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Joomla Template for Athlete, Portfolio and Sport
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Joomla 4 & 3
Helix Ultimate
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24 Sep 2021

Dylan is a functional Joomla sports template. It is suitable for any sportsman; rugby, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, soccer teams, and other sports organizations. It should be interesting also for fitness clubs, gyms, personal trainers, and other sports-related websites.

Dylan has 2 unique homepage variations. The template includes lots of customization options that help you easily adjust the background, fonts, colours, and logo of the site. It has cool features like interactions, animation, and parallax effects.

This Joomla athlete template is built using the powerful drag and drop SP Page Builder Pro which is extremely helpful while setting up & editing your site layout. You can save a lot of time by using its customization options and the pre-designed pages & elements inside. Available options allow you to create unique looking pages in minutes using this sports portfolio Joomla template!

Dylan, the athlete Joomla template QuickStart is packed with all necessary elements like SP Page Builder Pro (save $59) and Helix Ultimate. With a little bit of imagination, you can create a website for any sport-related entity of your choice. We highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to build a professional looking sport and outdoor activity website.

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Dylan Overview


Dylan is an athlete portfolio Joomla template for all kinds of sportsmen including rugby player, footballer, cricketer, and tennis star. With 2 home variations, 2 header designs, and awe-striking pages, Dylan is a complete website package for sportsmen of all categories. Athletes can showcase their experience, training, photos, and more.

This athlete Joomla template is exquisitely designed and built with Helix Ultimate & SP Page Builder Pro to offer the utmost customisation flexibility.

Core features of the athlete portfolio Joomla template:

  • 2 beautiful home variations
  • 2 unique header designs
  • Personalized About page
  • Training showcase page
  • Experience portfolio page
  • Charity initiative showcasing
  • Press page for the media
  • Present & distribute eBooks
  • Share memorable moments
  • Built-in pages for faster launch
  • Helix Ultimate & SP Page Builder Pro
  • Priority support, documentation & updates

Football Athlete Home Variation

Showcase an interesting and innovative view with a hero image and listing portfolio highlights followed by a video. The short brief of the Soccer player profile with notable accomplishments, and other elements give the audience a whole new world of navigation experience.

  • Creative homepage design to keep the visitors involved
  • Engaging hero section with a lively display of each feature
  • Nice and highly noticeable presentation of the portfolio shortcut
  • Recent news promotion to keep your audience stay updated
  • Newsletter subscription option to stay informed with every update

Olympic Athlete Home Variation

Dylan’s Olympic Athlete home variation is another versatile storyteller that ensures you have absolutely everything you need for your sports portfolio. Starting from a compelling headline part followed by an eye-catchy CTA button, and display of your sports highlights- it masters the art.

  • Bold and vividly designed homepage to stay top notch
  • A radiant, unique photo & video gallery
  • Sponsor highlights in a noticeable approach
  • Newsletter box to keep your supporters aware of every update
  • Social media spotlights to create a lasting impression on your followers

2 Unique Header Designs

Grasp the attention of your visitors within moments. Choose from the 2 given choices of Vertical and Horizontal header options. Both of these shiny and classy header styles can seamlessly create curiosity among your audience and an urge to click through.

Vertical Header: You can choose the vertical header - which in many cases would look smarter to many of your visitors. Dylan's vertical header design will please the visitors' eyes alongside offering smart navigation.

Horizontal Header: If you prefer to stay within the regular view that most of your website visitors are used to, then the horizontal header option would be the right thing to consider. This clean, simple, and eye-catchy header surely ensures a smooth browsing experience for the sport enthusiasts.

Personalized About Page

Dylan is more like an athlete portfolio website template. This is why it offers a dedicated about page that represents the athlete with all important details. Showcase the sportsman's description, specialities, and more in different sections to attract visitors in the right way.

Featured Books: Dylan has a dedicated section to feature books on the about page. Display the books you wrote or that have been written about you.

Sponsor Area: Have a special area on your about page to showcase all of the brands that have sponsored you and your events.

Specialities: Tell more about your specialities, uniqueness, and other qualities. Let people know more about you.

Dedicated Training Showcase Page

This athlete Joomla template gives you the best chance to impart sports training and showcase them on your website. There’s a special training page to cover the training you arrange along with other relevant information.

  • Feature a section to tell about your training with images and CTAs
  • Have a video to present your skills and training in action
  • Describe the benefits and the features of your training sessions
  • Display testimonials of the trainees with images, headlines & words

Career & Experience Portfolio

With Daylan’s career page, you can bring your all experience stories to a single place. You can have videos, focus on different years to showcase career milestones and achievements.

Featured Video: Have a video on the career page that covers the most notable performances and achievements.

Year-wise Achievements: Showcase your achievements in a chronological order. Include relevant images and descriptions as well.

Sponsor Area: Have a special area on your career page to showcase all of the brands that have sponsored you and your events.

Showcase Charity Endeavours

An inspiring, visually appealing design with the right placement of CTAs of the Charity page will create a good vibe among your visitors. Its donate and fundraise options make the entire page welcoming.

  • Right placement of every section in a neat and sophisticated design
  • Well-organized multiple banner images in an interactive manner
  • Charity activity display with turnover numbers for a more realistic view
  • Inspiring donation seeking CTA button to encourage donors

Press & Blog for Stakeholders

Presenting your latest events, news, and all other up-to-date information, the Press page builds your connection more closely with your fans, sponsors, media, coaches, and others. On top of that, the featured video along with social media connection links make sure that there are no missing pieces of information left to keep your followers updated.

  • Formal presentation of each event with detailed information
  • Have all of your press releases on a single place
  • Feature press briefing and news that are important to you
  • Showcase ads on different areas on the press page

Present & Distribute eBooks

You can embed your biography or sports-related publications as eBooks in the about us section. Besides getting to know you better, your visitors will have a very convenient experience to read and download the eBooks.

  • Attention-grabbing design with perfect eBook placement
  • Offers a pleasant experience to scroll through
  • Easy download option to ensure a user-friendly experience
  • Overall, it makes the Joomla athlete portfolio site fulfilled

Share Memorable Moments

The ‘memorable moments’ feature enables you to highlight your achievements, flashbacks, and glorious victory timing in an interactive approach. Also, seeing these unforgettable moments creates a rejoice experience both for you and your followers.

  • An exciting style of presenting videos & visuals
  • Multiple video showcasing with an overview
  • Responsive, cross-browser multimedia content support
  • Multi-platform video compatibility on board

Built-in Pages for Faster Launch

This sports portfolio Joomla template brings several built-in pages that you can use to set things up in the least possible time. Change the given demo contents with that of yours and you can also personalize more with the magic of SP Page Builder Pro.

Registration: There’s a registration page with self-explanatory user-friendly form fields to get intended visitors registered easily.

Coming Soon: Let the site visitors know what goodies are coming for them next on a nicely designed coming soon page.

Contact: Have a contact page to let the interested visitors contact you via phone numbers, maps, contact form, and physical address shown on the page.

SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate

The Dylan template is built with SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate. You can rest assured you'll get an extremely pleasing development experience with greater comfort.

  • Create, edit, and style contents in a breeze
  • Frontend site development while viewing the changes live
  • Bring the most responsive, user-friendly & mobile-ready pages
  • Get the best of these 2 most popular Joomla dev tools

Priority Support, Detailed Documentation & Updates

Dylan comes with comprehensive documentations to make your experience seamless. If you face any technical difficulties or other issues with Dylan, our expert support team is always there to fix it within the shortest period possible.

  • Detailed product documentation for a smooth user experience
  • Online tech support, including live chat
  • Scheduled updates with upgraded features and bug fixes
  • A professional and prompt solution to each query

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