you want something different than the default email templates, you’re welcome to create one.

RTL & Retina Ready

If you have been planning to launch a site in a right-to-left (RTL) directional language, Doctor welcomes you. The template supports RTL, so you can create websites in languages such as Arabic, Hebrew etc.

Multiple Languages Supported

Our Doctor template lets you launch a multilingual site easily. It may sound a bit complex to create and manage a multilingual site, but Doctor makes it so easy with native RTL and translation support.

Retina Ready

Doctor’s ‘Retina-ready’ feature allows you to add high resolution graphics to your medical site for high-density displays. This can be very useful to show critical medical related photographs that need more details to show.

Helix 3 Framework

The Doctor template is built on the top of our extremely popular Helix 3 framework. This powerful Joomla template framework provides a huge freedom to website developers and end-users.

Create Layouts In a Snap

Helix 3 utilizes Bootstrap to enable you build layouts easily for Joomla sites. The framework is loaded with 100% responsive, mobile-first and up-to-date web resources. Build any layout you need and get functional on any device.

Manage Typography

Helix3 comes with an extensive set of tools to take care of the total typography stuff of your Joomla site. Choose the font families, adjust typography styles, set font sizes and do more with ease.

SP Page Builder Pro

In Doctor, JoomShaper’s extremely popular SP Page Builder comes with its pro version. It’s the most complete drag-and-drop Content Construction Kit (CCK) for Joomla. We provide a pro version of this tool with the template for free.

Simply Drag-and-Drop

Using SP Page Builder, you can launch or reorganize a Joomla powered website in a few clicks of mouse. One can seamlessly use this tool without having any coding knowledge. A nice looking and functional website can be launched in 15 to 30 minutes with SP Page Builder.

Save Time and Cost

SP Page Builder saves your time and budget. The tool minimizes the time span required to make custom page layouts. It’s very fast. Since we provide a pro Page Builder licence for free with Doctor, you save $39 with this instantly!

Support & Updates

We’ve used future protected web technologies to build Doctor. This ensures that you will keep getting solid and seamless performance from the template with the foreseeable future web standards/technologies.

Regular Updates

At JoomShaper, we have a long-standing track record of delivering regular updates for our products. If you ever feel that a fix is necessary for any of our products, please inform us via our support forum or contact page. We’ll get you back ASAP. We take this very seriously.

Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated customer support team to offer the best user experience. Should you face any issue with your website built with Doctor, just leave a thread on our support forums and one of our support engineers will respond soon.

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