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Joomla Education Template with Powerful LMS Inside
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Joomla 5, 4 & 3
Helix Ultimate
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13 June 2023

Edulif is a professionally designed Joomla LMS template for all kinds of educational websites such as school, college, university, institution, foundation, and other academic institutions. It covers the entire learning and coaching niche while offering the freedom to be applied to other related fields.

If you want the best education Joomla template, Edulif is exactly that. It has been developed especially for managing and delivering online learning content. The Joomla LMS template can be used to teach languages, drawing, architecting, SEO, programming, using software, school topics, health-care etc. It comes with 3 unique home variations.

The Edulif template QuickStart pack includes the SP LMS eLearning extension, which means you can create and manage courses, events, and more with ease. The Joomla school template comes with SP Page Builder Pro inside (save $59) so you can create and edit web pages using its front-end drag-and-drop live editing system and powerful addons.

Edulif is fully-responsive & mobile optimized. Also, you can control the device-specific responsiveness effortlessly. It is a good choice if you want to create a basic version of Coursera or Codecademy.

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Edulif Overview


Do you want to take your school online? Are you planning to create an online learning site? Then Edulif is just for you. It’s a creatively designed and functionally rich Joomla education template to offer courses and take classes online. With the powerful SP LMS component inside, Edulif offers all essential functionalities to create a complete eLearning site within a short time.

The Edulif eLearning Joomla template comes with multiple home variations, modern search, smart navigation, course reviews, and many other LMS functionalities. You can create courses, add lessons, and manage your online coaching site easily. It is built for educators, schools, training institutes, coaching centers, and all other types of academies.

Core features of Edulif, the eLearning Joomla template:

  • 3 homepage variations
  • Powered by SP LMS component
  • Multi-instructor & marketplace ready
  • 2 course listing variations (left sidebar, top filter)
  • Instructor listing and detail pages
  • Course detail page
  • Modern search & navigation
  • Special addons and modules
  • Testimonials & course reviews
  • Blogs & stories
  • Email subscription
  • SP Page Builder Pro
  • Helix Ultimate
  • Priority support, detailed documentation & updates

Academia - Homepage Variation

Edulif’s default home variation is an absolute work of art. It offers a vibe of learning for the visitors. This layout comes with an impressive hero section having a conversion-friendly CTA button, and a popup video.

  • Showcase courses with previews in a wonderful slider
  • Display the number of instructors, classes, and learning hours
  • Inspire visitors to be an instructor with a special section and CTA
  • Display your mobile apps and place their links to download

Campus - Homepage Variation

The University & School home variation of this Joomla education template is focused on varsities, schools, colleges, and such other educational institutions. It welcomes visitors with a wonderful hero section. Show features, state missions, display courses, and have many other elements on the home page.

  • Showcase your platform stats beside a nice looking CTA section
  • State your school’s mission with hand-picked photos and a video
  • Display curated courses in a slider to attract visitors to enroll
  • Have testimonials, news & stories, and many more elements

Scholar - Homepage Variation

Edulif’s Single Instructor home layout is made for any solo instructor with a particular skill set to teach online. It presents the instructor with multiple types of content. Showcase the offerings and get maximum engagement on the site using this homepage variation.

  • Present the instructor in a stunning hero section with an intro video
  • A dedicated area to showcase experience in years and scopes
  • Have handpicked courses in a slider to let the visitors explore them
  • Showcase students’ success stories, newsletter form, and more

Powered by SP LMS Component

Unleash the power of your eLearning site with the highly functional SP LMS component. It sets up all online learning features for your site including the system to create and manage courses, enrollments, reviews & ratings, and many other essential LMS features. This component enables you to enjoy the most powerful LMS on Joomla.

  • Create a solid eLearning ecosystem for the learners
  • Manage courses and lessons with rich component features
  • Add instructors and enable them to create and edit courses
  • Let the admins/instructors manage student enrollments

Freedom for Instructors to Add Courses

With the functionality offered by SP LMS, this education Joomla template enables instructors to add courses and edit them flexibility. You can have an instructor user group in Joomla to let them create courses and take control of them for further modifications. Things are made simple for both site admins and instructors.

  • Create instructor user-group with specific permissions
  • Assign teacher-accounts to the dedicated group
  • Enable the teachers to add and edit courses to the site
  • Empower instructors to manage their teaching materials

Advanced Course Offering

An online learning site is all about courses. Having that in mind, we equipped Edulif with all essential online class elements and pages. You get a system to add course description, previews, and lessons. There are several pages to showcase courses smartly.

  • Course Listing: Enlist courses and display all of them on a single page for easier navigation.
  • Course Details & Previews: Describe courses and add a preview for learners to check beforehand.
  • Organized Lesson Details: Organize each individual lesson and offer them to the learners attractively.

Rich Instructor Showcasing

As Edulif enables you to have multiple instructors in a single online school site, it also gives you the system to organize and manage them. You can add instructor details and showcase instructors on a dedicated listing page.

  • Instructor Listing: Have all instructors on a single page and inspire visitors to be an instructor with a CTA section.
  • Instructor Detail: Showcase instructor details with an intro video. Display courses, skills, alma mater, and social media links.
  • Organized Lesson Details: Display instructor rating on their profile. Rating is adjusted dynamically every time someone rates.

Modern Search & Navigation

We care about how your learners will find courses on your site. For that particular reason, we added 2 course filters to this Joomla LMS template. You can choose any of them to use with your site. Both of them come with easier navigation and course display.

  • 2 Course Filters: You can let the visitors filter courses having sidebars on either of the sides. There are 2 course filter variations in Edulif for that.
  • Easier Navigation: Courses are displayed with previews, titles, and prices to make it easier for visitors to navigate and decide to purchase one.

Built-in Pages

Besides having all the required features in this Joomla eLearning template, there are some built-in pages to get a flying start with your eLearning site. Each of these pages is wonderful in design and serves a specific purpose for the site. The pages are:

  • About: Tell more about your online training endeavor. Showcase specialties, display instructors and other team members, have stats, and many more.
  • Coming Soon: Let the visitors know what exciting offers, courses, and announcements are coming for them on your site next.
  • Contact: Edulif has a well designed minimal contact page to let the visitors contact you if they feel necessary.
  • 404: Take all lost visitors with the wrong URL to the 404 page and direct them to go to the home page with a nice button.

Blogs & Stories

Edulif has an exclusively designed blog. Publish useful articles, eTraining news, notices, announcements or any other things related to the eLearning site and drive traffic. Reach potential learners easily by publishing tutorials, tips, and recommendations.

  • There’s a modern and trendy blog home page
  • The blog articles are displayed in spectacular grid views
  • Beautify blog posts with SP Page Builder to get the maximum attention
  • Pleasing blog single page design to inspire visitors to read more

SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate

This Joomla online learning template is built with SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate. You’ll find its drag & drop live site-building mechanism immensely useful.

  • Develop eLearning site on frontend and see changes live
  • Create, edit, and style contents on the fly
  • Build responsive & mobile ready pages without coding
  • Stay confident with the market-leading Joomla dev tools

Priority Support, Detailed Documentation & Updates

Have queries while using our online learning template? Get answers from our detailed template documentation and expert support engineers.

  • Solve your issues with our friendly support staff
  • Have fast and smart responses to your queries
  • Fix any problem you may face with the Edulif template
  • Get regular updates and stay cutting-edge

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